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Any military wives ttc?

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DH leaves for 8 months come September, and we're trying desperately to get pregnant before he goes. Just looking for some other people to chat with who are in the same boat!
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Hi I am a military wife based in Brisbane, Australia ttc #3. We have only been trying for 1 month but so upset that I got a BFN yesterday at 12 dpo and now of course I have all the symptoms of AF on her way which is due tomorrow.
I know it's stupid I have 2 gorgeous kids DD who is 9 and DS who is 8, but I so badly want #3 as I was at uni and working when my two kids were little. Now I have a secure job as a nurse and can take maternity leave. The first two were oopses and should be grateful and of course I am but DH goes away next week and so I completely get it. It sucks bad when you are so limited for time together never mind being together at the right time!!!!!
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I just have to add that I wish you all the luck in the world. You have until September so I really hope you have your little miracle happen by then. Being a military wife sucks sometimes especially during deployments. My DH is only going for 1 week this time but right over fertile period greensad.gif He has previously done 3 8 month tours so please feel free to vent my way. I understand just how hard and unfair it can all feel! Good Luck!!!!
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My hubs is retired army and I'm an Army veteran myself. We live near Fort Camobell, KY and he's a contractor now. W have 1 daughter who is 13, and 2.5 yr old boy/girl twins who are miracle IVF babies. We got exceptionally lucky with our IVF because the clinic made a mistake and didn't do ICSI as was planned, so our only attempt could have been a disaster. We are ttc our last baby naturally, fighting both male factor and suspected PCOS. I say suspected because the only "proof" we have is my infrequent periods and lack of ovulation, bloodwork and ultrasounds are all normal. The twins came after an 8.5 yr struggle. We started officially trying in January this year when I discovered that taking soy isoflavones would regulate my cycle and help me ovulate naturally. It's working and I am ovulating, but my LP is short and irregular. Sometimes 9 days, usually around 11 or 12. Have a referral in place for our RE and will be going to start testing again soon.

Wishing everyone luck and BFP's
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I'm glad to see I'm not alone <3 Is there any way to bring O on earlier? If we don't get pregnant by September, I will be Oing late September, and he will be leaving mid-September.
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Nope you are definately not alone! I really don't think you can do anything to bring it on sooner, you will likely have to let nature take it's course I think. So you have July and August it seems to get that BFP. I really hope that happens for you!
Please keep us updated, I'd love to hear a success!! smile.gif
I've worked out my DH is leaving on the evening of my next o day ( all going to plan ) so I might have one chance before he goes and then I'm out for a few months with his c
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Ooops sorry hit reply by mistake to soon. meant to read with his coming and going away again constantly!!!!! Arrrggghhh so frustrating. But hey this month could be bith oue months!! Let's hope so! smile.gif
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My husband is in the army and we've been ttc #3 for a year now. Missed a few chances in there with him being gone for a stretch and we had an early loss in February. In the 2ww now and got faint BFPs yesterday and today. Just hoping this one sticks!
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Wow how exciting for you. I'm sending all my sticky baby dust your way. Keep us posted, I'd love to hear how eveything goes.
AFM: I am cd 3 so just waiting now for ovulation and hopefully a BFP. Fingers crossed!
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How are the bfps, Renaissance31? Exciting!

I'm on cd 6 now, and praying this is my cycle, because DH's leave date just got bumped up a month greensad.gif
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greensad.gif bummer for dates changing... That always happens though doesn't it? I kept getting alternating tests between faint positive and negative and then got too nervous to do anymore once I went late. I'm now a week late and terrified that this is another early loss because of the faint tests and some brands being altogether negative. Thinking about just going in for some blood tests but I don't want bad news! Ugh!
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I have a question that may sound *really* ignorant depending on the answer. Does tricare cover IUI even without demonstrated infertility? And does "infertility" simply mean TTC for over a year (regardless of how many months a DP is away)?

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Hi rosieL I am in Australia so know nothing about tricare. As for definition of infertillity I think you have to have been actively trying for one year at least because it can take a normal, healthy couple that long or longer trying every month....but I could be wrong. Can I ask why you plan to go down IUI route? My husband is constantly away and looking at dates we are out for at least the next few months. The millitary sucks bad when TTC. I hope everyone is having luck with their BFPs, in particular Sunshinemama8 I really have my fingers crossed for you with your husband leaving so soon. AFM: I am due for AF on Monday and have all the cramping associated with the witch being on her way so pretty sure we are out again this month, especially with 3 BFNs greensad.gif
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We aren't military, but I have friends who are and have watched them struggle to TTC, trying to beat the deployment clock. I was wondering whether IUI would be paid for by the military health care system when a couple is forced to be apart due to orders or deployment.
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Hi rosieL, in Australia only the serving member is covered by millitary health care unless you pay for health cover through Defence just like a normal health insurer. Not sure of your area but here we would definately not be automatically covered. I also think it would be hard to get a specialist on board to perform IUI if you cannot demonstrate true infertility but like I said I could be wrong. To be honest I have never really thought about it. Hope that helps somewhat smile.gif
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Ok so AF finally came yesterday, 5 days late!!! We will most likely be out next month also due to bad timing of military deployments but will give it a go ank eho know ;-) Worst part is when I had DD and DS it seemed like I just looked at him and I fell prgnant.
I am a little worried, ok a lot worried about recent reports stating that some code scrambeler ? Equipment used in Afghanistsn by Aussie troops and probably other militaries may cause cancer and problems with sperm. My goodness if this is the casevI am officially
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Sorry posted too early.. Again. If this is true I am officially gutted!! Please I really hope these reports stem from hysteria rather than fact. Does anyone else have any knowlege of such a temhing?
Anyay big hug to alll of you gogeous women, sending trucklads of sticky baby dust to eveyone of you ;-)y
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Any ladies still posting here??
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I'm still lurking... I can only handle so much TTC talk following last month what is now our second loss at 5 weeks this year. greensad.gif but we press on
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<3 I'm so sorry, Renaissance31. Lots of hugs!


hoping6384, I'm still here! I was away on a camping trip, so I wasn't able to check my messages for a while. Wow, that's horrific if it's true :( Between all the vaccines they receive, and the chemicals they are exposed to...I just have no words.


Update on me: DH leaves in 2 weeks, and I just found out I'm pregnant, at 9dpo! Talk about timing! Fingers crossed this is a sticky baby <3

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