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Post Partum Questions

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So I have a question for you all as well.  Today is 18 days PP, Camden has been doing fantastic and until yesterday morning was nursing at a normal frequency.  yesterday he started cluster feeding all day/night and I'm assuming it's a growth spurt, I'm totally fine with ti although exhausted today because I understand this is part of it.  Last evening I decided to wear some spanx to work on belly binding (not sure if it's too late for this or not?) and I took 2 of my placenta pills after not taking them for about 4-5 days and Camden woke up around 1:30 to eat and stayed awake nursing until almost 4 (worst night since he was born).  I stopped bleeding/spotting around 6 days PP but during this long awake period last night I started bleeding suddenly.  Not just a little, like soaked a hospital pad within an hour.  No warning signs of any kind, just bleeding.  It started out very dark red/black and has since gotten brighter but not RED bright.  It's less now than it was in the middle of the night but I'm still bleeding, when I go to the bathroom is pours out.  I'm also cramping on my right side and having a burning pain at my incision site on the right side as well.  I'm unfamiliar with this, is this normal or do I need to call someone??

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Already responded to this in the other thread. But wanted to add  that I think it should have been OK to use the spanx and it wasn't too late. But, the bleeding and the burning incision would lead me to contact your care provider.

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Definitely contact your provider! I retained placenta with my dd and that sounds suspicious to me.
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I didn't call today, figured I could go tomorrow to the urgent care that I like. A lady in the June DDC basically said all thus sounds normal/typical for post section to her (she's had 5 now) and even said she's experiencing something similar now as well.

Just out curiosity though, what happens with retained placenta and how did you feel, how did they treat??
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I would stop bleeding and then start again a few days later in big gushes. I wasn't diagnosed until I was nearly 6 weeks post partum because I had no idea what is normal. I didn't realize that bright red bleeding on/off for 6 weeks wasn't normal. I had an ultrasound and pelvic exam to confirm then they gave me medicine to start my uterus contracting again (probably cytotec) but was told I would need a d&c if I didn't pass the tissue on my own, which luckily I did. I was also lucky not to get an infection.
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Ah ok, that happened to me after Oliver passed away in Jan 2012. I remember what it was like greensad.gif and hopefully that's not what's going on. Thanks mama
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hug2.gifi hope that's not what going on--but if you suspect it, i'd go for simple peace of mind. you've got your hands full with other things to have to worry. on another hand i remember i had pretty much quit bleeding and then had an almost period at 5 weeks pp. i was totally confused and hope that didn't indicate that i'd continue to have regular bleeding. also, i know exhaustion can cause more bleeding...but again, i'd follow your own intuition. 

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I would call your Doc! Retained placentas can get serious, infection, etc. my niece had retained placenta among other issues but it was scary. good luck. Hope you feel better fast.
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