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Genevieve Emmelia's birth story

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Warning, I'm a terrible story telling and this is obnoxiously long. It just all seemed important to me. I couldn't shorten it. Sorry.


“In the cute corner, wearing her birthday suit, weighing in at 9lbs. and 0 days old, the Girl of Great Price, the Mouth from Southern Oregon, Genevieve Emmelia Roberts!”


That was her papa's initial announcement of her arrival to our family and friends on June 11th at some very early hour of the morning. She was born June 11th at 1:29pm, 9lbs, 21 ¾ inches long. The surprise girl, as we didn't find out the gender until she made her grand entrance but I had been feeling boy vibes all along. Not the first or the last time this mama will be wrong.


Lets back up to Saturday June 8th! The first mistake. :)

I started having contractions on Saturday evening at church. Our church is 50 minutes from our house and since we have services on Saturday evening and Sunday morning we typically don't come home between and sleep at a friends house closer to our church. Since these contractions we noticeably more intense than anything I'd previously been feeling we decided to drive home and 'wait this baby out'. As of Saturday evening contractions were 10 minutes apart lasting for about 45 seconds, totally manageable but steadily increasing. I shot my midwife a text letting her know I thought we were in early labor after about 3 hours of 9 minute apart contractions that wouldn't ease up regardless of position or activity level and headed to bed with the intention of sleeping because I was aware that rest would be very important for the task we were about to undertake. Well, I'm a very light sleeper and sleeping through the contractions was not an option for me. I tried but didn't sleep at all on Saturday night. That was the first mistake. :)


Sunday June 9th!

Things continued to pick up in intensity and get closer together all night and into Sunday. Contractions didn't let up but they were still easily manageable, by morning they were 7 minutes apart and by 11am they were 5 minutes apart at this time I was just going about my day. Bloody show at noon-ish on Sunday and things started increasing in intensity after that. Up until this time, contractions were very regular and slowly but surely getting closer and closer together and more intense. At about 4:00pm on Sunday my body decided to start playing a fun little game with us.


Actual contraction durations according to my contraction timer app.


5 minute apart contractions since 11am which moved to

  • 4 minutes 30 seconds apart lasting 45 seconds

  • 4 minutes 30 seconds apart lasting 45 seconds

  • 4 minutes 30 seconds apart lasting 45 seconds

  • 4 minutes 30 seconds apart lasting 45 seconds

  • 4 minutes 30 seconds apart lasting 45 seconds

  • 4 minutes 30 seconds apart lasting 45 seconds


  • 12 minutes 45 seconds

    Boooooooo! I was not happy to say the least.

From there contractions pretty quickly worked there way back down.

  • 9 minutes

  • 7 minutes

  • 5 minutes

  • 4:30

  • 4:30

  • 4:30

  • 4:30

  • 4:30

  • 4:30

  • 12 minutes

This little game lasted until 5 am on Monday morning. The contractions were not light in intensity and they weren't short. 50 seconds to minute thirty in length. To the point where I was breathing through them and not able to talk. Now I've read a lot about birth and been present at multiple. I knew things weren't progressing well with these random long gaps. I was updating my midwife but I knew it wasn't time for her to come yet. After two hours of sub 4 minute apart contractions we had my midwife come over and when she got there. Bam... 12 minute break in contractions. So much fun. At this point I knew things weren't progressing well and that I had quite a ways to go still. The problem was that I was tired already. I had been up since Saturday evening with no sleep, had been squatting or standing almost exclusively because that's what felt best for me and I was worn out. Mentally fine, physically, I felt like I had been maxing out squats in a weightlifting competition. I threw up around 6am. And due to my husbands request had my midwife check me at about knowing that I couldn't be very far dilated because the random 12 minute breaks were still showing up every hour or so. 3 centimeters, I cried. I'm not a big crier and it wasn't because I didn't think I could do it but because I was exhausted at this point and I knew I had hours to go. I pulled it together after about 30 seconds of tears.Husband and I climbed into bed per midwifes recommendation and tried to sleep but with 4 minute apart contractions that was just not happening.


9am on Monday June 10th (official due date) – When we consider my 'Active labor to have started'

From here on out contractions were sub 4 and over a minute. The next 14 hours were a blur of contractions. Still no sleep, very little food. Multiple throwing up of said food. But mentally I was fine. I knew I was in decent shape, I never felt like I couldn't continue and I never felt like the pain was too much. I was tired but I was doing it and I knew that. I knew this baby would come eventually and that this stage couldn't last forever. At about 8 pm my legs started giving out and I had to resort to taking the contractions on my hands and knees which I wasn't happy about but I could no longer stand.


At 11pm I finally felt the urge to push. Hallelujah! What a feeling that was, it reinforced the thought that this baby was indeed going to come soonish. We filled the birth pool and I got in with the intention of having a water birth. That was mistake number two! Pregnant lady who hasn't slept in 3 days, has eaten very little in 3 days and throw up basically everything I tried to eat. The warm water felt really good, too good in fact. Upon getting into the lovely pool of warmth my legs decided they were done with this hard work business and started cramping on every push and on top of that I started falling asleep. To the point where I didn't really care about pushing, I just wanted to be left alone, let the contractions continue and I'd pick up again later when I was less tired.


My midwife mixed me up a couple packs of Emergen-C to help the leg cramps because she was pretty sure they were due to an electrolyte imbalance from being in labor for so long. That started to help withing about 20 minutes. It took a little but of convincing and some smart wording from my midwife to actually get me out of the pool though. My midwife is also a naturalpathic doctor and I had been a patient of hers for 3 years before I found out I was pregnant, so she knows me pretty well and she knows I am a bit competitive and have a general fear of hospitals and all she had to say to get me out of the pool was... “You know, It would be a real shame to have to send you to the hospital now.” She didn't say it loud, it was in a tone like, she didn't care either way but for me, it was enough. I got out of the birth pool after an hour of attempted pushing and we started making progress. Though they had to put a fan directly on me and pour cold water on me to keep me awake. I pushed from the sitting position, on the ground, knees pulled up like you see in the movies with my husband behind me for 2 more hours and at 1:29 am on June 11th our little girl decided it was time to come out. As soon as she was placed on my chest I was no longer tired and I couldn't have cared less that my legs didn't work anymore. She was wonderful!


I tore pretty bad. 3rd degree all the way to the anal sphincter but luckily not through it. My midwife almost sent me to the hospital then but due to how badly I didn't want to go she let me stay home. She stitched me up while my husband watched. At this time I didn't realize how bad the tear was, it wasn't till a week later when I asked what watching that was like that he told me he had never seen such a large wound in real life and that he couldn't image that there was any more area that people could tear because to him it looked like everything tore and the tear just ran out of stuff to tear through. :0 Thanks honey. :)


Overall I'd say my labor went well. Which probably sounds crazy but it did. I never panicked, I never felt like I couldn't continue, the pain wasn't as bad as I thought and I never mentally hit a wall like I did with my marathon. The recover was the worst part.


Total and complete bed rest for 3 days. Incontinence due to tearing, adult diapers, messing myself, can't stand, bed rest for 3 full days. Why, because I ended up with a sever electrolyte imbalance that caused my legs to cramp and shake violently for the first day and a half on top of the blood loss which though wasn't a lot, threw off my iron count so bad that it caused me to be dizzy to the point of passing out until day 3. The dizziness subsided on day 3 and and I was finally able to start going to the bathroom on my own.


Messing myself in front of my husband and being unable to clean myself up was the most humbling experience of my life. That experience cause me to realize how much I take for granted in day to day life. Using the bathroom, showering, washing my face, getting water. Little everyday blessings.


Time frame/Stats:

Pre-baby no sleep: 55 hours


Active Labor (consistently sub 4 contractions): - 17 hours

Pushing: 3 hours

Total Labor as determined by midwife: 45 hours


I am so thankful that I ran, squatted and lifted weights up until the day of labor because I am certain that without that endurance I would have ended up in the hospital with a c-section. I'll throw this in there because I've been asked so many times in the last 2 weeks. Yes, I would do it again. It was worth it and I do indeed intend on having more children, naturally, God willing.


And finally pictures!








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Wow, that was intense. Congrats to you and you did a great job! Your baby is adorable and wow, it looks like you didn't even have a baby in there already! Yey for being in shape for multiple reasons. 

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Wow, what an intense, amazing experience. I agree that it's a good thing you were so active up until the very end, I don't know many pregnant women who would have been physically capable to enduring what you did. And I'm sure that the mental strength and stamina that you have from being a distance runner helped get you through too. Great job mama, hope you are healing well!


How long post-partum were you in that last photo? You look amazing... you have abs already! Wow.

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Thank you guys for reading through the whole thing.

The last picture of me was taken today. So 15 days postpartum. Though it's deceiving, I do still have a small pooch where my abdominal muscles are still separated. I was shocked at how fast the tummy was gone though. I think it's due to a combination of fitness and more likely youth; since I'm only 22. I don't expect this type of results after the next baby.
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Omg I didnt realize that you are so young, I'm almost a decade older than you! Eep!

I love labor stories, the longer/more detailed the better! Thank you for sharing yours smile.gif
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Someone is a writer! That was very well told, I'm impressed w/ your stamina!

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You are one AMAZING lady! What a journey you went through as you crossed over into motherhood! Genevieve is so blessed to have you as her mother love.gif and she is beautiful just like you! blowkiss.gif

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Thank you for your kind words! ♥
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Beautiful story and so empowering! Your first labor is longer than all three of mine together and your strength in yourself and your body is absolutely amazing.

Out of curiosity, is Emmelia a family name for you based on the spelling? That was our girls name, spelled the same. It's DH's paternal grandmothers name who immigrated here from Italy and still lives in Boston. I love the name.
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Originally Posted by shanna-cat View Post

Out of curiosity, is Emmelia a family name for you based on the spelling? That was our girls name, spelled the same. It's DH's paternal grandmothers name who immigrated here from Italy and still lives in Boston. I love the name.


Thank you Shanna-cat! Emmelia isn't in our family. We're Orthodox and as such, our children are named after Orthodox saints. We chose St. Emmelia of Caesarea for her middle name, (it can be Emily or Emelia) but we have a book called "The lives of Married Saints" and that's the spelling that was used in her life written there. We feel in love with both the name and the life of St. Emmelia. Thanks for asking! 

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Wow. Oh my gosh you rock momma! Beautiful story. Beautiful baby.
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So much endurance nd love, congrats mama.

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Wow! So amazing!!

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Thank you!

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