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1-7 thumb.gif

8-10 dizzy.gif Bleeding money.  

11-14 thumb.gif

15 praying.gif Oh thank you for the no spend today!

16 dizzy.gifUnplanned purchase of a Children's Museum membership.  Car repair.

17-19 thumb.gif  Good enough.

20 dizzy.gif Yeeeeeowch!  Nothing unplanned, but getting ready for camping, completely out of groceries.  Ouch.

21 thumb.gif Stayed home.  Phew!

22 thumb.gif Goin' campin'.  A few more things to get.  Try not to stop for lunch.

23 thumb.gif Happy birthday!  DH already surprised me with the picnic table and benches he made.  Sorta hard to hide!

24 thumb.gif Goin' home.

25-29 joy.gif I think we bought bread.  But scratch that-- a little-- on the 27th I shelled out $100 (gas, lunch etc., shower gift) to help get my sister ("grandma") to her son's baby shower over the mountains.  Worth it.


Forgot about locking my keys in the car.  Grumblegrumblegrumble.  That was a swift $60.  On the flip side, the YMCA guy let us pay for an open swim... we showered, went into the pool and..... THE SCHEDULE HAD CHANGED FOR SUMMER!  AARGH!  luckily, there was an open swim that afternoon or my girls would have been in tears.  Why is this "luckily?"  The Y-Guy gave us 2 extra open swim passes.  That is, if I didn't wash my jeans.... hmmmm.... better check that.


July ends.  It was good in some ways, expensive in others..... I'm ready for August. WHERE IS THE AUGUST THREAD?????  I am so there.  Well, figuratively.  


Ciao, ladies!  blowkiss.gif

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Ended the month with a thumb.gif.  Not a bad month overall.  We had a nice vacation at home, kept the spending with reason.   Well, mostly.  Our grocery budget is over the top, but I am coming to grips with the price of food and my growing family. 


On to August!


July 1 -- thumb.gif

July 2 -- $27 camping fees

July 3 -- thumb.gif



July 4 -- $40 family day, plus baseball game $36

July 5 -- $65 dinner out

July 6 -- thumb.gif

July 7 -- $55 movies

July 8 -- $11 wood for camp out, plus more $ for snacks and camping food

July 9 -- $35 lunch


Back to real life...

July 10 -- $18 for totally useless, but fun art supplies

July 11 -- thumb.gif

July 12 -- thumb.gif

July 13 -- Oi!   Awful day...household goods, books and a lunch out.

July 14 -- thumb.gif

July 15 -- thumb.gif

July 16 -- thumb.gif

July 17 -- thumb.gif

July 18 -- $3.50 snacks at pool, $18.50 ice cream

July 19 -- thumb.gif

July 20 -- thumb.gif

July 21 -- thumb.gif

July 22 -- thumb.gif

July 23 -- lunch box stuff and some back to school supplies

July 24 -- $4 to vacuum out the van at the gas station

July 25 -- thumb.gif

July 26 -- thumb.gif

July 27 -- $62 haircuts for 4 kids

July 28 -- thumb.gif 

July 29 -- thumb.gif

July 30 -- plunger

July 31 -- thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by bruna View Post

20. $ 0 spend. DH stayed home and we converted bedroom we were renting into Study for us. Cleaned out storage room. Less crowded, more privacy. Good Day :) 

21. $30 gasoline, $6.15 coffee and snacks. Reasonable treat spending. Cooked a big frugal pasta dish. Keeping up with the dishes. Great Day :) 

22. $4.25 Pasta and Yogurt. Cheap Monday: achieved laundry. Made all meals and snacks at home. Time to plan some meals from the pantry supplies and choose good fresh produce tomorrow to liven it up.

23. Oh, the 23rd of July, where I go off my frugal rocker and into the spending pit. 

- $0.75 cents - two organic bananas

- $100.00 to DH, for gasoline and supplies toward starting this new, (fingers crossed), paying job. 

- $31.47 - Thrift Shop. Leather shoes for DH; may be a bit too small. A yellow t-shirt and a beautiful blue cardigan. News from the change room:My waist seems to be getting smaller and my bum seems to be getting bigger. May be because of ...$3.95 Fast Food. Baby napped in the stroller and I read a book(!) while dining on the cheap eats.

- $6.25 Groceries - Taco Chips, Yogurt, Bagels at the discount grocery store. Scored 4 big tubs of greek yogurt for 2 dollars, awesome!

 I see a bit of a cheap carbohydrate pattern in my groceries developing here. Best get some meat back in the diet tomorrow. 

24. - $8.19 Cherries and Organic Bananas. Could have saved a dollar a pound on the bananas had I gone to the market one block over. So nice seeing baby boy savouring ripe fruit :)

     - $4.40 Fast Food. Woke up from a nap and headed out without eating. I am craving protein. A lot of this spending is surely about the social aspect, hanging out at the local spots.

     - $4.00 - Chocolate Biscuits. Ate the whole package myself yummy.gif

Looks like this new job is another dead end. The stress of not being able to find paying work is getting to my husband and I. I am anxious, and my eating/ spending reflects this.

Thrift store finds will have to be exchanged, but a good chance for DH and I to find some better shoes for him. 


25. Thursday.  Paid all the bills for this month and am budgeting out the next 25 days with the remaining money in our chequing account. Glad I went ahead and bought a good pile of laundry coins. Dh will need money for gas and wood tomorrow. He spent almost as much as he earned on this last job uhoh3.gif. Moving on...

Used up the remaining balance of grocery store gift cards: $85.00 (0 spend) for Meat, Eggs, Cheese.

Spent: $5.50 to cover balance of grocery bill and $4.00 for chips and pop for our lovely, beachside bbq. Free swim at the outdoor pool.


On a happy note, Baby is thriving and I am so grateful for the loads of time and space I have with my baby and husband, and that the basics are covered kid.gif


26. Friday. Spent the day out and about. 

-$20 gasoline

-$5.00 lunch

-$5.00 Coffee and snacks

-$22.00 Japanese dinner out nod.gif


27. Another day out in the park.

$2.00 Cigar for DH

$8.00 Lunch

$3.25 Ice Cream

$5.00 Dinner

$6.15 Coffee and Dessert nod.gif



28. Sunday

Breakfast $5.73

Thrift Store $37.27 3 pairs of pants for DH, T-shirt for me and 2 toys for Baby. All reasonable purchases.

Groceries $19.00

Snacks $5.10

Spending money for DH $20.00  nod.gif


29. Monday

$60.00 Gasoline and Wood for DH

$3.00 Snack

$5.00 Snack and Bandages and Razor Blades nod.gif/nut.gif

Some unnecessary spending and snacking here, born out of boredom. 


30. Tuesday

 $0 Spend nod.gifnod.gifnod.gifnod.gifnod.gif

Collected a small haul from the family food bank, visited with a friend and playmate


31. Wednesday

$35 dollars groceries nod.gif


Spending Within Budget: nod.gif

Going Overboard: nut.gif

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27 no spend

28  Cell phone bill $48.62, Amazon Subscription items $40.  Day's total $88.62

29  Took LO to the doctor for swimmers ear since my home remedy was going on a few days and she was getting worse. $50

30   Groceries $120

31   Went to the library got out 3 movies and books.  Got the kids each an ice cream cone $2...DH bought siding still needs more house wrap... $1100, Day's total $1102.


This month was out of hand with our vacation and trying to finish up multiple home improvement projects since we have a few weekends in a row off (more in Aug)! DH is trying to take advantage of his free time.  But less work also means less money!  ugh

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