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Just Getting Started!

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Hi everyone!


My name is Leslie and I wanted to introduce myself to all of you.  I might be a little different in some of the categories, so I hope it is okay that I'm here...mainly because I don't yet have any children and am not ready to start trying yet.  I do, however, work with kids directly and have been teaching children with autism and developmental disabilities for several years now.  I live in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.


I thought I'd try jumping in on here because I'm working towards doing a lot more natural things...traditional foods, being more mindful of the environment/resources, and exploring different avenues of medicine and such.  My best friend is a nurse and has been on the GAPS diet for several years now, with amazing results.  She has done a great job getting rid of some of my "skepticism" as to whether or not it works, and has gotten me to move towards some of these approaches.


Again, I hope it's okay for me to join you all and journey with you!  Thank you so much! smile.gif



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Thank YOU for joining and welcome to Mothering! I'm sure you will find what you are looking for here. Maybe your experience can prove helpful with some of the forums for special needs kids.

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