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Eleanor's fast and furious birth

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Hi everyone, I know I haven't posted a great deal but I always learn a lot from the rest of you and have enjoyed hearing pieces of your stories. Here is one for you! Our daughter Eleanor was born this morning at 2:36 am at exactly 39 weeks. I had been really uncomfortable with pelvic and psoas muscle pain for the last couple weeks so was hoping for an early birth but not really expecting it... in fact we had run out of projects to keep ourselves busy so we bought materials to refinish the kitchen table yesterday--that's not going to happen! Anyway, it was a pretty normal day until right after dinner, at 7 pm, when I felt something like a rubber band snapping. Standing up, a little gush of fluid leaked out. It tested correctly on the ph paper for amniotic fluid so we called the midwife, who said to keep an eye on my temperature and asked if I was having any cramps or contractions? No, I wasn't.


Just an hour later I was experiencing regular contractions, about 5 minutes apart. We figured it would be a long night and tried to play so cards and get ready for bed, but the contractions got pretty intense pretty quickly. I went from 2 minute long contractions about 4 minutes apart to nearly constant contractions, with no breaks, by 11:30. This was an extremely hard time for me... we'd planned a birth tub and all sorts of snacks and things and everything went out the window. I was light-headed and nauseous and just trying to survive as the contractions got closer and closer together, mostly stuck on the bathroom floor. We called the midwife and explained that things seemed to be picking up but none of us knew how fast everything would go!


She sent over a nurse, who arrived close to 1 am, who examined me to find-- first, that the baby was passing meconium, second, that I was fully dilated, and third, that the baby, unbeknownst to everyone, was breech! It had been head down at that week's appointment and all during that week, I can't explain how it flipped. We started getting ready to transfer to the hospital--our homebirth midwives don't do breech babies--but I started getting pushy and we decided we wouldn't make the half hour drive. Rather than have the baby on the side of the road we decided to stay home. My midwives were very calm and collected about the whole thing although I know now that they must have been nervous! The midwife raced over, arriving just five minutes before I pushed the baby out, butt first into the world. Her heart rate, my blood pressure, and my heart rate all stayed perfect the whole time, and I only needed a few pushes to get her out, so we are very lucky that everything worked so smoothly. She is a beautiful nearly 7-pound girl. We're still getting the hang of nursing but other than that, everything is wonderful. Best of luck to all you 'real' July moms in your upcoming labors--I guess our girl wanted a June birthdate!

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joy.gif yay! congrats!!! welcome earthside eleanor! sounds like a beautiful birth mama--congrats!

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Wow congratulations!!! I wish you the best with your recovery and a peaceful babymoon.
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Congrats on your baby girl! Thanks for sharing your story. I think it worked out wonderfully though it was obviously intense. 

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What a great story! Congratulations and welcome to the world little one!
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Congratulations! Sounds like a very intense experience. Welcome baby Eleanor!
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Congratulations! Welcome Baby Eleanor!

Sounds like an intense experience, but also like you were an even keel. I am so glad you decided to stay home, and that your midwife and team handled an unexpected twist so well!
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WOW!!!  Fast, furious, and unexpected birth!!!  Congrats to you - so happy things went well!

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Thank you all! The labor was so intense I think it'll take me a while to wrap my head around it, but we're so happy with this beautiful girl. 

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Glad everything went well. Congratulations!!!!
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Had you ever tried to envision your ideal labor? What did you picture?

I've idealized fast labor a few times, but think I like the idea of a slow and steady labor, even if it is long.
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Congratulations!  I've always loved the name Eleanor! 


Thanks for sharing your fast birth story, my last two babies were super fast, one four hours, one two.....and as this is my first homebirth, I'm a little nervous about it going super fast and not having my support team here yet.  I'm so glad to hear your midwife made it there just in time, my midwife lives about 35 minutes away and I'm hoping I'll have a bit of warning before my serious pushing stage of labor kicks in.  My dh works about 25 minutes away, and my sister is about 45 minutes away, so I'm trying to visualize and tell my body that I'll need an hour or two of warning signs before I push this baby out......otherwise I have a very excited 10 year old daughter who will be my labor and birth support!  :)

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