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i know this sounds like the same old story, but maybe with a variation someone can shed light on. dd was an excellent sleeper first 4 months, hit regression, and has never recovered. she will be 1 next month. so for 8 months, almost, she has woken every 1-2 hours every night, with a very rare, occassional 3 hour strech. she sleeps with me; husband sleeps in our son's room. she also naps in that bed (with rail). i am seeing kinda scary changes in my mental state (well, perhaps scary is too strong a word, but i sure cry a lot, including in public places, and can't control it) and many nights unable to sleep even when she does. what differentiates this from similar posts i have read is that she is so relatively mellow about it. she prefers to nurse to sleep and nurse when she wakes, but unless really hungry does not absolutely require it. no signs of discomfort. the one thing she will not tolerate is to be alone. she can wake up and just roam around her side on the bed for an hour, exploring my face and grabbing my hair and finally go back to sleep without ever crying. but if i or dh is not there to be with her then she will freak out big time. i can't go on like this. does anyone have any insight please!!!!!!!!!
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Hugs! Very similar here. Only that before 11 weeks my son would sleep for 2 hours but wakes hourly and often more at the start of the night since. Some nights the gaps widens between 12 and 4am, maybe waking every 2 hours. Like your LO, he really needs proximity to me and doesn't seem to have any underlying medical issue or dietary sensitivity. He's very tall and a good weight and a real outdoors kid during the day. He's 19months now. Soooooooooooo tired here too! Best wishes.
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