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Random Shouting

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Our son has recently discovered how fun it is to shout. Sometimes he'll just be running around playing and also shouting "ahhhhh!". Or sometimes he'll shout if he wants our attention and we don't respond as quickly as he would like. We try to ask him to lower his volume and tell him we only shout if we're hurt or upset, but he just thinks it's funny. 


This is definitely a behavior we don't want to encourage - any other suggestions for how we can get him to stop doing it? 

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Our girl got into this for a bit - I think it lasted about a month? Tended to use it when demanding attention. Then, after weeks of persistence it just...stopped. Seriously. When she did it, like you, we told her she needed to speak nicely/say please when she wanted our attention/whatever, and it just when it seemed like she'd be shouting her way through college it clicked Or she got bored with the sound of her own voice? ;)

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I really hope he just stops too then! It's so awful in that moment - it's completely like nails on a chalkboard to me! 

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DS has a habit of doing this before developmental leaps (walking, speaking in sentences, whatever). smile.gif  It will be a distant memory, then bam!  It's back (oh, joy! orngtongue.gif).  We emphasize using words, other means of getting attention, how screaming hurts our ears, etc. - more than a few times, I just finally left the room if he was with DH.  I'm not even big into natural consequences (or any punishments/withdrawal, really) - but that was just my honest reaction.  I'm not sure anything really clicked with him, but time and acquiring new skills seemed to always make it go away.


Good luck, and hang in there! hug2.gif It could be that something new and exciting is just around the corner. 

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The screaming is annoying!! Our two year old had been doing that. I think she know we hate it and does it more.
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It's a phase.  Not much you can do other than whatever reminders you prefer for promoting "inside voices" or whatever.  Maybe invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones til the novelty wears off...Yes, they do get over it eventually.

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Well, he's doing it a little less frequently... but he is learning to use it more opportunely now. Sigh. He does stop right away when I ask him use his indoor voice, so maybe we're making progress though. 

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