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Jwaite, lol I think you can never plan too much in situations like these. i'd rather be 'over planned' than 'under planned'. I normally don't have trouble talking and getting mye point across, but I think I started sweating when talking to our KD lol! I'm sure it will get better (if we need to do it again). I'm just as anxious to share with you all as well! You have no idea how pleased I am to be rid of those awful hot flashes! I don't know how I'll maintain menopause!!


Mamaet, You're more than welcome. I would have loved to do the free IVF in NY but all the back and forth travelling and taking time off wasn't feasible. I hope you find some good info. Just scour the web like I did and you'll be surprised! Thank you for the excitedness!! I can barely contain myself as well!! Enjoy your week and the lake!


Prettyisa, I know isn't it! I'm so proud of her as well as completely surprised. Frozen swimmer shopping is stressful, but also using a KD can be too. And yes it is someone we know irl :) Looks like insem is upon you! Isn't exciting when the swimmers come! I agree with Friederike on insemming a bit later than 18 hours, but there are the factors of if your O is early as well. I'm wishing you much much luck!!


Liz, Hate to hear things aren't as great as last time, but it's still early so there is much time for things to pull together. I hope things look up by Thursday because I would hate for you to waste another paid for trip. The things we put up with from fertility drugs to get our LO's…they better be appreciative! Good luck tho Liz. BTW, I don't mind threadkeeping next month if no one has expressed interest :)


AFM, Well I told DP to pass the message along to KD that this is it. I went to get some syringes at walgreens and the crazy woman at the counter wouldn't give OR SELL meeh any saying I needed a prescription. For oral syringes?! It wasn't MYE store (because they had closed already) so I waited until the next day and called them and they said if I needed some I could just come in and they'd give them to meeh. I originally asked if they sold oral medicine syringes. Either way..things are coming together! 

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fmorris: Good luck! This new KD sounds like a great plan and well fresh live so much longer. I hope this one is it. KD convos can be awkward, we were talking to ours over Skype and DW said something like "We'll try a few frozen cycles and then if it doesn't work we'll try natural" She meant that we'd try shipping and then in person, but it was so awkward. We kept talking about how that would work shipping the kits and then either him coming to us or us to him. Then, the next time we talked he told us he was freaking out because he thought she was asking him to sleep with me. That made for a lot of laughs and more clarification in the future ROTFLMAO.gif


liz: I'm looking forward to reading the sample of your book. Congrats, that is such a huge accomplishment. Sorry things aren't working out as well. I hope they take a positive turn for you. 


jam: Happy TWW! I don't remember, are you doing IUI's? 


fried: How did the testing go? I'm planning on working out during the TWW and continuing to bike to work. It sounds like you found a good balance


mama: So sorry about the BFN. Our first try is this cycle so my opinion is probably based on someone that hasn't faced trying to get pregnant for a long time but we've always said we wouldn't do IVF. I just don't know how we could afford it. But if it takes a long time, I can't say I wouldn't consider it, especially if there was some sort of trial to get in on. We'll try for about 8-12 months before we'd go that route. A BFP in Hawaii would be great! 


Isa: That app sounds interesting. Do you know how much it is to pay into it? It's a cool idea, but I wonder how many people would do it. As far as timing it really depends, We are planning on 12 hours, I ovulate really quickly after a positive OPK. Some women take a lot longer though as Fried said. 


AFM: CD 1. Liz can you move me to Waiting to O. We'll order the swimmers today and then patiently wait. Good thing we have plenty to do to keep us busy and distracted. I remember reading that life would become 2 week cycles of waiting. Anyone have any good tips on how to not do that? 

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fmorris - that would be great, thanks for the offer to threadkeep!


redrock yep moved. I don't have any suggestions - it's the hardest part of it all I think and I Iike to keep busy to keep my mind off things. Good luck with it!

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Redrock, Thanks a ton! I to hope this one is it, because I don't know if I can take much more awkward convos lol. LOL at your KD thinking he has to sleep with you!! That tickled meeh to pieces! Atleast you do have something to look to and laugh about. How exciting you're starting a new cycle. I hope it goes wonderfully for you! It's hard not to get obsessed with the TWW, but try and do something else to occupy your time. I learned to knit lol.


Liz, No worries. Glad to do it!


AFM, Well its official DP told KD that Friday is it! (as well as monday and wednesday lol). So things are all coming together. I'm still testing with OPKs and it seems to be getting gradually darker, but there's still time. Can't wait to see that smiley! Looks like I'll go test again now bc I've been waiting ages to 'need' to go lol. GL everyone!

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Liz-ugh on the cyst, I am thinking good growing thoughts for the follies, though!

Fmorris, how frustrating! I am always amazed at how unhelpful people can be!

Redrock I think the amount is $50 a month for ten months, and everyone who starts in any given month forms a group. Whoever is left not pregnant at the end of the ten months splits the total to pay for fertility treatments. Not sure how they'll work out the details, but it is an interesting idea, at least! As for the 2ww, there isn't really anything that works. It is only unbearable for the last week of it, though, for me at least.

Fried and red rock, how do you know when you are actually ovulating? Do you get pains?

AFM- sort of a moot point, because I just got a smiley face! 18 hours from now I'll be at work, so 24 it is! Here is a picture of my DD hanging out in the car with her little sibling on their way home today. I'm glad to see them getting along so well!
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Oh what a fun picture. Your kid looks so cute. Made me smile this morning. I hope everything works out with the little sibling for you. It would be such a great first pic for a baby album.

I know about O because I have been doing timing ultrasounds since october. Before we started we did before and after to figure out the timeframe and now we always check before the IUI. A follicle that is close to releasing the egg has a specific shape. Also, according to studies, most women ovulate between 3 pm and early evening. I usually go in between 11am and 1pm.

redrock I find that after a while the follicular phase gets a bit easier, more routine because you can do everything you normally do, unless of course you need a doctors office thatnis only open on certain days and your follicles aren't behaving or so. I feel the LP is much harder with the wait, because you get to obsess over symptoms and POAS dates. I have just accepted that this cycle of waiting is what it is. It is probably only a tenth of the patience we need for childrearing, so... good training for later. And yeah, it just sucks.

fmorris wow, friday, monday and wednesday. What a flood of sperm coming your way *lol*, that just has to do the trick. About the KD conversations -
Do people with KDs talk to them regarding their sexual behavior and healthy lifestyle? I just know if we were to work with one, I would totally obsess about the guy using drugs or drinking or possible unsafe behavior, which would be so awkward to talk about. I would probably try to put the poor guy on some sperm enhancing diet I heard about on the web, which shows that in our family we're better off working with a bank.
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Prettyisa, I know right! That lady needed some customer service skills!! Either way I got it all taken care of thank goodness. How exciting for the smiley!! I'm still testing, and haven't seen one yet, but fertile period for meeh starts Friday. Good luck to you! and that pic is adorable!!


Friederike, You've got that right. I think mye uterus should be flooded with swimmers ready to fertilize! I think most people do talk to their KD about lifestyle because its important. But needless to say, its weird lol


AFM, well I'm 2 days away from inseam 1! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I went into mye regular walgreens today and went to the pharmacy and asked for some oral medicine syringes and the lady asked meeh how many I needed. I told her 5, and in the process of getting them for meeh she asked what I was doing. I told her well..an at home insemination lol she came closer and was whispering and said ohhhhhh and asked if I needed anything else! I said a little bit a luck, which she then wished meeh and I was on mye way. And she just gave them to meeh free of charge. In your face rude lady at the other store. I'm learning there are a lot of things that have made meeh laugh during this experience which I appreciate greatly. I just know its going to get hilarious from here just because I know DP and I. 

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So, I tested today and like I expected, BFN. It could stilll change, but I am pretty sure our timing was off this time. 8th cycle, *sigh*.
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Hi all! I've been away for awhile but posted here a bit back in 2011 and thought id come back as we are cautiously gearing up for baby number 2. I remember seeing Isa on the boards then so it seems like we are on a similar time frame! smile.gif

A bit of background: my partner and I have been together 13 years and have a hilarious and adorable 20 month old girl and two sweet giant dogs. We got lucky on our first try last time working with an RE and doing an IUI. My partner carried and used Ovadril to time ovulation.

This time around she will carry again an we'll be using the same WTBK donor- we have 5 tries left before we would need to order more. We were planning to start in September but it looks like we may be giving it a go in August because her period came a bit early. Our RE expressed lots of concern that she is still nursing our toddler a bit, but her hormone levels all look ok. They are pressuring her to wean completely but A (my partner) is not happy about it and doesn't understand why if her prolactin levels look good. Does anyone have insight on breastfeeding and getting pregnant?

We do trust our doctor but we feel like it seems a bit of overkill to wean entirely without a clearer reason why.

Today is CD3 so she is going to try to use an ovulation kit because we may be away for her fertile window as her cycles have not been as consistent since she got them back in January. If she surges next Saturday, we'll go for a Sunday insem or well go back for another bloodwork/ultrasound appointment and see where we are.

Looking forward to getting to know you ladies and sharing this journey!
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Fried--I'm sorry about the BFN. greensad.gif

Dawn--hi! I remember you, too! I'd say that if the ovidril isn't dangerous for your daughter (I have no idea if it's safe for nursing, but I'm sure you can find out!) there doesn't seem to be a good reason to wean her. I know it can reduce the chances of getting pregnant slightly, but if nursing was effective birth control there would be a lot fewer Irish twins in this world!

AFM--everything went well, though I'm afraid we might have been a little late. Then again, last time we were trying I always thought we were right on and it never worked, so what do I know? Looking forward to being very busy over the next two weeks to keep my mind off things!
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Isa: How adorable and what a great first photo if this cycle gave you a BFP. I get ovulation pains, which there are apparently three kinds of ovulation pain. I'm not sure which ones I have exactly, but I seem to ovulate the day after the pain. 


Fried: bummer on the BFN. Anything different planned for next cycle? 


Dawn: Welcome back! CD 3 here as well. I agree it does seem like overkill without a reason. I am definitely not an expert, but if the RE can't specifically tell you why, it seems that there is probably not a legit reason. 


Hi to everyone else out there! 


AFM: We ordered the swim team, they are set to arrive on the 7th. We went to a BBQ the other night and my stepmom was encouraging us to make hypnotherapy tapes to visualize what getting pregnant this cycle would look like; being pregnant, having an newborn in May, doing all the things we do next year with a baby the age they would be if we got pregnant this cycle. She's been doing it for her cancer treatment and swears by it. I tried and had a ridiculous dream and christmas and gender norms and putting a baby girl and me in a matching sweater vests and faux hawks. Weird. 

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Friederike - I'm really sorry to hear that, hug2.gif let me know if you want me to move you and lots of hugs.


DAWNMP1 - welcome! Do you want me to add you to the 'waiting to be ready' or 'waiting to O' groups?


Isa- good luck I hope timing was better than you thought.


fmorris - good luck to you too. We have had some really quite funny incidents as well, I think those are what keeps you sane. x


redrock - good luck!!!! very exciting stuff.


AFM Day 11 ultrasound today. Things are a lot more positive which is a relief as I've really been stressing over this one after last month. My cyst (or whatever it was) has completely disappeared & although my follies are still a tiny bit on the small side, the doc thinks next week I should have about 10 ready for aspiration! I'm going to Denmark again Friday & having an ultrasound on Saturday to determine timing. If I have to delay my return by a couple of days I will as I have freed the time up & will be taking my work with me.

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Friederike, So sorry about the BFN, I'm with you on time still to change. That timing thing is mye biggest enemy sometimes! *hugs* 


Dawnmp1, Welcome back! As far as breast feeding and pregnancy I'm not too sure, I let the experts on the board handle that one, as we are still tic numero uno.I wish the pair of you the best of luck this cycle!


Isa, Let the TWW begin, and don't count yourself out before day 2! I've seen a lot of ppl think that a particular cycle was terrible and not going to work and end up with a BFP. FX for you!


Liz, I look forward to the fun lol. I've got DP some gloves to handle the swimmers lol. I love her to bits! So glad to see your cyst (or whatever it was) is gone and your gearing up for the next cycle. I've  feeling this one will be much better than the last. Good luck!!!!!!


AFM, Who's getting a little nervous is meeh?! We'll be insemming a little after I get off work that way I can just stay in the bed and let the swimmers get to swimming. I'm still specimen collection cupLESS and have to get some or something by tomorrow. Is it necessary to  use the sterile specimen cups (like from a medical store or drug store) or is there something more simple I could use. Any advice would be lovely. This is it ladies…we're less than 24hours from lift off. I think I'm more nervous because the unlimited amount of swimmers, which means this could happen sooner than we think. EEP! Either way…we're ready!

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Fmorris, back in the old days, people used to use clean glass jars. No reason they wouldn't still work! Fingers crossed for you!
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Mama- I am in Canada, in ontario. Many of us are declared needing fertility help by our family doctors. I paid only for sperm and the sperms prep fee but nothing for procedures. Is this the same for you?
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fmorris - This might be a little late as you've probably already done your first insemination, but we just used plastic cups both times we did in-person insems, and both times I got bfps. I rinsed them after I took them out of the package, and had our KD fill the oral syringe himself, because neither DP or I wanted to deal with that part. You could also collect directly into a condom or a plastic bag but from what I read, that can make it harder to get a lot into the syringe.


Good luck!


And hello and good luck to everyone else.

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hi onemommyonemomma! I think the RE clinic we go to gets paid for the IUI procedure through OHIP, but they also charge us an admin fee of 300, a sperm wash fee of 300 (they won't accept pre-washed sperm. They insist on washing themselves), and we pay for our own donor sperm about 750. I am also on Letrozole, Ovidrel, and prometrium, which my extended health from work has been covering. So far, that has cost about 700 dollars for 2 cycles.

Which clinic are you at, and how much are you paying for each cycle?
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ISA and Lea, thanks for the tips! We'll be insemming after I get off work at 6. KD will be making an appearance and its on like donkey Kong! I've got a Mason jar that is going to be the collection pot LOL. All mye supplies are ready and waiting!
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fmorris- good luck with the insem! Hope it is fun and that it is the one!

liz- hope you have many great follicles growing this week smile.gif

friederike- sorry to hear about the BFN greensad.gif

redrock- I have been thinking lately that I might benefit from some hypnotherapy myself. Let me know how it goes.

AFM- I'm back from the cottage for a few days to start the blood work and ultrasound monitoring again. Today is CD3, and I'm on the letrozole again for the next 5 days.
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Mamaet, thank you very much! And yes, we had a blast and laughed so much! :)


AFM, Well insem #1 is out of the way! I'm so proud of DP!!!! She did a wonderful job! As soon as she came in with the syringe (KD deposited the sample directly into the syringe and we didn't lose any!) we got the speculum into place and I told DP to SLOWLY open it (as she's never done ANYTHING like this EVER) and then I asked her if she could see my cervix lol. She says to meeh "Baby, I can see all the way down there!!!" Now mind you Im propped up on mye pillows with a speculum in and trying NOT to crack up. She said it looked pretty open which is good as well. I DID have the big O afterwards...twice lol just to get it all sucked in. I now understand why they say using an instead cup in conjunction with an at home insem. Considering I lied down for about 20 after, I still had some leakage :/ EW. I was watching DP push the plunger to the syringe and everything going on nd got a glimpse of the swimmers and felt bad because I wanted to vomit lol I kept everything down though as I didn't want the speculum to shoot out into DPs eyes lol. This was an experience...a wonderful one and we're so ready for the next one Monday! 

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