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Thanks, Leigh!  There is another company in N. Andover too that I asked insurance about and they said they had never heard of it (even though they listed tufts as an approved insurance co.)  I will try calling my insurance with these DME's again and see if i get a different answer (which is not unheard of!)  The DME has to be able to deliver the pump though too, as I wont be able to go and pick it up.  All in all, it sounds like pursuing a hygeia might be worth the extra phone calls though.

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Well, I do indeed have coverage at 3 different DME's, but I learned on one of their websites that UHC requires that I have to order it after the baby is born.  The UHC rep could have told me that key piece of information when I called. irked.gif  So much for getting things squared away ahead of time.  Oh well.  It just means I have to bug my friend about mine just to have something until the new one arrives.  She has two pumps, so hopefully she's not put out.  I really might need to pump right away to jump start milk production if it goes anything like last time...


Maybe I'll call and order it anyway to see if anyone notices.

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GISDIVA: I also can't get mine until after baby is born.  I was told by the DME that the physician just can fax the script to them and they will overnight it.  They made it seem like i would have it by the time I got home from the hospital.  In the meantime, I have been told that I can also rent a hospital grade pump, have it available at the hospital and rent for fee until the new one arrives (in case it takes longer).  That might be a good option also if you are delivering/recovering at a hospital. I would check with the Lactation Consultant Department and/or your insurance.

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Homebirth here (hopefully).  One of the downsides I guess.


Like I said, I can borrow one (actually it was mine to begin with), but this was going to be so much easier.  orngtongue.gif

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If you can't get yours back, maybe you can still rent from the local hospital LC dept. and pick it up before delivery. At ours i think its $30 a month.

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Oh, that's not too bad.  I'll have to look into that, thanks!

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