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Any other low or no-tech mamas?

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My last pregnancy I had no Doppler, no ultrasounds, and no testing at all except bloodwork until 39 weeks when I had an ultrasound to confirm positioning. I also didn't do anythin to induce, even naturally, and went into labour naturally at 42+2. (Ironically I ended up with a super high tech birth (cesarean), not due to the no-tech but failure to progress with a big breech baby at home.)

I'm doing the same this time around - I will have the same super amazing midwife - though planning a VBAC. While I am comfortable with the route we're going, it does get kinda lonely sometimes. I'm reading about moms getting to see their babies on u/s or hear their heartbeats so early, and I feel a little envious! I didn't get to hear the heartbeat til I think 20 weeks or so last time!

Is anyone else on this path?
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Last time I had one 4D U/S (that I paid for around 26 weeks) and since I did UP (unassisted prenatal care) had no Doppler, etc. throughout the pregnancy other than that. I was supposed to be induced but ended up going into labor on my own while in the hospital at 40 weeks waiting for the induction. When the resident came in with an U/S machine to check position b/c he couldn't tell from the outside, I just laughed at him and said I'd give him $50 if this baby wasn't head down. Idiot.


This time I'm seeing an OB for prenatal care and he pretty much uses the U/S every visit (at least he doesn't charge for it!) in lieu of a Doppler. Still, I'll probably only go about half as often as they recommend so hopefully it won't end up too high tech.


For me this is the toughest part if you're going low tech b/c for me I have M/S all the first trimester to remind me I'm pg. Not that I'm sorry it's gone, but from 12 weeks until probably 17/18 weeks I have no 'marker' to remind me I'm pregnant other than being overweight...LOL...so that can be a little nerve wracking. At 17/18 weeks I'll start feeling movement so I'll have that to keep me going :)

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With my first I had no tests, no U/S, no doppler. Birthed naturally, completely uneventful.

With my second I had a U/S, no bloodwork, toward the end we were having NST every other day and I had a BPP. Went into labor naturally at 43+3. Natural birth, uneventful up until the OB messed up - but nothing eventful on my part.

With this one, I want a U/S, and we've heard the heartbeat. Had bloodwork because I couldn't avoid it if I want to birth at this birth center, which I do.

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I do as few tests as I can. Last time around I had 3 ultrasounds, my OB didn't routinely check with the doppler which I was fine with. he didn't do routinely do internal exams, which I was pleased I didn't have to fight about, I got the routine bloodwork done because I generally have really low iron and was slightly concerned that I should watch it (Care providers never said anything but it is something I keep an eye on) This time around I have had one ultrasound due to bleeding, and am going for blood work. I was weighing the option of refusing the  20 week ultrasound but my midwives recommend it with understandable reasoning so I think I will do it. I don't do gbs swabs or gestational diabetes tests.

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From here on out I'm low tech. Unfortunately we had to seek help to get pregnant and my RE is Ultrasound crazy. I mean waaaay overboard. He wanted me to get weekly ultrasounds from 3-12 weeks! I had the first 2 for dating and heart beat and have refused the rest. He puts me in the high risk category because I'm 37.eyesroll.gif  I have had no cramping or bleeding so there is no other reason to look that often. Especially when all those important functions are developing.  I am so looking forward to my HB midwife and a less monitored approach. Its been 7 months of weekly Dr. Visits and I'm ready to stop!!


renee- that's a pretty awesome care provider to let you go 43+3! Did you have to put up a fight?

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I low/no tech. I am UP, this is my 8th UP. I've skipped U/S's, except for one w/ a couple of mine since my first pregnancy. I don't plan on having an U/S this time either. I do have a doppler and have used it once to hear the HB this week. I have skipped the doppler until a miscarriage before my 9th baby. Once I feel baby often I'll skip using it, except for my own monthly "check up" w/ myself.

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I was only planning on the 20 week ultrasound but i had enough spotting and cramping during the early weeks to warrant an earlier one. We use the Doppler until the fetoscope (sp?) starts working at my monthly visits. I didn't do any blood work last time, but did have the gbs swab. Does anyone know if you've tested neg 3 times for gbs does that make it unlikely ill have it this time?
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With my first, I did all the doppler and "suggested" U/S - and, because our local hospital refuses to tell you the baby's sex, we went for a "keepsake ultrasound" - basically it's a storefront where untrained people do an ultrasound on you for about 20-30 minutes, and then you get a dvd afterwards.  I knew *NOTHING* about the controversies surrounding ultrasound, and was horrified that my midwife hadn't told me about it when I found out a few months after my son was born.
We will be using doppler once, at our 12 week appointment - and then there will be NO doppler/ultrasound after that, unless medically indicated.  I'm just not comfortable with it just for "fun".

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Hi moms, 


I am trying to learn about which prenatal interventions are unnecessary or harmful. I had a natural birth center birth with my first, and the pregnancy and birth were relatively low-intervention but I had many ultrasounds. I was comfortable trusting that my midwives were making good decisions and I didn't stress out about reading up on every choice.


Since then I've learned so much more about various interventions that I want to be highly informed about it all, but can anyone help point me in the right direction?


1. I'm looking for suggestions of a book, blog or website that lists *prenatal* interventions (not just birth interventions) with info on the risks.


2. Also, can anybody tell me more about why they declined any of these?

- gestational diabetes tests

- blood tests

- doppler


Thanks in advance!

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Pomegranate, I'll post some links here as I recall them, it was during my last pregnancy that I did a lot of reading on this stuff. I want to emphasize that I don't think ANY mother is wrong or bad or what have you for making different choices, and I don't think I would have made these choices had I not had a midwife who is very opinionated and firm about her views on interventions during pregnancy. Pregnant mamas, especially on MDC, don't tend to act recklessly or without great thought when it comes to the care they seek or receive.
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Lots of links within threads on MDC such as this one
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Originally Posted by pomegranate79 View Post
Also, can anybody tell me more about why they declined any of these?

- gestational diabetes tests

- blood tests

- Doppler


GD tests:

b/c I have always gotten a false 'positive' when taking a one-hour (only did it 3x, then refused all else)

b/c the drink makes me really ill

b/c I think it's crap to force a completely unhealthy substance on someone to see if they respond healthily to it. Counterintuitive.

When pushed, I have done my own blood sugars at home doing fasting and 1 hour and 2 hours after a meal for a week to satisfy the medical people


Blood tests:

the only one I've ever refused is HIV b/c I'm a blood donor and I know I'm not + and I don't want to pay for it again and again.



I've never declined it, just figure the less often you send waves into the womb, the better. I have refused diagnostic U/S (the standard 20 week one) but have had some sort of U/S with all 7 of my pregnancies.

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Only did GD w/ my first, there is some info out there. I just don't do it. I find the benefits do not out weigh the risks of intervention and negatively labeling my pregnancy.


Blood tests, none since my third pregnancy, rest UP. I don't see a point.


Doppler, I skipped it after my third pregnancy, but bought one w/my 9th, I had a miscarriage just prior. I barely use it.

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Thank you LLtheTinkerbell, mcimom and Mamatoabunch!


And if anybody else has any book or website recommendations I will be eager to hear. 

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I use this all the time in pregnancy to research.

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Thanks Annabelle, much appreciated!

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