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A satirical look at EC

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Hi mamas


I'm new to Mothering.  It seems like a fantastic website with a wealth of resources and experienced mamas to go to for advice.  I was recently contemplating EC and then decided to go against it.  I feel it is great in theory but I just don't have the patience for it.  I would appreciate it if those mamas who have decided to take the plunge and those who decided not to would take a look at my blog post on EC and let me know there thoughts: 



It's ok to poke fun at our uber natural selves sometimes love.gif


In the mean time I'm reading the other posts on EC and am finding them extremely eye opening. Thank you. 





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I don’t think any EC parent will disagree with me when I say that ECing is a ludicrously laborious task.

I EC because I'm lazy, so I have to disagree on this point. I think your post would be funny to people who think EC is ridiculous, and it's kind of funny to get the glimpse into a non-EC mindset. 




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Hi seraf


Thank you for responding.  I don't condemn EC in anyway.  I was just pointing out some aspects of it that people find amusing :) Many of my friends EC, and I'm hoping to catch my son's poop's soon too (he only 'goes' once a day so hopefully it shouldn't be too bad!).  It's really interesting that you say you EC because you're too lazy - I never even thought about that.  Could you elaborate on the blog perhaps so that other readers can view another perspective.

Funnily enough, many mothers have contacted me expressing that they're interested in learning more about EC from the blog post.  I'm glad because it wasn't intended to put people off but to spark their interest to research further.  I guess it worked!




Mother Joyful 

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I may have missed some of the humor; we're out of coffee.


I'm lazy. I don't like to wrestle babies or toddlers into diapers. I'm lazy. I don't like to mop the floor.  Between those two options is the potty (or the toilet! you don't have to rinse it!). A quick moment of action saves me from the other two.


I read about EC during a yearlong stint potty training a 3 year old who I nannied for.  I thought it sounded worth trying to put the baby on the potty when he woke or complaints weren't easily fixed. I was into the idea of part time EC. Then my first was born. He got an angry rash his first night and we left him on open diapers for several days to heal. His cues were obvious, so it seemed disrespectful to say, "I know you have to poop, but you're wearing a diaper! Use it!"


Wiping after using the toilet is a whole other perk of EC when compared to changing a diaper. I've parented with two different partners who have no idea what to do with a poopy diaper because they're fairly rare in EC households. 

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I think it's a provocative, amusing but simplistic all-or-nothing look at EC. Kudos for raising the subject and getting interest going but I'd love to see something about a middle ground because for many of us EC moms, 24/7 EC from birth simply isn't realistic (as you've pointed out). I'll say this: I started part time EC with my kiddo at 11 months, used diapers all day and night but gave her multiple potty opportunities throughout the day. Basically whenever her bum would be bare at home (ie diaper change), I'd plunk her on the little potty, read a board book and then diaper again. It wasn't labour intensive at all and it had the practical upshot of no poopy diapers after about 18 months (outside of illness). She's 27 months now and recently completely trained for pee as well. There were no power struggles and no potty fear. We had about 3 weeks of some pee accidents to clean up and that was it. I credit EC in making pottying a very gradual and natural progression. I know this won't make for an amusing anecdote but maybe just something to add for those intrigued but intimidated smile.gif.
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts seraf. Much appreciated.


skycheattraffic: thank you for responding! would you mind posting your post above on my blog for my readers? I agree my post was extremely simplistic: the blog is satirical, less serious - basically trying to create a conversation.  I may even try EC with my next baby, and I'm going to try catch the poops of my toddler, after hearing all the positive EC stories. Do you mind me asking how many times you'd take your babs at 11 months old?


In a few weeks I hope to do a follow up article using the info and insight I've gained from you all


Thank you once again!


Mother Joyful


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As the person who started the 1st Annual Go Diaper Free Week (following the Great Cloth Diaper Change) this year in April, I am all for ANY public awareness of EC, positive or negative! I did several interviews that week where people who'd never heard of it before wanted to be "convinced" and I just laid out a few simple stats and let them make their own decisions.
MotherJoyful - you ARE doing EC! By catching the poops, that is technically called "part-time EC." I'm glad to hear it. It's definitely not for everyone and everyone does it differently. But the fact that you are interested in communicating about poop with your son at all is pretty cool.
xx Andrea
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Andrea, how did I miss go diaper free week?
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Hey there, seraf! Sign up for my newsletter and I'll let you know about it next year! It will be annually the week after earth day. :)

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I am diaper free anyway (gave them all away recently), but it sounds neat. By April my boys will nearly be 2 and 2.5, so they should be permanently diaper free by then.
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I added my post with minor edits to your entry smile.gif.

I started once a day and over time added extra sessions. By 18 months we were at about 4 or 5 visits to the potty, although less on busy days. We kept it flexible and relaxed.
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Well, I also have to disagree that EC is laborious.  I did part time EC with my last child, and it was really a great experience.  I caught potties at home when I was paying attention, and had him use a tiny potty when he was older.  When he started walking, I put him in little cloth fitted swim diapers or mini training pants so that he could instantly feel wet when he did go in them, and yet not hose down the entire house in the process.  He potty trained very early and so much easier than my first.  I can't remember when he was fully potty trained exactly, but I know I saved myself a year or more of wiping nasty toddler poo.  And he NEVER had a diaper rash, unlike my first who was almost always fighting a rash.  

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Ill look at it later. Just wanted to say hi to other ec'ers out therewave.gif

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Without having read the blog yet, i just wanted to comment on the 'laborious' notion. I think at times ec has been so, and at other times not.Kids/babies go through stages. Right now, my 20mth old is making life easy for me. She's pulling down her pants, putting herself on the potty, and i aint doin' a thing.... She's been diaper free since birth. I had a few diapers at first, but i am also lazy, and cant be bothered changing them. So i have just used pants. She wets the pants, i put on new pants. In the meantime, its easy for me to potty her. At night, nothing. She rarely pees at night, and has been so since about 4mths onward.


However, there have been times when ec has been difficult because of the misses. I ec'd my other 2 kids also, one from 9mths, and the other from 2 mths. All have been different experiences. But im so glad i ec'd them!

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Hi Mother Joyfull,


I've read Andrea's book and consider myself a very part-time EC'er. Since she was 2 months, I've been letting my baby without diapers a couple of times a week, for an hour or so, at home. When out and about, she wears regular, disposable nappies, at night as well. I put her on the potty a few times a day (at home), for example after waking up. When I see poop signals, I take her to the potty, but honestly, when I'm busy with other things (I have an older son as well, and some other interests besides my baby;) I sometimes miss her signals and have to clean up a full diaper. My point in doing it is to keep communication going, and hopefully make it easier for her when she is older to go diaper-free. 


So your blog post ridicules 'the extremes' of EC, but I guess many moms (and dads) take their own road. Give it a try, it's interesting and fun!

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

. His cues were obvious, so it seemed disrespectful to say, "I know you have to poop, but you're wearing a diaper! Use it!"

Couldn't agree more smile.gif
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