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Daily vitamins?

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Which vitamins do you take daily? I am taking:

Sress B-Complex
Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc
Selenium 200 mg
C complex 1000mg

I would like also to take vitamin E, but I can't find it without gelatin.

Does anyone have a good suggestion of a place where I can order vegetarian vitamins. I live in Switzerland, so I could have them sent to a friend in the US and then that friend send them to me.
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i take rainbow light prenatal one a day
selenium 200mcg(?)
vitamin c
occasionally fennugreek
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the selenim is 200 mg.
and i just started taking magnesium calcium by floradix
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and accidopholis

sometimes accidopholis and olive leaf extract
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Are there more of you out there taking daily vitamins: If you don't take them, why? I really am curious as I am trying to understand what might be best for me to do regarding this.

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i really like "twinlab" vitamins, have taken them for years. i take "daily two" multi with iron and all the other goodies, and stress b complex. sometimes i use nature's plus b complex liquid, but it tastes really bad.
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