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who's 40 weeks???

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ok mamas i'm sure we've got a couple coming up...i've got 1 more week to go...but aren't there some of you ahead of me? i think so...who are you? probably should wait until we actually hit july to ask this...but i've lost all patience! :)

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I am 39+3. My 40 week mark is next Tuesday. I have always gone right around the 40 week mark, so I am more and more anxious every day!
 This weekend would be perfect for me to go into labour. Perfect. So naturally, I will probably go in about a week. LOL

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I'm only 36 weeks today but gearing up! I'm having lots of sensations that didn't come up last time until my induction started working at 41 weeks. I'm hoping to actually make it through this weekend; the nearby park has a huge festival for Canada day and I'd hate to miss it with my 2 year old.
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I'm 37 wks monday! Next week would be perfect for baby to come. Dh doesn't have to work wednesday thursday or friday, because his company is closed. So he wouldn't have to take any unpaid time off....
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I'm 36+3 today.  I was sort of hoping that baby would come a bit early, I think also influenced by so many of you who are anxious to be done, but yesterday I found out my OB is on vacation from today through July 12th, so now I'm specifically instructing this baby to wait until after July 12th (which will be 38+3, and probably healthier and more realistic anyway).

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I'm 37 wks monday! Next week would be perfect for baby to come. Dh doesn't have to work wednesday thursday or friday, because his company is closed. So he wouldn't have to take any unpaid time off....


Jaedon wants me to go into labor the 3rd/have her the 4th for this very reason. He has Thursday, friday, and Monday off so he would maybe only have to take one more day if I can't get into the doctor's appointment on Monday for Baby J's first wellness check. 

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38+6 here. I've been having so much pelvic pain and discomfort with spasms from my psoas muscle keeping me from walking or swimming or moving from the couch at all that I am WILLING this baby to come between 39 and 40 weeks. Please, please, please!!! It has been so uncomfortable these last couple weeks... Baby is low, the one check I had 2+ weeks ago said I was already 2 cm/ 70 %. Go baby go!!!

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I'm 39 +1 by LMP EDD or 38 + 4 by my other guess. I'm measuring 40 and baby is as low as she can go without coming out... hoping for this weekend, though, not counting on it. :)


My midwife said I looked different at my appointment today. She thinks I'm close, but she made no promises. :)

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4 days to go until my EDD...joy.gif

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38+1 today. Last baby went at 39 weeks. I'm super uncomfortable. Ready to meet this sweet baby!
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Hi there,

I actually just joined today. I am 40+5 today and going crazy!! I can't wait for my baby to be here any more!

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A couple days shy of 39 weeks here. Can't believe the count down is in the single digits until EED! When did that happen?! It's getting so close. Although I'll probably go late, it's still crazy to think this baby will be here so soon!!

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Its my due date! I am not surprised to still be pregnant, though I am disappointed. Maybe labor will start soon?
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Alizaj--hope that babe is ready soon! :) 


talldarkeyes--sending you labor vibes. 


getting close ladies, getting close!

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39+5 by my guess date or 40+2 by the one my midwife is leaning on. Measuring 41 weeks. But, I knew I'd be having a big baby.

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40 weeks today... trying to stay positive; so much harder to do that people think.  am i the only one who wants to avoid all contact with the outside world?  if i hear, "You're still pregnant?!" one more time I might go crazy!  

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39 wks today!! Drinking my RRL tea hoping for BABY this week.
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Kkhan, I haven't wanted contact with the outside world for weeks now!
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kkhan-- that's so funny i'm the opposite--we went out today and had lunch to a place we go regularly and multiple people (some i'd seen before some i hadn't) asked when i was due. i just had so much fun saying tomorrow! :) now, granted in a week or two it might not be so much fun. but i did get those shocked faces--and them being a little leary--like expecting you to have your water break everywhere any minute! anyways, it made me smile and i thought hmm at least for entertainment i can get out and shock people while i wait for baby!

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