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I've always heard that pregnancy brings everyone vivid dreams. I'm curious to see if they are just all over the place or in themes... 


Here's my main ones from each term so far.... 


1st Trimester:


Most of my dreams were short, anxious and of something going wrong. The unplanned part of pregnancy plus memories from a previous miscarriage were clearly #1 on my mind. *If* a baby was born in these dreams, she'd be TINY (like palm sized) and I was always losing her in other rooms or under things. 


2nd Trimester: 


I dreamt I was in a hospital (even though still planning on BC then) having just given birth to an adult beige terrier. When I looked down the halls, there was a parade going on! Apparently baby showers are held in hospitals in my imaginary world, and people were carrying colorful boxes and strollers over their heads for me and the other new moms in the ward. When I tried to find my husband, I found him in a cafeteria-looking waiting room where a massive projector was showing slideshows of the day's babies (or in my case, dog.) 


The real twist is that my husband was holding a child I assumed to be our first-born, and realized suddenly the terrier was our second child. Then I tried to take the toddler from his hands.... but it was a doll!! That he was treating like a child! That freaked me out enough to wake up. 


3rd Trimester: 


Last night, I had a vivid almost wonderful dream of holding a big, healthy baby with long matted brown hair and very chubby legs. I was holding her against my chest and loving her and suddenly I realized she had a belly button. Thinking she had just been born and so this sis impossible, I looked around for her cord, and saw that it was attached TO HER KNEE. 


Then, I was told she was still not ready to be born, and would have to go back inside of me! I looked at her head and groaned at the thought of having to push it back IN. Luckily, I woke up soon after that. 

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I haven't had any baby dreams. I did dream a few days ago that I was checking my cervix and found a penny and the penny was keeping me from dialating. So I removed it and then I woke up.
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I haven't dreamed about the baby yet, but about a week ago I dreamed that my water broke. It was so realistic that as I was waking, I really expected to find that it had! 
Nope.... not yet.

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I had an interesting dream last night. I delivered my baby within 5 mins and with just one push and no pain. Then I was bleeding some and one of my church friends couldn't find the chux pads, so I had to use a cloth incontinence pad, but I only had 2 (which is true) so, I was worried and made her keep looking. I told my husband to call the midwife to let her know that I had the baby. And there was a guy I knew from high school there that was from nearby at a party that was trying to help too... LOL (maybe class reunion thought since that was this year?) Also, I had given birth in my bedroom from the house I lived in when I was 12. My midwife suggested maybe I would have a faster birth this time. Who knows. :) Probably not a 5 minute, painless one. 

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That's so funny how totally unrelated stuff was jumbled together as we sleep.
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I usually have super, super vivid dreams.

I had one last night where I was in a mall with some of my high school friends and we were running from the mob because we witnessed a jewelery heist. 

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i dreamt pre-pregnancy twice me telling my husband, "give her to me--i never get to hold her". then the 2nd dream that repeated and then i asked him about the birth because i couldn't remember it--he said it went exactly like i wanted it to go. 


then probably at the beginning of 3rd trimester i dreamt of feeling/seeing the baby inside and it was well and happy. i remember having a very similar dream with my son when i was pregnant with him. not sex-related, but health related dream. i think a reassurance and connection dream.


i dream a lot but have only had vague awareness of having dreamt--i recall a LOT more when i journal in the morning or write my dreams down--but this hasn't happened on a regular basis since having my 2 yr old. i miss it...i used to do it almost every day.


also, not a dream--but yesterday my husband was driving home and he said he'd just started to speed up on a street near us--to speed actually--and he got this sense of a little baby girl--and he is always really stressed with pregnancy and birth--so normally where he is very intuitive, in this area he isn't (i think from all the fear). anyways, he said it was the first time he got a sense of our baby...we actually don't know if we are having a girl or boy. but it will be fun to meet them soon!


and one more dream--the other night i dreamt i was going over our checklist with our midwife--but the only things i remember from it were checking off gluten free pancakes and a nap! :)

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Last night I dreamed that I told my mom off for invading my birth space AND I had my baby on my edd, which is today. It looks like that dream will not be coming true but in my dream I was running around trying to track down my dh after the birth because we still had not decided on a name and then I couldn't get the baby to latch on.
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With my daughter, I had really, really, really vivid sex dreams.  It was almost awkward because I'd dream about guys we knew and I felt weird being around them after!  I was terrified when I got pregnant again because I didn't want to deal with that...thankfully it hasn't happened with any other pregnancies!  lol


This one, I had one labour dream but I don't remember much about it.  I haven't had many dreams this time around that I recall!

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heyitskalista, I wish I'd gotten some pleasant sex dreams!  haha...  every time I had one before I got pregnant, it was weird: either I'd be with someone I wasn't attracted to, or someone would discover us trying to get it on and I'd feel embarrassed, or I'd be with a woman and feel really awkward and aroused at the same time.  bizarre.  but the only sex-related dream I've had while pregnant was equally odd - I dreamed I was having sex with our former roommate (who might be the world's biggest asshole; I've yet to meet anyone with the same combination of arrogance and idiocy), and that I had to have an abortion for the second time during our relationship.  rather than being sad about the baby, I was irritated that this asshat kept getting me pregnant somehow, and I remember telling him, "you're just lucky you're so good looking."  trust me; this fella is anything but!  I told my husband in the morning, and he laughed for a solid five minutes.  I wish he'd have his own Sven sex dream so he knows how awful it is.


and I really hoped I'd get some like my mom had while she was pregnant with me - she said she had such strong orgasms while she was asleep that they WOKE HER UP and made her think she was going into labor.  her doctor's advice to "just enjoy it; you can't stop them anyway" is priceless even 28 years later.  then again, I was born six weeks early...

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Ooh, sleep orgasms!! I had forgotten about those! I had a handful in the first trimester. That was awesome, but it stopped.
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I had sleep orgasms, too, a few times. That was pretty great.


I have had very few dreams about pregnancy/labor/baby, but I have extremely vivid dreams and it feels like I dream all night long. 


My husband actually had an awesome baby dream at ~19 weeks: he dreamt I gave birth to a baby girl with green hair, and he knew her name. We did not end up naming her the name he dreamt, but it is a nickname for the name we did choose. Anyway, after that he was sure that she was a girl even though I was thinking boy, and he turned out to be right! I think I will freak out if she comes out with green hair, though. 

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Yep, loved the sleep orgasms! 


zeeohee- that's so cool that your husband was right about it being a girl!  Hopefully he's wrong about the hair though! ;)

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I don't get sleep orgasms, I just get sexually frustrated and I wake up. Most of my sex dreams, I don't actually get to have sex with the person, we keep getting interupted. 

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so last night I had a dream that  Bean was a girl, and she was like two months old and everyone kept asking what her name was and I realized I didn't know!

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Haha! Do you know what you'll name her? 


I had a dream a while back that I was laboring outdoors in a big pool full of family rather than in a birthing pool. It was a nice, easy labor and suddenly I felt her coming, and I didn't want to be in the water for her birth, so I climbed out and she was born with just a few pushes. She was so beautiful <3, but it's a weird dream because mostly I've been feeling like the less people around me during labor the better, so it's odd to have a dream where I was happy to be among so many while pushing! 

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We're having a boy, or so we've told, and we have some names picked out. But I read an article about how like 20% of the time the u/s is wrong, and am now kind of freaking out about it. 

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Heh, we had some similar doubts that I had forgotten about. I think it depends on just what you saw. If you could see a penis, well, it's likely still a penis smile.gif. We could just *kind of* see labia and never saw a penis, so maybe that makes it more likely to be wrong? Idk. I keep saying "he" since I was convinced it wa a boy at te beginning. It drives my husband mad.
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That is such a nice-sounding dream, cynthiamoon. I wish I would have a baby/labor dream. I did have one where I had the baby and could not figure out how to breastfeed her, and someone was going to take her away because she was losing weight. That was during a scary moment in early pregnancy when we were having a hard time finding her heartbeat from behind the placenta, though. Nothing since, for many months, even though I have really vivid dreams about all kinds of weird stuff every night.


DH and I have also been talking lately about what if the ultrasound tech was wrong and she comes out a boy. Last night we were laughing about some of the super girly clothes she's been given and how if she turns out to be a he, he'll just have to have a very girly newborn period until I feel like taking him to goodwill for some boy-gendered stuff. But I *definitely* saw the "three lines" of labia and knew she was a girl before the u/s tech pointed it out. 

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I forgot that I wanted to share this!  My sister-in-law, who's dated my little brother for eight years, had a dream about my baby a couple of months ago and wrote it down so she could remember what happened.  It was pretty entertaining, so I'll just share what she wrote to me:


"Somehow your baby was able to come out and visit us before being born...I'm fuzzy on those details but we thought it was awesome and we were up for it so it was you and me and Alex [my brother] and Chris [my husband] and I think your mother and father, yeah they were there...maybe some weird extraneous dream people but those are the main people, anyway we're all standing around in a kitchen and the baby appears and it's a girl and she's like the cutest little blue eyed baby I've ever seen, bald obviously, and she has a blue, transparent belly and inside is the whole universe. Just swirling around in a beautiful, fantastic manner. And she can communicate via telepathy, but ONLY because she hasn't been born yet, she tells us.

And no one thinks this is weird, so we are all for it.


And I was talking to her in a weird language, apparently I'm fluent in an alien language that I didn't know about, but she told me she recognized it as she used to speak it in another life!!

And she was telling us all about her former lives as an alien and she thought we were all cool and was excited we were waiting around for her and she was just a cute ass awesome baby and then she said 'all right, well it's time to go back in!' and we were all stoked for when she would come back out."


I'm pretty stoked about when the baby is going to "come back out" too.

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