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16 month old pulls other children's hair. Advice?

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Hello.  For about a month, my 16 month old has been sporadically pulling my hair, which I can generally handle (tell her and demonstrate gentle touching and/or carry her facing away from me so she can't reach) but what is most difficult is having her around ANY other children.  It seems her first greeting to any small child (older or younger) is to yank on their hair and let out a big laugh.  I immediately take her away from them and tell her no hair pulling, that hurts, gentle, etc. but she just goes right back to it.  Every time we're around little kids, I just cringe and anticipate the inevitable.  I try to stop her before I see her go for it, but she's relentless and obsessed.  I wonder if anyone else has gone through this.  What tactics did you use?  Did it eventually stop after a ton of repetition?  I don't believe that she is acting out aggressions, as she does it happily and without any provocation or frustration.  Thank you!

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I had a friend whose son did this. She had such a hard time with it. I know they sell dolls with very life like hair for just this thing. Perhaps the doll can go everywhere with her and when the urge comes the doll can be available. I'm sorry I have no personal experience, but I know you are not the only one with has/had this problem. I hope someone comes along with more answers!!
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Thank you for responding!  I was actually thinking about getting a big doll with hair... I practice "gentle" with her stuffed animals, but that doesn't really help with the hair pulling.  Definitely worth a try!

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I think the hair pulling is kind of like a compulsion, much like biting can be. Something often done for biting is to give the child a teether that can be offered when the urge to bite comes on. I think it may work for the hair pulling as well! I'm gonna look and see if I can find that doll I am thinking of that is specifically for this...
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Well darn it, I can't find it. I think something with cornsilk hair would be good. I know cabbage patch makes one but they are expensive because I think they are discontinued. I'll let you know if I come up with anything. :-)
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