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belly binding...

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who's used what? there's corsets, wraps, binders, trusses...i didn't use one last time, but would like to try something this go around. who likes what?

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I'm definitely vain enough to consider this (sometimes I pull up my 10wk "belly" pics" and stare longingly at my waist) but I have never been able to tolerate tight-fitting things like Spanx, or even the belly support bands that are supposed to be comfy in late pregnancy. This makes me think I'm unlikely to tolerate anything like this postpartum.


However, I have heard they can help alleviate some abdominal pain and strain, especially if you have a c-section. Is that true, BTDT moms? 

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One of my friends swears by the belly bandit, I haven't looked into getting anything yet (but probably should)!

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I can take a year for your organs to get back to their original place. Belly binding can help speed up that process. I know I loved having extra support last time when everything feels like jello inside.
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what did you use monkey pants?

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I'm trying it this time. First time ever. I got one from InHisHands.com website along with my other birth supplies. I don't know I'll love it, but I saw some other's results and threads on it and thought I'd at least try. 

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I used an everlast women's neoprene wrap. Very simple w Velcro. It was awesome and in bikini w/in 2 months just fine. Im a small person bit get a huge belly w pregnancies. I'm excited to use it again. DH found it for me randomly at matshalls or tj max. I'm sure they r at walmart. I slept w it on but naturally had night sweats post birth so that was kind of gross.
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The everlast wrap I have is meant for back support while lifting I think or for posture while lifting. So look in the exercise sports aisle.
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You know I've got no idea what brand. I think i got it at babies r us. They are hot and itchy but do really do work.
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I am definitely planning on binding post-partum. Last time I tried to go old school and cheap, and used ripped up strips of old sheets for binding, which did not work. Nor did the elastic c-section belt from the hospital.


I am looking at:



which has an extra bit of elastic to cinch in the waist and accommodate curves. I am also considering this generic medical style one:




but the sizing may be hard to get right. I would like to know what belts others have used and liked as well!

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I have one that looks like the second one. It's still itchy. Just FYI.
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Does anyone have any info on using an ace bandage for belly binding? I read about it on a few other boards... seems a lot cheaper and like it wouldn't show under clothing as much. 

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It's under $20
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Hi mamas, I'm DDC'S crashing from the June forum. I did some light belly binding with my first, but got started kind of late in the game, like maybe 4 or 5 weeks postpartum, and i didn't really stick to it. I bought this generic surgical abdomen binder back then

Now with baby number two I've decided to do it right, still just using that cheap abdominal binder (I also found an extra-small belly bandit on Craigslist for $20 that I will hopefully transition into.) I put it on a few hours after birth and have been wearing it day and night since then. I noticed a gush of blood right away when I put it on, which I think was a good thing because I declined post-partum pitocin and the nurses were going crazy trying to massage my uterus,every time they came in, even though my midwife checked me and declared my uterus to be firm and clamping down nicely with nursing.

My baby was born 48 hours ago and already I'm really impressed by how much my belly has shrunk. I birthed a 9.5 pounder this time! With my first (7lbs12oz) my belly took weeks to shrink down this much.

Before, at 40w5days

This morning, less than 48 hours after birth

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OH snap, Kitteh. I'm sold on belly binding now!!!

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That's awesome Kitteh!

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That's great. I can't wait to shrink!!!!
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Wow! You look great!!
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Thanks mamas! Im really surprised and pleased with the results so far. I wasn't really sold on belly binding after my first and just felt like the discomfort wasn't worth the results, so I'm glad I gave it another shot. And the support actually feels really nice this time, compared to the guts-falling-out feeling i had the first time around.

After my limited experience with it, I think I might get one of the longer full corsets that goes from right below the breast down to hip level. I like the cheap post-surgery binder for lounging around in bed, but feel like it doesnt really cover enough area.

So now i've got the surgical binder lower around my hips and lower belly with the smaller belly bandit wrapped around my ribs and upper belly. I've got a Bella Band stretched out under the whole shebang, just to smooth things out and avoid itchiness from the binders directly on my skin (I had mild PUPPS during the 3rd Tri, and my belly skin is still sensitive.)
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