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Queer conceptions: July 2013

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July - celebrate American Independence Day by bringing a new life into the world.  While July marks the start of the second half of the year, it also marks the hottest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and lazy, summer days perfect for baby-making.

Please put your updates in BOLD.

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Good luck to everyone! I hope that July is a very fertile month! fingersx.giffingersx.gif

Liz: I'm sorry that you weren't able to insem this last cycle, but it is exciting that you could be in Denmark in less than two weeks!

Isa: It's fun to see you over here! Are you IUIing next month?

Hi to everyone else!
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Thanks for the new thread, Liz!

Escher--nope! We decided to do a couple low-tech ICIs at home just for the hell of it before we head back to the doctor for IVF. They never found a reason for the problems last time, so we thought we'd try it and see if we get lucky. smile.gif
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Escher how's everything going with you? you feeling OK?

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Dropping in to say hi to everyone....I've been pretty silent for a while, but we'll soon (hopefully) be back trying this summer, looks like possibly August.  We're now at a new doctor, the best of the best here in San Diego (though we still love our old doctors)...and there has been lots of blood work, tests, and procedures going on these days for my wife.  


Good luck ladies! 

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Hey SanDiego and good to hear from you again. I'm glad you've got a new doctor, here's hoping they can sort things out for you. I'm with you on the tests - I'm having a lot & VERY expensive - £300 for a blood test and £200 for an ultrasound!

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Hi SanDiego and welcome back. Good luck with those tests, I hope they find the right trick for a quick conception and healthy pregnancy. We should all make some sweet little spring babies.
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Happy Canada day to all the Canadians out there - I hope you enjoy it! Ultrasound tomorrow - fx my follies are doing OK and that I can go to Denmark next week otherwise I'm wasting another £600 in tests. Can't book anything until I know.

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Hello all,


I've been away for a while, and am actually going to be continuing my taking-a-break status until the fall - after a lot of discussion and contemplation DP and I decided to wait to try again until after a trip we have planned for September so that I can fully enjoy the trip and my body and mind can continue to heal from the miscarriages. Even though I think it is the best decision, I'm having a hard time with waiting to try again - I have such a strong desire (probably a familiar feeling to many of you) to just get on with the process.


Just wanted to wish lots of luck to everyone trying this month. Thanks Liz for keeping the thread this month - I hope you're able to proceed as planned with your trip to Denmark.


With all the discussion about the cost of things, I thought you all might be interested in this article, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/01/health/american-way-of-birth-costliest-in-the-world.html?pagewanted=all about how giving birth in America is costlier than anywhere else in the world. In fact, the cost of a miscarriage turns out to be very expensive too - with my mc in May I ended up in the emergency room (tmi - I was bleeding excessively and really dizzy and vomiting) and I'm still getting bills from that visit - so far over $3,300 for an ultrasound, a couple blood tests, some monitoring, and some pain medication. I was only there for 4 hours. I didn't even have a d&c. What a messed up system. 


Anyway, trying to give myself some time of self-care and planning and keeping an eye on my cycles. I'll be cheering you all on from a distance.

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Hey ladies! Back! I've been talking with our KD and arranging things for this month. Getting all the paperwork (contracts) and what not as well. Looks like we're giving it a go this month. First time using a KD and we're shipping it overnight. I've been talking to DP about inseminating meeh nd having her watch the early seasons of The L word to give her an idea what'll be going on in our bedroom lol. I'm excited. LIZBIAN could I be moved to "waiting to O" please. Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Lea, good luck with your break and I hope it means you can regroup and have a good summer without thinking about it too much.


fmorris - good luck!!!!!! that is very exciting and I hope it all goes well for you. Moving you now x


AFM I'M GOING TO DENMARK!!! had a day 8 scan today - had 7 follies already 10mm and the gonal should help boost them a bit more. Another scan on Friday should give us an update and I've booked for us to leave Saturday afternoon until the following Sunday. Now just need to get a dog sitter! Excited that it's finally come around and even more excited as our flat completes on Thursday and we'll be £70,000 better off - perfect timing!!!!

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Hi all! 


Fmorris: How exciting! I have my fingers crossed for you and hope the KD is going to do the trick


Lizbian: Horray! Fingers crossed. 


Lea: We also decided to postpone trying until August, I wanted to be able to sit on the beach and drink margaritas one last time for a while. Interesting article indeed, I can't believe our healthcare system sometimes. The cancer stuff with my stepmom and the insurance company is just outrageous. 


Sandiego: Hope that testing gives you some answers. We'll be trying in August as well. smile.gif



AFM: We picked a donor! DW picked the bank...the one I wanted to use didn't have a donor that we liked. We narrowed down our search, bought a bunch of photos and then picked the one we liked. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. DW is a much more impulsive decision maker, but since I am the one carrying, if this is the donor that she feels best meets her characteristics then I'm happy too. We told my mom and sisters we picked a donor, they are all really excited. My sister's baby is 2 months old so we are hoping our kids will be close in age. We'll be ordering the swimmers and doing our first insem the first of August, time is just flying by. 

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Lizbian, glad things are looking so great for you! I hope all goes very well for you. Thank you for the good vibes mye way as well!


Redrock, THank you much!! Good news on finding the donor! That is one of the hardest parts. Now on to making a LO! best of luck!


AFM, ordering more wondfo ovulation and CB digital ovulation tests for later this month. :) Good deals on ebay. Got mye test strips and CB strips for 18.99 free shipping on both :)


QUESTION: So this cycle we're using a KD and having the fresh sample shipped overnight with the TYB. I know that frozen swimmers live roughly 12 hours or so and absolutely fresh can live up to 5 days in some cases. BUT how long to shipped swimmers live seeing as they're not frozen nor completely fresh. I'm thinking they should live longer than the frozen from the bank. ANY IDEAS? Thanks ladies!

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Good luck Fmorris! I hope you and DP have as much fun inseminating as we did! Hope KD is the one!


Good luck Liz! Things are looking up! Grow follies grow!


Lea- we're gonna try this cycle, and then I'm thinking of taking a break for TTC-ing. My arms are barely healing in time from previous cycles, and I'm not sure I can handle the emotional rollercoaster. I think that the time off will result in a healthier environment that may yield greater success next time?


AFM- I have just finished 5 days of Letrozole- they upped my dose to 5mg per day because I wasn't responding much to the 2.5mg dose. Tomorrow I go in for BW and US to see how I'm doing on this dose. The school year has also ended, but I've foolishly signed up to teach the summer session (we've got some reno's we want to do). Today was our first day, and it was HELL. Normally it isn't so bad, but due to massive budget cuts in Ontario's public education system, they've significantly increased my class size, and I have to do pretty much all of my photocopying out of my own pocket. It is kind of ridiculous and I'm afraid that the stress of all of it is going to affect my TTC chances. Ugh. Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive by counting down the days until I'm done.


Hope everyone else is doing well.

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Sandiego78, I'm in SD too!  We live in Golden Hill.  Can I ask you which doctors you've seen and are currently seeing?


We had a new patient meeting at a nonprofit hippie type place run by a cool lesbian nurse practitioner.  We had sort of mixed reactions to the practice and everything.  We also have an appointment in two weeks at an RE practice, so I'm not sure where we'll end up.  I think we're aiming to do a natural IUI with the NP in August, and see how it goes.


She mentioned using up to 4 vials per cycle, which pretty much gave me a panic attack, because honestly, we just spent $4300 on 6 vials, and we haven't even paid to ship them yet.  This is just crazy expensive.


We did come back from our new patient consult with the RN with a speculum of our very own, and I have since acquired Taking Charge of Your Fertility, the Brill one, and Rachel Pepper's book, so we should be all set to amp up our charting and make the most out of the time we have to learn about my lady's cycle.


For those of you on your TWW, good luck!  I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this group.  Oh, and you can place me in the Waiting to be Ready category, since we definitely won't be inseminating this month.  Now, we head back to the east coast for 4 days with my family...I guess we can see how stress affects lady's cycle...

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Sandie from the several studies I read, there is no increase in pregnancy rates from multiple IUIs in a cycle. One well-timed insem with decent numbers (> 5 million per sample) is enough. I would ask a lot of questions about such a suggestion.

fmorris- how exciting. I am glad you're back and good luck!

Liz grow follies, grow. Just 3 more days till Denmark. Yay.

mama I hope the increased dose did the trick. If you feel better taking a break, go for it, but I wouldn't worry too much about the negative impact of stress. Women get pregnant all the time under stressful situations.

Afm- my period is MIA. Should have come 2 days ago or yesterday, which would have allowed us to insem on friday next week, so now we're looking at a weekend O date, unless she stays away a bit longer, which would allow us to insem on monday 15th. I started taking progesterone as a last minute attempt to prolong this LP. I think it could be my thyroid meds messing with my cycle. Agh. DP is pondering doing a home IUI in case of a weekend ovulation, but is really unsure. I am so over the waiting I don't want to sit out another month. Upside - we got our marriage license and set the date, sent out the invites, bought rings, ordered a dress and booked the restaurant. Getting married means we'll be able to do IVF locally, so we'll probably move on to that if I am still not pregnant by october.
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Sandie--that is CRAZY talk! Don't do it unless you have a KD or are made of money--we did double IUIs every time when trying to get pregnant last time and it didn't work. This time we're going to do single vials and save some money. I think Friederike is right, the statistics don't bear out that many vials.
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Sandie - sometimes a practitioner will recommend multiple IUIs if they are trying to do less monitoring in a cycle or if there is confusion about when you are actually ovulating. I did all of my cycles with 1 iui on the recommendation of our clinic/doctor/nurses. We were using a trigger shot, serial ultrasound monitoring and daily E2 bloodwork to precisely time IUIs because frozen sperm has such a short lifespan. On our last cycle, we had pushed each other around so much on the question of timing (they insisted that 12 hours post-trigger shot was their best practice, and I wanted them to go 24 hours post-trigger shot) so they suggested we both 'win' and do two IUIs, with the caveat that multiple IUIs can lead to higher rates of multiples. I was hesitant about the extra expense, but since I'm now pregnant with twins, I can't complain much. It was cheaper than another cycle with injectable drugs, monitoring & trigger shots. So, I think a case can be made for the benefits of extra IUIs, but that it is not necessarily a good solution for everyone. Adding a trigger shot or some extra monitoring may make more of a difference for you. I can't imagine a situation where you would do 4 IUIs in one cycle, though. That seems like throwing frozen sperm at a problem that would be better solved with a couple ultrasounds. 

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But you used follicle stimulating drugs, right? Therefore you probably had more than one egg which might ovulate at slightly different times so multiple IUIs indeed give more chance of sucess. In an unstimmed cycle there is only one egg usually so multiples aren't likely.
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Originally Posted by Friederike View Post

But you used follicle stimulating drugs, right? Therefore you probably had more than one egg which might ovulate at slightly different times so multiple IUIs indeed give more chance of sucess. In an unstimmed cycle there is only one egg usually so multiples aren't likely.


Yes, I definitely used follicle stimulating drugs. I had multiple follicles, which gave me a wider range of time when I could successfully catch an egg. My chance of success with 1 IUI was much higher than in an unstimmed cycle. Two IUIs not only increased the chance of any success but also improved the chance of multiples. Maybe it was overkill, or maybe it was the secret boost I needed. There's no way to tell. 

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