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Big-kid carrier recommendations please!

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We are taking my 4 -year old (42lbs) to a concert and are looking for a comfortable carrier. Wondering if our Ergo can handle it. Any advice is welcome! Thanks
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I'll add that we are hoping to find something that is side-wearing, so that he can appreciate the show :-)
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I haven't used our Ergo on the side, but I bet we'll still be rockin' it when DS hits 42 pounds winky.gif (I think the weight limit is 45, but tested higher).  Right now, DS is probably about 35 pounds, and we still use it for concerts, festivals, wherever, whenever!


I know the Ergo can be used on the hip, but DS is just about 3 feet tall, and if I hoist him up properly on my back (tighten straps) he can usually see over DH's or my shoulder on from the back.  Or I wear him on the front, so he can nurse.  I guess it would depend on how comfy your kiddo is in the Ergo - if he's pretty tall, alot of his upper body may be hanging out of it, and that may or may not be comfortable for him. 


I know there are soft-structured carriers and backpacks for bigger kids (even preschoolers and kindergartners - Kinderpack by Kindercarry is one I've thought about, often recommended), but I'm not sure about side wearing...good luck!

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Not side wearing but we love our Rose and Rebellion Preschool carrier for my 3yr old DS.
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I'm looking at kindercarry
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We used our Olives & Applesauce carrier with our 39lb three year old all over the UK last summer -- didn't even bring a stroller!


It is good until 65lbs, I belive :)

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Although it doesn't hip carry I use my toddler size Kinderpack all the time for hiking.

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