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New and seeking support

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Hi there!


First of all, there will be some spelling and grammar mistakes, feel free to correct me if you want.


I have been a subscriber to this site since just before the birth of my first son who has just turned 8 months but did not get to be active on this forum.

Now I would like to know if there is a support group of some sort. I got pregnant again and although I am just so happy about it, I don't think my family will be and I'm afraid to announce it.

Our monetary situation if far from being the best and I am sure we will get judge on that.

My fears revolve more around being overly tired. My first son does not sleep trough the night yet. He has recently gone from waking to nurse about 4 times a night to about 2 times now for the last week or so. Big improvement but still I haven't had time to catch up on sleep and I don't think I will for the next 2 years.

Because of bad luck and monetary issues, we have been living at my in-laws for the last 7 weeks and this situation is far from ideal, especially now with baby no2 on the way.

So I would like to talk with others, get tips and what not. I am really isolated and don't know how to reach out to other who I could connect with. It seems to me that the only place to meet other moms around here is at the mall and to me that is not a happy or healthy place to be.


Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to mothering!


I HIGHLY recommend seeking out your Due Date Club in the forums.  There, you will find other moms that are due the same month as you.  I was in the March 2013 Due Date Club and became good friends with all the other mamas.  I LOVED it.


Good luck!

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Welcome Joelle2 and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm moving your post to our Pleased To Meet You forum where it is better hosted. thumb.gif

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Thank you!

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