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Skin adhesion advice for my intact 3yo

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Hey ladies! I took my intact boy to the doc today. He was complaining of pain in his penis. He has retracted his foreskin several times before so I felt comfortable retracting it to see what was going on. The head of his penis is pretty red, swollen and has an area around the rim that has pus under the skin. He also has a bridge adhesion. The doc recommended seeing a urologist to possibly have a full circ done! Which I do not want to do. She did suggest we could have only the bridge adhesion cut She gave us an antibiotic to start him on. Anyone gave any advice??!!
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So, we started the antibotics today.  I have been researching online and am wondering if he has an actual skin adhesion that hasnt been properly cleaned, as dr is suggesting, or if I am leaning towards it being his frenlulum. It doesnt look out of place. If so, what would cause the swelling and such?  He does have fever, swelling, pus, and pain.  Kinda feeling like I need a second opinion.  None of my other intact boys had this problem.  Any info would be great!

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I think you need a new opinion. There is no such a thing as "skin adhesion" in an intact boy. All kids have their skin adhered to the penis up to different ages.

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Don't have much time, but wanted to reply.


If there is a fever & pus (& not smegma), then it sounds to me like there is an infection.  IMO, an intact glans looks way different than we're use to a penis looking.  My ds's are purplish-reddish & I might think they were swollen except they are problem free.


Have you been to either doctorsopposingcircumcision.org or nocirc.org?  On the first, they have videos of the anatomy of the whole penis.  You might find there where the frenulum is (I believe it's underneath & because it's a midline structure, it'll be in the middle, unless there's an anomoly).  On the second site, you could contact Marilyn Milos.  She's a nurse who's been fighting against circ for 20+ years (her own sons were circ'd before she discovered how bad it was).


Has your son suffered any trauma to his penis?  Either by accident or by someone who doesn't know better?  I'm thinking of retraction.  I imagine no since you didn't mention it.  In all my study of the human body & the ecology of it, I believe that our genitals, much like the rest of our bodies, are lacking the normal, healthy bacteria that is supposed to be on/in them.  If you or your son has ever had antibiotics before, he was not breastfed, was born by c-section, you eat the standard american diet, don't eat any fermented foods, etc., then it's likely one or both of you is missing the bacteria that we need to keep our ecosystme in check & keep infection at bay.


Feel free to PM me for more info on this but this is all I have time for right now.  If it were me, I'd be applying probiotics to his penis topically & internally 4+ hours separate from the antibiotics he's taking.


Best wishes to you both. hug2.gif


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If the "bridge" is on the very bottom then that is his frenulum and it could be a bit tight. As he ages that will loosen up in most cases. If it does not then there is a pretty simple procedure that can be done to fix it.

It could be that he has yeast and not an infection in which case the abx will make it worse. If it is an infection then the abx will fix it.

Talk of circ is way out of line in this case. I would also look for an intact friendly Dr. near you in case something comes up in the future so that you can be sure you are getting correct information. I know easier said than done if you live in an area like mine.
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