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Middle name suggestions?

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Hi everyone! Now that we found out baby is a girl, I want to name her! Looking for second middle name suggestions.

My pick for a girls name is: Zephyr Haven _____ Park.

I'd love a second middle name.

Or any lovely girls name, as DH is not sold on zephyr.

We like unique names with strong meanings. Our kids names are Praetorian Stone, Zion Merciful, and Enoch Noble Grandison.
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No suggestions, your names are much more creative than ours! We do family names as middle names. DS's middle name is Thomas after my dad, DD's is June after my great Aunt who never had children and is very special to us, and DD2's middle name is Rose which is my mother's middle name (first name Deborah which she isn't crazy about). Do you have any family you'd like to honor by doing that?

This baby's middle name will either be Wid (dh's grandpa) or Marie (my grandmother) depending on boy or girl.
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middle names- Sky, Rain (more than one syllable was making me tongue tied!)  


first names- Raina, Vesper, Hesper


I'll keep thinking.

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How about Shaly? Pronounced Shah-lee.

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Sky is really pretty! I really like more traditional names personally (my husband has a language barrier so a traditional name is best for us) but I love your other kids' names too!! Good luck :-)

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