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3 year old will not. stop. talking.

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My very bright and inquisitive 3 year old DS never stops talking. Ever. He even talks in his sleep. When he can't think of something to say, he makes up stories. He talks over my husband and I when we NEED to talk to each other. He talks back to the television. He asks 7 billion questions. While this can be really funny and charming, by late afternoon it starts to be less so. I have tried to tell him about how conversations have a talking turn and a listening turn, or about how if he has something to say he should say, excuse me. He does it once or twice but then goes right back to the CONSTANT chatter. He has always been the type who loves an audience, and I think for the most part he gets lots of positive feedback from everyone when he talks to every person he sees. I'm just looking for a way to instill a quiet time in his day.
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Mine too--and he has a speech delay!  So yeah, I'm sure it's totally normal.  Drives me up the wall though--I'm just NOT a verbal person, so the chatter gets to me after awhile.

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We're in this club, too.  I'm a non-yelling gentle disciplinarian for all types of behavior problems.  But the talking - I'm sorry to say that I end up yelling at her almost every day over it.  I'm also very introverted, so I REALLY need mental space and get really confuddled if I don't get it. 


Things that help us a bit: 

* going to places with other people and getting out with friends as much as humanly possible.  My DD is most calm and at home at parties with lots of familiar adults

* requiring small amounts of quiet time and setting the kitchen timer to get it - even if she still tried to talk to me, I will not talk back

* having periods in the day where I make a conscious effort to give my DD large doses of non-verbal attention - using body language, facial expressions, silly games, etc.

* reading A LOT

* asking her to sing me songs about things instead of talking to me about them


Got a few more, but I have to go for now!

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I struggle with this too. I'm also an introvert and I find the constant talking so exhausting. Even when I ask for quiet time I spend so long explaining it [why? What's that for? What about singing? Do you want to sing? Why?] that its not really worth the effort.

No advice or useful suggestions just a heartfelt "us too ".
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I have a compulsive talker too.  Fortunately she's old enough, and responsible enough that she doesn't need quite as much supervision anymore, which allows for the luxury of sending her to another room to play (and talk to herself), or outside to play (and talk to herself).  It does get easier to cope with as they get a little older.

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Wow, this sounds to familiar! SO much like our DS!!  Thanks new mama lizzy for the tips.  I'll try some.  And mrs.T thanks for the idea about the "listening turn" we talk about the talking turn, but it doesn't work, my little guy just constantly says "EXCUSE ME EXCUUUUUSSSSSE ME, I HAVE SOME THING TO SAY!!!"  or "MOMMYDADDY ITS NOT YOUR TURN TO TALK, IT'S MY TURN"   thing is that we never actually get a turn.  My DH is starting to get really upset about it, and I have to say it is negatively affecting our relationship - we hardly ever talk to each other, and when DS finally goes to bed, neither one of us has the will to listen.   For me going to the park it the best.


Good luck - sorry I don't have more advice I am hoping it is a phase, but it's already been about 2 years since he started talking all the time, to everyone, everywhere. 

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We have the same issue...DH gets angry when he literally cannot finish a sentence without being interrupted. We used to be able to talk in the car, because my DS would get sleepy and nap, but now he's all, WHAT DOES THAT SIGN SAY? WHAT DOES DO NOT ENTER MEAN? WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THAT? I WANT TO DRIVE A TOYOTA! So obviously that doesn't work now either. I love my DS and I'm so glad that he is inquisitive, but it gets to a point where myself or DH will just tell him to stop talking. It goes against all of my peaceful parenting practices, but constant chatter can drive a person mad!
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And ditto to all of the above posters who say they are introverts, I am as well and so is my husband! I desperately need silence to regroup. I do not get a charge out of constant small talk or other people. So while getting out of the house is definitely the answer for my DS, it's a real challenge for me to want to be around a huge crowd of strangers at the playground or whatever.
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mrs t. I think we are living the same life!  I actually always thought I was an extrovert until I lived in a house with both my husband and my son (and I read about the needs and coping skills of introverts and extroverts in "raising your spirited child). Now I know that I am an introvert. I think my DS chattiness is a reflection of his extroverted and extrememly perceptive nature - I also really don't want discourage it, but... Someday we will look back at this and laugh, and if my son heard me say that he'd say... "mommy what's back there, why do you want to look back, is there a silly puppy behind you, is he funny, i met a puppy once, he barked, yeah, but not all the time, only when he was being silly, and my friend finn has a puppy, it's black, yeah, but it is also white, can we get a puppy, why can't we get a puppy, but I want a puppy mommy, mommy did you know they are really soft, yeah puppies are really really soft when you touch them, and sometimes they bit, can we get a baby, nathan has a baby sister, she used to live in nathan's mommy's belly, but not anymore, now she lives in the world, i want a baby, not a toy baby a real baby........................."  

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Oh my gosh that could have been a transcript of my son lol!! He even brought up the whole, I want a baby brother or sister thing today, and then started asking where he was before he was born, then that he remembered being born because he was stuck, blah blah blah...
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