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fmorris - sounds like quite an experience!!! We just used a plastic cup at home as well. FX it works & good luck for Monday. Your donor sounds like he has good aim!!!!! I was a bit grossed out as well but you have to just ignore that part.


AFM Well in Denmark now & had an ultrasound today. Everything's looking great but the follies aren't ready yet. I need another ultrasound Monday with the hope of aspirating (retrieving eggs) on Wednesday. This pushes the timetable back a bit as DW needs to go back on Tuesday & now I'm going to have to stay an extra few days but it'll be worth it. Grow little follies, grow! Looks like about 10 or so still.

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Had some pains this morning and thought O may be on the horizon nd then this after leaving church and praying for our TTC journey

Had no Smiley at 9p.m. last night so I'm thinking maybe an insem today if possible, but if not tomorrow after 6 like scheduled. What do you guys think? Plus I may still have some swimmers in there too
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I take a break for awhile and all hell breaks loose!  


Lizbian: I'm so sorry to hear about the egg retrival, but am so happy to see that you're handling it with an amazing amount of grace.  I cannot imagine the devastation you must have felt.  I'm crossing my fingers for you this cycle.


fmorris: You always have some tricks up your sleeve! I'm glad you found a kd that seems to be working out.  Good luck in your tww!


Sandie:  I *so* hear you on the cost of all of this.  My insurance covers monitoring and diagnostics  but does not cover medication, treatment of, or procedures like IUI and certainly not IVF.  Here on the east coast, thawing the washed (IUI ready!) sperm and the IUI itself costs me 254.00 which includes a 20% discount for paying upfront the day of the procedure to avoid billing.  With oral medication( clomid) ($10.00), trigger shot ($97.00), IUI ($176.00), sperm prep ($78.00), 1 vial of washed sperm with shipping ($516.67) it costs around 900.00 a cycle.  I never thought I'd find a way to afford, but somehow I'm just making it work.  I do have a second job and my primary job offers FSA, which is a big help.  Many doctors and pharmacies have special pricing for cash paying patients, so don't be shy about asking.


mama: we're cycle buddies! I'm CD4 today!


afm: I did my first shot of gonal-f last night.  I have a friend who just gave birth to twin girls yesterday.  She called a couple of months ago to tell me that she had left over medication from her successful cycle which her insurance covered.  They gave her 2 cycles worth of meds to start off, but she got pregnant on the first cycle of injectibles (after 2 years of IUI's clomid, triggers, etc.) and doesn't need the meds.  I am so fortunate to have so many generous people in my life.  I don't know how it keeps happening, but people just keep trying to help me get pregnant.  I've been gifted leftover sperm (3 vials!!) and now the gonal-f which is saving me over $1,000.00..  Anyway, so now I'm on my last vial of the donor that I picked. I have the free 900iu of the gonal-f, but may need to spend another 300.00 for a top off pen of follistim if the gonal-f doesn't do the trick.  This is IUI cycle #6 and the last cycle until 2014 when my FSA renews.  Please chant with me "ONE BABY, ONE BABY, ONE BABY!"  I'm terrified of multiples and am really hoping for just one really good quality follicle resulting in one baby and a healthy pregnancy.

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Fmorris- glad it went so well! Good luck with the other insems!

Liz, that sucks about the timing changing. But glad things are on track even if they are going slowly.

How is everyone else in the wait?

Mine is, predictably, dragging. I seem to have a lot of 'symptoms', which is weird, since last time I had none. Still, it's fun to obsess! Today is 4dpo, and I have been getting mild cramps since yesterday, lots of little mood swings, tiredness, and some bloating. It's enough that I said something about wanting to cry to DP and she just started grinning at me. It would be so nice to be pregnant, since this weekend I found out that two of my friends are, and I would love to be on their timetables!
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justanotherjenn welcome back! The only thing to be careful of that I found out the first cycle in Gonal is that it speeds your cycle up something wicked. I went from a 31 day cycle to a 14 DAY CYCLE!!! I ovulated on day 8 instead of day 14 so missed the insem even though we'd paid £600 for swimmers. Do you have an ovulation inhibitor to pinpoint it? Also just be on the lookout for ovarian hyperstimulation as sometimes they can over react. Great news though!


prettyisa I really hope you are, great to have friends going through it at the same time.


fmorris sorry didn't get back to you with my opinion (which isn't worth much anyway). What did you decide to do with insem? The swimmers should last a while longer than frozen so hope you're 'covered'


AFM today/s the day of my (hopefully) last ultrasound before I take the meds to bring on O. Thankfully the syringe didn't break in the plane so all's good. I do have the most ridiculously painful chafe though (upper, upper legs). It's stopping me doing much and is very frustrating as I can't run with it. Grrr bloody bodies! Saying that it is nice to have hot weather but I seem to have de-aclimitised to it. Good luck everyone insemming this week & in the TWW x

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Welcoem back Jenny, I hope the meds do the trick. Are you monitoring with ultrasound? It seems wise if you're scared of multiples.


mama - hope the letrozole treats you and your arms more nicely this time. Grwo follies, grow.


fmorris - yay smilie face smile.gif and thanks for being our new threadkeeper. We haven't had the threadkeepers luck prgenancy in a while, maybe you'll break the spell with your loads of spermies. Oh and I am baffled, how did your KD manage to get the swimmers directly into a syringe? How big are the ones you're using?


Liz- hope you'll get some good news today.


prettyisa - that sounds promising. Fx those symptoms stay and turn out to be the real deal.


afm - 14 DPO and waiting for AF. I feel unusually crabby and hope she shows up today. If not I am going to re-test tomorrow.

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liz: Good luck with your scan today!  Sorry to hear about the chafing.  Isn't that the worst?  We got such a severe heat wave here in RI and it lasted over a week.  It was terrible! I got the worst rash and it ended up with a skin yeast infection.  We just couldn't stop sweating long enough for the skin to dry out.  Horrid, I tell you.  I hope your rash clears so you can get back to running.  To answer your question re: ovulation inhibitor.  No, at the moment I'm only taking the gonal-f.  I go back tomorrow for blood work -- I presume to make sure that things are on track so that doesn't happen.  I was instructed to take 112.5 gonal-f Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evening and then report tomorrow for blood work.  At that point, they will tell me whether to continue with the same dosage or to raise or lower it.  They are expecting me to stimulate for 8-10 days.  I haven't heard that about gonal-f before, thanks for the heads up on the early ovulation.  I have heard of OHSS and expressed this concern to the doctor -- she said that we'll try to avoid that by adjusting dosing, but that it definitely does happen.  Depending on how many follicles there are, we would either not insem that cycle, or be prepared for selective reduction which I'm not sure how I feel about that.  The other option would be convert to mini-ivf, but I'm certain that I can't afford to do that.


isa: Good luck with your tww!  For me, I find each subsequent tww is more difficult than the next. Here's hoping this will be your last one!

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friederike: Yes, I plan to do ultrasound as well.  Not sure when the next scan will be. I had a baseline ultrasound on Saturday along with blood work.  Tomorrow is blood work only, but I suspect in another 2 or 3 days I'll be back in for more blood work and a scan.


I hope you get a late positive instead of AF.  I'm sorry you're feeling so crabby.

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jenn - good that they're monitoring you - you should be fine then but just worth keeping in mind.


fried - come on AF!!!!


AFM good news today on the ultrasound - I have 13 not-so-little follies there just ripe for the plucking (nurse's words, not mine!) Taking Ovritrelle tonight which is the thing that broke in the plane last time so hopefully it goes a bit better. Aspiration due Wed morning so FX for that!!!

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Lizbian – I am glad things are looking up for good! FX for a successful attempt!


Isa – I hope this cycle was your cycle, how fun would it be to experience this with your friends.


Jenny  - That’s great your friends are so willing and able to help you out, that’s got to mean good luck right?!

fmorris – This sounds like the cycle for you, you have everything lined up perfectly! Can’t wait to hear more!


AFM – I am now 10DPO. On Friday, I had my progesterone test and it came back as a level of 5! They said they like to see it at at least a 10 for a natural cycle like mine. I started taking progesterone supplements Friday night but I can’t help but think that this is a failed attempt. I guess that’s why it’s been easy to resist the temptation to take a HTP. Has anyone else had love progesterone?

Good luck to everyone in their journeys! 

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I am on progesterone Jam. I don't notice much difference except longer LPs.

Liz - how did it go today?

afm - 15 DPO, no AF in sight and a BFN this morning. Arghhhhhh.
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Fried - going in tomorrow for the 'plucking' so keeping everything crossed. Ovritrelle injection went well last night so everything's ready, just have to hope the next bit does. I am VERY nervous, esp as DW went home this morning. Sorry about BFN and no AF. She's a fickle one, isn't she? You got 1 more try before IVF? hug2.gif


Jam no experience, sorry, my progesterone seems to be OK. I hope the cycle works for you & your body sorts itself out x

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Right, I forgot, I thought it was today. I am sorry you have to do it on your own. I hope you'll have nice nurses to take care of you after the anesthesia.


 You got 1 more try before IVF? hug2.gif


I don't know. If AF doesn't show in the next hours it will mean a weekend O in August where the office is closed, so perhaps one more IUI in september? We're getting married 9/28 so after that we could go for IVF.

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i was telling DW the other day about offices being closed (Mon-Fri only in Guernsey). It sucks they do IUI at home for straight couples but not lesbians. When we get to baby number 2 I'll fight that as it's discrimination. So exciting about your wedding!! you both wearing dresses?

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Fried - thanks for the encouragement! Hope AF come soon so it doesn't throw off your timing!

Liz - I'm hoping everything goes great tomorrow! I would be super nervous too but it's so exciting at the same time!

AFM - I decided to take a first response pregnancy test this morning on 11DPO and there was a VERY faint second line but there definitely was there! I was super shocked as I wasn't anticipating it at all!!!! But a line is a line right?! I don't go in until Friday for my blood work but never the less were excited!
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Yeah, that makes no sense to make a difference between couples, so unfair. I understand that my doc can't do it, she is just a one doctor practice with 2 assistants and deserves to have her time off. I am the only IUI patient anyway. Maybe I can talk DP into doing my IUI in August, but we would have to take the tank on a 3hr. train trip and insem in a hotel during a short vacation we have planned.
Wedding dresses, me yes, her no. I am wearing a dress I found for 20€ on sale at TK Maxx and royal blue 15€ high-heels I got online. Our reception is just brunch with 40 people, so we'll probably get the whole shebang done for less than 1000€. Which as I learned is only a 15th or so what couples usually spend. More cash for babymaking left.
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Jam, how exciting! Congratulations!!!!! Don't worry if it is faint, that should be normal so early. Happy sticky baby vibes.
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Jam: Woo hoo congrats! A line is a line. 


Fried: I've still got my fingers crossed for you. The wedding sounds great, we also did something pretty small, although it ended up costing a lot more than we thought. Sooooo much less than most people spend, we wanted to buy a house, go on vacations, have a baby and not be paying of a wedding for years. 


Liz: I'm glad to hear things are going better, good luck with the retrieval. I've got everything crossed for you. Do you go back for the transfer or stay until the transfer? This is my lack of IVF knowledge showing. 


Isa: How's the TWW going? Any new symptoms? 


Fmorris: How did the other insems go? 


AFM: CD 8 here....waiting and waiting. Unfortunately I have a bit longer cycles so I've got at least 10 more days of waiting. My stepmom is doing okay, done with radiation for now. It's been hard to see her so, well sick. Good news is that my little sister is coming back in a couple of weeks, hopefully after our insem (that could be awkward) since she is staying at our house. She has to come out here for some legal stuff but I'm pretty happy about seeing her again so soon. DW and I just have to figure out timing. It seems like I O pretty soon after a + OPK. Has anyone done the insemination 12 hours after a positive or is that too soon? 

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Yay, jam! FX for you! I got my first super-faint BFP at 10DPO, and it only got darker! When I called my doc to tell them, they said I might as well get the bloodwork right away... See if you can move yours earlier!
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