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Did the ped retract my son??

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I feel super dumb posting this. I have an intact 5-year-old and his ped has intact boys and never touches his penis. We have had zero issues. I don't do anything to his penis and no one else has either. He has had to be cathed and that went fine, they pulled his foreskin only enough to get the cath in, I have yet to see him retract at all...


I now have an intact 6-month-old. We say a NP at the peds office that I adore (she is super pro-breast-feeding and a lactation consultant, isn't obsessed with weight gain, supports co-sleeping etc.) When she examined him at six months she did something that stressed me and I don't know if it was retraction. She took two fingers up by the base of his penis (not near the tip at all) and quickly, gently, pulled up towards his scrotum. His glans was not exposed, he was not uncomfortable etc. It slightly stretched his foreskin tighter but it didn't expose anything. She did not seam to want to expose anything it looked like she was just checking it out?? Was this forced retraction? Was it a problem? Was she checking for retraction? I was anxious anyway (he is in the 5th percentile and fell slightly and I didn't want to have the supplement-with-formula talk) and I didn't know what to say. 


Thanks for any help with this!

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It wasnt forced retraction since the glans where not exposed. I am not sure why she did what you described but I know many do it. If you where uncomfortable with it then you can ask that she not do it again if you see her.

No harm done from the description.
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They do check if testicles are down... maybe it was that?
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That does not sound like a retraction to me. I think you're good!

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It doesn't sound like retraction to me but I'm guessing that if the person did it hard enough, they may be able to pull the foreskin towards the body & it turn into retraction.  


If you are comfortable w/ asking about it in person, before any clothes come off your ds, I'd suggest simply saying, "I noticed you did x at our 6 month visit.  Would you tell me what you were checking for?"  And, then based on the answer she gives, you can decide if you want her not to do it again.  So, if she says she was retracting it, trying to get to see the glans, etc., you know she needs a "hands off," policy.  (Some parents decide that the HCP is not to touch the penis/genitals at all & if something needs to be moved, the parent will do the moving.)  


If you are not comfortable discussing it (and I wouldn't be - between kids distracting me & my inability to think on my feet, I could not likely do what I'm suggesting winky.gif), then I'd say you aren't comfortable w/ his genitals being manipulated & that you'd like to keep his diaper on from now on unless there's a cause for concern.  Or some other thing to tell the HCP to get her to keep her hands off his genitals.


From your description, it doesn't sound to me like your son even noticed what she was doing let alone suffered from it.  That's not to say she has a right or a need to manipulate his genitals, but it sounds like w/ some prevention work on your part, all will likely be well.


Best wishes,


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I disagree. That is a form of retraction. Any pulling back towards the base should not be done. It's like taking a speculum and 'gently' checking your daughter. It doesn't normally hurt, but it's unnecessary and crosses a fine line, which is why you felt uncomfortable with it. If his testicles are decended and he has no problems down there then keep his nappy (diaper) on. You know if he's peeing okay and she has no need to 'check' anything at all.

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I realize that this thread is kinda old but my ds had his 6 month check up yesterday and the Dr did the same thing.....? I said no, no, no! Don't pull that back! He said yes your right, I'm not retracting it I just have to check the hole.... What the heck? I said the same thing to DH about the speculum. No one would ever dare do that to a little girl, why in the world is it acceptable to do it to a little boy?!?
Our Dr is really cool, he's a family Dr, he takes care of all 4 of my kids, and my prenatal care. He's awesome about us not vaxing. But this is just not ok with me. Idk if I should look for another Dr or what. He seems to think for some reason he needs to see ds's pee hole. Its just not cool!
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I keep seeing this lately over on the baby center intact care board where the DR is just 'gently checking'. It's unnecessary to check for retraction as what is the point? As much as use as checking a girls hymen- pointless and crossing the line. Also no they don't need to check the pee hole, I'm sure you know if he can pee. I'm wondering if they are checking for meatal stenosis which is a complication of circumcision causing abnormal tissue growth over the urethra. Many Dr's don't seem to know not to retract and that it may not retract until puberty so what's to bet they don't know this.

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I'm so non confrontational. As it is, just telling the Dr not to pull the foreskin back had me a little shook up and sweaty and stuff. Idk why, its my kid, and its my kids penis, so I know he was the one crossing the line. I just don't want to be in that situation again. Which is making me seriously question whether or not I'll bring ds back for well baby check ups. If I do I'll have to convince DH to come with, as he has no hesitation to be in confrontation, (I actually think he thrives on it...) Its just such a rediculous situation!
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In that case have a nappy(diaper) on policy. While it still wouldn't be easy, I know all about getting shaky and sweaty over other things, it would be easier then removing it and then having that worry on top of it. I'm lucky to come from a fairly low circing country and haven't had to face this kind of thing, but if I did that is what I would do. Dr seem to be very quick! I know you shouldn't have to hover over a DR to safe guard your babies penis, but it seems to be the way if you live in the US.

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