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mama really glad the IUI was painless - FX it's the one!


lovestreet so great it all went well for you but just remember that even with everything the chances still aren't that high for pregnancy - don't get too discouraged if it is a negative just think you need to keep doing the same thing & eventually it'll work.


sandie that sucks - sorry it's so expensive. I have to pay for everything out of pocket here & nothing at all is covered on insurance. Not only that but IUI & IVF is not done on the island I live so I need to take holiday/pay to go away every time we try! $16k is an awful lot though.


fried - great you've got a date & it's not the weekend. FX it all goes well & fantastic the doc can do the insem.


AFM still in bloody Denmark, not leaving until Sunday. Tomorrow would have been transfer day but I've moved on now & am gearing up for next cycle where we'll be back here again, hoping it all goes a bit better.

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Jam, thanks for the luck! This is definitely an adventure but one very welcome. I hope you have a great cycle as well!

Sandie, I know how you feel learning of the many things that insurance neglect to cover or the ridiculous stipulations for same sex couples. I hope you have quick success and don't have to worry about moving to IVF

lizbian, I'm glad your ready and excited for the upcoming cycle. I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

AFM, Well, today marks the start of the new cycle! AF finally has arrived. I decided to take the clomid starting cd5. I still can't decide if we should do the one insem or try and push for the 2 since we're trying this at home. The only thing I'm not sure of. Any thoughts? I think DP is more than coming around on having to be the inseminator Lol I told her just look at it like she's getting Meeh preggo. smile.gif I'm excited.
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fmorris I'd push for the 2 but try to space them out a bit so you have the longest window of having little swimmers up there.


Ladies you'll never guess what's happened. We arrived home this arvo from our failed Denmark trip. Went to the loo & guess what? AF'S ARRIVED!!!!! bloody hell. that means have to be back there in 2 weeks but now need to get meds all ordered again. It's certainly a whirlwind!!! Tentative dates 28th July so FX it might actually work this time. Wow! DW can't come for the whole week but trying to get her there for the extraction as that's where it went wrong last time x

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Thanks for the advice Liz. We are definitely shipping from our KD so I just want all the swimmers to be alive. More than likely when they arrive we'll do an insem, and then hopefully another one later, but in the mean time in between time..how do I keep the other swimmers good? I'll be using a kit from babydustdelivery.com with the TYB and gel packs, but they say to make sure they don't get frozen. This is all new! I hope that this next cycle proves 100 times better than the last and things work out with no problem at all. I'll keep everything crossed for you! x

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fmorris, from what i know from friends who have gotten pregnant with that kit, your KD would need to ship twice for you to do 2 insems. the swimmers in the kit don't last long enough to space out insems. good luck! 


liz, my fingers and toes are all crossed for you! 

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fmorris, Liz good to hear you're starting a new cycle. Let's grow some great follies.

afm - I am in the TWW now. Insemmed today at noon. I don't feel so good about my timing though. Everytime I have 2 follies (happened twice now) it moves back the O date. Today might have been a bit early, but DP is positive it will work. I'll just consider this and the next 2 tries last chance performances and if it didn't work by then, IVF is the plan.
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fmorris - good luck! Hope it all works out great!

liz - excited you get to try again so soon! Now that you've had your trial run, everything will go much less stressful this next time.

Friederike - welcome to the TWW! Two follies sounds promising! I'm jealous- even with the fertility meds, I'm only ever producing one dominant follie. Sticky dust!

AFM, the TWW just got more difficult. Today was our last day of summer school, so summer had officially started for DW and I. This means loads of time to obsess. I haven't been able to take relaxing walks with the digs or be active outside because we're under a heat wave warning right now. I'm trying to avoid going to the gym because I know that I am lacking the self-discipline not to run sprints or lift heavy weights. Two days ago I hopped on the elliptical as a "compromise" and got so bored. I had to talk myself out of hopping on a treadmill because I knew it would lead to interval training greensad.gif

I just have to make it to Sunday, which will be 12DPO, the day the RE booked me for a serum HCG test. This seemed a bit early to me, since I've read that implantation can happen as late as 10DPO, and it could take days for the HCG to be of a detectable amount in blood. Any thoughts?
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mama see you're jealous about my follicles and I am jealous that you're already on summer break. We have another week of classes and then 2 weeks of exams. And after that I'll have a conference paper due. I had to laugh at your description of getting the running itch at gymn. I totally know what you mean. Ellipticals bore me to tears. It is better to be safe than sorry though. Too much exercise can increase the miscarriage risk journal article.
I think a day 12 test is early but not totally unusual. I wouldn't test before 14DPO personally, because it is less reliable and there is the chance of a positive with a chemical pregnany and disappointment just 2 days later. I'd rather spare myself this heartbreak. Other people might prefere to know exactly what is going on.
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Liz: Just got back and read about your trip and everything. So sorry, but here's to staying positive and looking forward. I really hope this next cycle works out beautifully for you. 


mama: Good luck and baby dust in the TWW. I guess I need to do some research, I always thought you could exercise as long as you didn't do more than you had before.


fmorris: Ditto what mrs said. When we were planning on a KD we were going to have him send two shipments, a day or two apart.


jam: welcome! I am using the CB fertility monitor and the directions also say to test with FMU, which I have been. I've gotten a peak before, but didn't this cycle. So far I'm sticking with the instructions. 


lovestreet: thanks for the info. DW is a little nervous about trying an IUI on our own, but I think she could do it. If we aren't successful with ICI we might have a midwife teach us or move over to the RE. Baby dust to you! 


sandie: what a bummer, my insurance doesn't cover anything, which is why we decided to try at home a few times first


friederike: good luck! I hope the TWW breezes by and ends with a positive 


AFM: We had a great time in Mexico, celebrated our 3 year anniversary, snorkeled and explored Mayan temples. I'm exhausted and need to recover from the vacation. My ovulation continues to be impossible to pinpoint. I don't think traveling helped at all, my temps were all over and testing with the fertility monitor was a struggle. Next cycle is the real deal so I hope it gets easier. I am going to try to live as routine of a life as possible until then and hope that my body will cooperate.


Hi to anyone I missed! 

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Fried good luck! I hope you just catch the timing, it's so hard to tell with these things, isn't it? FX you won't need to resort to IVF but if you do I'll be there with you! Good luck getting through the TWW x Grow follies grow but not too much, they were almost too big last time!


mama great your summer hols have started. You need to find something to occupy yourself! So funny you obsess about the gym - most people can't motivate themselves to go & you're the opposite! I was always like that until I did my knee but at least I can be thankful that's what got me into writing.


redrock your trip sounds awesome! timing/temping etc when travelling is very hard. I tried when camping & gave up! FX when you do it at home under normal circumstances it'll give you a better idea.


AFM all ready to go again. The funniest thihg of all is that this trip will be the exact dates we were going to go last month until AF came 2 weeks early! FX it works - have ultrasounds all booked in and going to do the syringe here before we leave to avoid the same problem. I'm also having problems with my parents. I think mum knows I came to Denmark for IVF even though I hadn't mentioned it. She didn't even ask how my trip was even when i emailed saying we had a nice time. She thinks that by ignoring the problem it'll go away. I'm thinking of seeing someone to talk through the issues as I don't want to pass on any negativity to my child as a result of my strained relationship with Mum. Anyone else done that & was it beneficial?


We finally have some sun here - over 20 degrees for the first time this year! joy.gif

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BREAKING NEWS - UK JUST PASSED GAY MARRIAGE BILL!!! We'll legally be able to marry from next summer. WOO HOOO!!!!  joy.gif

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Liz- that is WONDERFUL news! Congrats! No good advice on mother issues, except to say that if it is something that is difficult for you now, it might get worse once you have a baby. I was not prepared to handle all of the feelings that came right after DD's birth about motherhood and my relationship with my own mom. We worked through it, but it might have been easier if some of the issues had been addressed before I was super hormonal. Good luck working through everything!

Fmorris- looks like we are cycle buddies! I am looking at an inseam sometime late next week by the looks of things.


Mama-how is the wait going? The last few days are always the worst.

Red rock- glad you had a good time! If you are having a hard time pinpointing things, it might be worth the money to pay for some monitoring and possibly a trigger shot, depending on how you feel about that much intervention. I think that's what seraf's dp did the cycle she got pregnant, and it sounded like a good option, since it might be cheaper than another month of sperm.

Hi to everyone else!

AFM- I put in the order for our only ICI vial to be delivered on Monday. Things are starting to get real! Now I just wish I had snuck in a dentist visit before next week...
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Mrsandmrs, thank you. Straight and simple. Just what I needed smile.gif hope I end up lucky like your friends!

Friederike, I've got High hopes for some great follies. Thanks! I wish you the best with your TWW, and am KMFX for you. Good luck

Mamet, I know it's hard not to obsess, but you've got just a bit longer. And I'm with you on implantation being later in some women and the HCG taking time to build up. But what do we know right lol GL

Redrock, thanks for the advice, it further reaffirms what plan of action to take! Glad the holiday was lovely. Good luck with the baby making and the real deal cycle. smile.gif

Liz, how brilliant is that!? The States can feel free to follow along! I hope this next cycle is the one for you

Prettyisa, you're right about that. I'm right behind you. Hoping to see Lady O sometime in the last week of the month. Good luck!!!

AFM, well I'm on the last leg of prep. Things are falling into place nicely. I start clomid tomorrow, cd5...it's getting real lol
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Originally Posted by lizbian View Post

BREAKING NEWS - UK JUST PASSED GAY MARRIAGE BILL!!! We'll legally be able to marry from next summer. WOO HOOO!!!!  joy.gif

Yeahhhh! That's great. Especially since it was a conservative government for once who did it.
So the important question is - will you get married next summer?

redrock - your vacation sounds like heaven. I also second the advice for a quick US maybe 2 days before you usually ovulate.

prettyisa how exciting. Hope things line up well next week for a smooth insem. Could you call the dentist and ask if sb. cancelled? I had sucess with that to get an appointment short notice.

fmorris so will your KD ship out twice? I hope the Clomid treats you well.
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Liz: What great and exciting news!!!! Will you get married next summer? As for mom stuff, I did have a very difficult relationship with my mom and did see a therapist for about a year, mostly to learn how to communicate with her and set boundaries. It was much more helpful than I ever thought it would be. Things are much better now, partly too because my mom is much happier these days. It's worth a try anyway


Isa: How exciting. How old is your little one now? 


Thanks all for the advice on monitoring. We will likely end up doing that, we just wanted to try a cycle or two at home first. I'm taking some herbs to help balance my cycles and increase CM. It seems to be helping so far. My temps have just never been very reliable. The RE even said she didn't think I was ovulating based on my temp patterns. I have my consultation with the bank on Friday, has anyone else had to do this? Seems like a way to nickel and dime folks, which is kind of frustrating.

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Isa - good luck! I hope it's the one for you. fmorris - good luck! I start my meds tomorrow as well so FX it's the one for both of us Thanks for the advice ladies, I think it might be worth chatting to someone about my mine. I had a nice email conversation with one of my sisters this morning which also helped quite a lot. As for marriage. we had an 'illegal wedding' in 2004. If we do it it won't be recognised where I live or in oz but want to do it anyway, with our kid(s) there so going to propose to DW on my 40th birthday in front of my friends. She'd better say yes! had a stress this morning. The manufacturer has run out of the ovulation inhibitor I use which would normally mean this cycle was out but luckily I found an equivalent so ordered that. Phew! Unfortunately bad news is that we can't find a dog sitter for the animals for next try so I'm going to go to Denmark by myself for a week which isn't much fun.
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sorry, computer messed up formatting.
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liz- I too have a strained relationship with my mother. I sought some professional help to work through some of the baggage, and in the end the therapist and I agreed that my mother isn't going to change, and that I need to come to terms with the fact that it is best for me to cut her out of my life. It doesn't feel good, as a solution, but I am much happier now that I am not putting a ton of energy and emotional investment into repairing the relationship.

isa and fmorris- thanks Ladies! I am trying to resist POAS! It truly is a test of willpower! I'm on 8DPO today, and I know there's a high chance for a false negative.

Can't wait til Sunday, when we do the serum hcg test!

Baby dust all!
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Yeah, AF showed up today.  Boo.  I wasn't surprised, and it's right on schedule.

On day 6 dpo, I had an overwhelming wave of symptoms that I took to be implantation.  Ridiculous nausea, high temp, the same soreness and cramping in my thighs that I get every first day of my period.  These all continued til about Saturday, day 9 dpo, and I was subsisting on chickpea miso soup and pineapple, while constantly being distracted by the ache in my thighs and lower back.  I loved it. wink1.gif  This Sunday, day 10 dpo, things were feeling very normal, except for a decrease in appetite that continued til now.  But I have felt really normal since about Sunday (in comparison to last week), and that sort of prepped me for AF today.


Whenever I mentioned what I was feeling or not feeling, DP and my mom were all like, "You can't always feel it!  Don't take that as a sign or you might be disappointed!"  Yeah, well everyone is unique, and I did feel something happen.  And then I didn't feel it anymore.  I eventually had a discussion with DP and asked her to please just support my feelings, even to just say "That's great, Baby."  But don't dismiss my feelings, because it's making me feel very alone in this.  And she understood.  She thought that I was would get too anxious about my "symptoms" and that would stress me out.  But it's really comforting to me to pay attention.


Now we need to take a look at the money situation and figure out if we can afford another round right away.  I know we would both like to, since we're in the groove.  On this last round, when it looked like it might work out, we were both hit with how much work we have to get done on our house before baby arrives, and that was overwhelming!  We have a fixer-upper house, and there is NO WAY I would let a child touch the floors in here!  It's all very do-able, just a LOT to be done.

Hope all you TWWers have a better week than me!!  joy.gif Baby dust!!  Baby dust!!


Mama - Good luck on the rest of your wait!  I'm excited for your test on Sunday, too!!


Liz - Congrats on UK marriage!  That's wonderful news!  I love your idea for proposing.  We just got legal marriage here in the US state of Minnesota, actually it will just start on August 1st.  And the federal government will recognize it immediately.  So, on top of trying to get pregs, DP and I are also beginning to plan a wedding, which just boggles my mind!  Much better situation, legally, for having a baby together, for sure!  Bummer that you have to do a solo trip to Denmark this time, but I really really hope it goes better for you!


Fmorris - Woo hoo for a new cycle!!  biggrinbounce.gif  I hope the Clomid treats you well!  (It made my lining thin, so I HOPE it doesn't do that to you!!)


Redrock - Your vacation sounds wonderful, and I hope you recover from it quickly!  winky.gif  Maybe the return to your normal routine will help your cycle normalize, too.  


Prettyisa - Wow, great advice about the mom relationship stuff.  I might want to consider thinking about that with my own mom, having some conversations with her about some issues instead of just sweeping over them.  I'm excited for you on the next insem!  Sounds like we're on pretty opposite cycles, so it's fun to pay attention to others' while I'm waiting to try again.  You must let us know how it goes!

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Lovestreet--Boo. greensad.gif Sorry for the BFN. But I think there is something to be said for getting your house feeling 'ready'. And for big fluffy weddings--I love a big fluffy wedding!

Liz--ugh to having to go solo--that sucks! Glad you figured out a solution, though!

Fmorris--fx! One thing that my RE recommended with clomid is to take a baby aspirin to help keep your lining from thinning out. Apparently there's some controversy about whether it works, but I'm planning to start taking them today for a non-clomid cycle because my lining is always a little on the thin side, and I figure it can't hurt!

AFM--had a really fun lunch yesterday with some other women who are also starting to TTC. It was really nice to be able to talk about all of this stuff with people who are in the same place--and maybe we'll even all get lucky and be preggo at the same time! That might be wishful thinking, but it's fun to imagine a little group of gaybies!
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