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so hot

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So those of you baking in this heat wave, how are you staying cool/comfortable? It's supposed to be 108º F today here. Yuck.
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where in NorCal are you, OceanSolitude? we might be baking in the same heat wave - our temperatures are 105-110F here too!


fortunately we have a working AC at home, and it's the weekend so i'll prob just stay at home and clean the house a bit or so. if we do go out, i still want to go swimming. i'd be too cold for that any other time of the year!

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Sacramento. You? AC is wonderful!
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Yeah, I'm north of y'all, and it's not THAT hot here, comparatively, but we don't have an a/c (most don't here) and it is really getting uncomfortable. I'm from Texas, and I am certainly glad not to be there now! Good luck keeping cool, ladies!
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Sacramento. You?


Santa Cruz area! somebody in Downtown SC just told me yesterday they were going to Sacramento and dreading it because of the temperatures. SC proper has a nice cool breeze much like San Francisco, but we're up in the mountains so we get the full sun and none of that breeze!!

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Ocean breezes really help. Jenny-I don't think i could handle Above 85 without ac even not pregnant.
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I'm in northern Utah and its HOT. Over 100 the past few days. Very dry and very hot. We just have an evaporative cooler at our house which only cools the house down 20 degrees from what it is outside. So my house is 80+ degrees. I'm melting. We have fans and those help. Other than that I vacate my house as often as possible. My parents and my sister have AC's at their houses so I hang out at one of their houses a bunch.
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I hope this heat wave is over with soon! I'm an hour south of Vegas in the desert. Yesterday it was around 115 and will be like 117 today, luckily it cools down a lot at night since there isn't pavement or buildings to hold the heat. I put blankets over my bedroom windows, have the house A/C at 80 and a portable swamp cooler in my room, I think my room stayed around 70. xD

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For those of you with swamp coolers: we switched from a "regular" swamp cooler to a Master Cool, the one with the thick pads and it makes a HUGE difference! I didn't believe it could be that dramatic but DH lucked into a co-worker getting rid of an old one for free and it's amazing. We run it on low most of the time, every once in a while it needs to go on high but rarely.

I went to the movies Fri and Sat, so that covered 2.5 hours each day.

Over the years we've learned which fast food restaurants in the neighborhood crank the AC so sometimes we'll go eat there and hang out a while lol.gif

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For once I feel lucky to be in Scotland! At the moment our average temperature is about 60 to 62F, which is fine with me! On the rare occasion it gets to 68 or 70F I'm roasting. I hope you guys don't suffer too much from the heat; I heard that some places are 122F which I can't even imagine.

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I have a pregnant friend who is due a few days after me who just moved to Arizona. She keeps posting daily temps in the 115-120 range. I feel so bad for her. I couldn't imagine that kind of heat-although where we're from, it's always a very humid heat and *supposedly* a dry heat isn't as bad. Although I think 120 is bad no matter what.

We actually have a break in the heat this week-highs in the 80's forecasted. I'm so glad, because last year we had 100 degree heat waves for weeks, and I was terrified of being pregnant in the summer.
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Thanks to living in the tropics, it has pretty much been hot and humid for my whole pregnancy.  Here we are finally in the rainy season which means it at least cools off a little bit at night.  For the mamas who are just now feeling the heat, my recommendation (and my savior all along) is COLD SHOWERS...as frequently as you need.

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Not nearly as hot than where you are, but hot and uncomfortable for me.  It was 88 yesterday which I am just not used to in Seattle, and the house gets pretty hot and stuffy. It's better today.

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For once I feel lucky to be in Scotland! At the moment our average temperature is about 60 to 62F, which is fine with me! On the rare occasion it gets to 68 or 70F I'm roasting. I hope you guys don't suffer too much from the heat; I heard that some places are 122F which I can't even imagine.

I think we all need to visit Scotland. 62? That's like dream weather for me. Srsly why do I live in SoCal? I'm such a foggy rainy weather sorta girl. DH walks around in 102F weather with long pants, socks and shoes and sometimes a long sleeve shirt. He barely complains. He makes me look BAD these days. My poor DD! We are stuck inside. Mama cannot deal. This heat wave is killing me. I went out in it because I had to mostly (shopping and such) and I was so wiped when I got home I needed to nap. She's just is a little ball of energy and seems to be ok with it, but today she was tired and grumpy. I freak when she gets all red and sweaty. We have bad air quality too here so I rather stay inside.

I have an AC unit in the living room but the bedroom? We decided since I'm pregnant to spend the money on a portable AC unit. Freaking amazing! I suggest getting one ladies. It's nice for small rooms and well worth the $200 we paid for an open box. I think the name brand is danby but I'd have to look. Just like last pg I'm already feeling HOT. So much so DD has to freeze in the AC because I wont let her turn it off. Ugh.

Wearing shorts is embarrassing because my legs are so full of dark purple varicose veins! So I've been converting my maternity pants to capris and am doing pretty well. I basically live in boring tank tops. I'm considering buying or making some maxi dresses and getting over my aversion to how they drape on me because they feel/look so comfy!

We've also got a kiddy pool outside but the flies are BAD this time of year. Anyone have a good tip for getting rid of them? I really am not keen on chemicals and disgusting fly trap bags. The one I attempted to install was cheap and broke splashing the bait bag full of water ALL over me and DD. it was SO disgusting. Never again!
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You definitely should visit Scotland! We don't need air conditioning or shorts in this country! I can't imagine what it must be like in California at the moment! In general I do envy those of you who live in these warmer climates, but in reality I know I'd just moan about the heat. But the thought of good weather all year round is still so tempting.

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It's been pretty "typical" for us around here but I hate the summer heat and being pregnant makes me wish it were fall already. Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons, winter and summer can just leave me alone! I bought a backyard pool yesterday. While driving to the beach was fun, it was using too much gas and they are going to start construction on our road soon so we probably won't be able to leave easily. Thankfully we also have AC but I try and wait as long as possible to turn it on. Being pregnant in the summer was the LAST THING I wanted, I was heavy pregnant with my daughter in the summer a few years ago and it was awful. 


For your NorCal folks, I used to live WAAAAY up north (Humboldt County) and it's right on the coast with mild temps, no warmer than 65 most summers. Was talking to family recently and they were telling me even up there it's getting hot and humid. Eek! 


I was reading something in passing and it mentioned that this year is a "La Nina" weather year. Which...I thought La Nina meant the weather was cooler and wetter but it seems to be wetter and WARMER. 

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Mid-90s yesterday through the weekend.  We decided it was too hot to walk a mile to a park to watch fireworks. 


We're also having an ongoing "discussion" about leaving downstairs windows (which is the 2nd floor) open at night. (Because, IMO,  the place won't cool down if the windows are closed).  I'd reaaaaallllly like another window AC.

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Leave the windows open! We leave ours open at night and it cools way way down by morning. It really has made a the difference. The nights we forget to open them it's still almost 80 degrees in the house in the morning, but when we open them it's down to 69-70