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Multivitamins? Enzymes?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, but have been moving towards much more natural/traditional foods over the past few months. I am so excited about the positive changes I've seen, how much better I'm feeling, etc.!

First, I wanted to ask about multivitamins and if you all had any recommendations. I take probiotics daily and feel like I eat a pretty wide variety of things regularly, but I take a conventional multivitamin and I'm ready to swap it out for a better option.

I have been doing some comparisons between Rainbow Light Women's, Country Life CORE Daily-1, and the Vitamin Code RAW One for Women. Has anyone used any of these or have another suggestion?

Also, and perhaps this should be a different thread, how do I know if I need to supplement with digestive enzymes in addition to the probiotics?

Thank you all so much! I'm excited to get in and join this "family". smile.gif

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I don't think lab vitamins are harmful if taken with plenty whole foods and leafy greens.  I personally would rather just spend my money on the food rather than the supplements.  


A lot of what is bottled and sold at ridiculous prices is far cheaper and more potent if purchased from ethnic grocers such as turmeric.


Aside from that, I love spirulina and take it daily.  I order it from India.


I'm no dietician and can't give specific advice for you, but if you are eating a well balanced diet, have no digestion problems, and have no obvious telltale signs of absorption problems, you might not need enzyme supplements.  They tend to be specific to the person, from my understanding. Sessions with registered dieticians are not really expensive, and might save you some money from purchasing unnecessary supplements.  

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My holistic dr suggested innate response daily multi but I found I was feeling oodles of energy w source naturals multi for women (I think it's more synthetic). Ill probably be going back to source naturals when my innate response is done. This is along w fish oil, extra d (sources I read and my holistic dr claim we don't get nearly enough), ubiquinol (for migraines), and vit b complex (I'm low in b).

Best of luck!
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