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Nursing while pregnant

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We are currently ttc, and I am nursing our youngest. For my past two pregnancies, I had extreme difficulty nursing due to the feelings it would cause me...the only way I can describe it is "ick"...I would like to continue breastfeeding all the way throughout my pregnancy and then tandem nursing when the baby is born. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to reduce this "icky" feeling?
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Someone must have some advice. I have heard of this happening to other mamas......anyone??

Bumping your question mama!!!

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Sorry, no real advice. It is a horrible feeling. The only way I could manage it was distraction. I never *just* fed, I always fed and read a book, played on my phone etc. When it was really bad, wriggling my toes or kicking my legs helped a bit.
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I couldn't deal with it at all. For me it wasn't just the "ick" factor, by the time I was in my second trimester breastfeeding had become a toe-curling pain. I couldn't handle it and weaned. However, my oldest started nursing again after her baby brother was born. Even though it had been a few months, she remembered how. They tandem nursed for 18 months - when my youngest weaned first!

I don't think it is wrong to wean during pregnancy if that is what your body is telling you to do. If anything, the "icky feeling" that makes you not want to nurse during pregnancy may be nature's way of prioritizing - the younger baby's nourishment comes first while the older baby is encouraged to move on and make way.

Obviously we can make choices that go against this "instinct", and many of us do. I just believe there is no reason to feel guilty for weaning during pregnancy if you need to. That may be what "nature" intended, after all.
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Another mom who's been there but without much practical advice, unfortunately.
I second the distraction suggestion; there were many times where reading a book helped me keep my sanity. I also started to REALLY hurt and had to cut my DD back to 2-3 sessions a day. She was about 18 months when I got pregnant and nursed until shortly after her second birthday. She's 27 months now, I'm 36 weeks and she pretends to nurse to sleep about 3 times a week. She will latch on but not suck. I very much hope that once baby is born and my milk comes in, she will nurse again but I have no idea if she will go that route. I think Kythe made a great point about our bodies prioritizing. The changes through pregnancy are so individualized that I don't think there's anything we can do but roll with it. I lost my supply by about week 10-12 and simply couldn't tolerate the pain. There are plenty of mamas out there who maintain or even increase their supply during pregnancy and dont experience the aversion or pain. They are the minority and it would be wonderful to have some research done on why there's such a huge range of normal and how the rest of us can cope.
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I also found feeding while pregnant excruciating. I night-weaned at 34 weeks which helped a lot.

The pain went after DD2 was born but the "ick factor" hasn't gone away :-( I tandem feed in the sense that both girls still BF but I had to stop feeding them simultaneously. I just couldn't stand it. I still find it incredibly difficult to feed the 3yo but have no problems with the 7mo. It's very strange.
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Thanks, mamas! I reeaally hope that this time is different, and that it doesn't effect me so much. I tried relaunching my girls after baby was born each time, and neither remembered or was interested. I would love to tandem nurse this time, though.
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