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Severe food reaction!

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I was just curious to see if this has happened to anyone while pregnant. The last two times I've eaten lamb (before I was pregnant) I have really bad stomach pains and got all hot and itchy and then ended up having the runs within the hour.

Last night I was at my parents place for dinner and they had a roast lamb and veggies. I decided to try a bit of the lamb, thinking that maybe the last few times were just bad luck...

About 30 mins after dinner I started to get some pain in my lower chest, kind of a constricting feeling. I tend to get that kind of pain at night when I've been wearing a bra all day so I just assumed that's what it was.

When we left about 2 hours later the pain hadn't improved, it was worse! By the time I got home I felt like I couldn't breathe and that all my muscles right up under my breasts down to just above my belly button were tightening and had sharp, constant pain!

I've never felt anything like it! I was in agony! I tried to lie down thinking that might help but it didn't! So I hopped in a shower hoping the hot water might help my muscles to relax and then the pain got worse! It was so bad that I was just curled up in a ball crying and moaning. I called out to my husband for help and started throwing up everywhere. It didn't stop for ages!

Finally I had nothing left in me and the hot water had all been used up so I got out of the shower with the help of my husband and got into bed but couldn't find a position where the pain was more bearable. I was still struggling to breathe and my husband was trying to massage my legs to give me something else to focus on.

I remembered reading about how breathing and visual techniques help during labour and I figured it was worth a shot to try and help me loosen my muscles and ignore the pain. So I got my husband to run his hands down my body, starting from where the pain was. He sat there for ages, talking me through it. He was amazing. He was saying that he was pulling the pain and tightness away, and pulling it through my body, around our baby (so it wouldn't hurt him), down my legs and out my feet. Then he would start again and tell me he was taking another chunck with him and then another and another until there wasn't much pain left at all. Then he sat there and massages my sore muscles to help them loosen even more and eventually the pain went away. I don't know what I would have done without him! I could barely think straight or stop throwing up because of the pain.

I really think that it was a reaction to the lamb but it seems like such a severe reaction! This morning I don't feel sore but I still feel like throwing up and I am starting to feel like ill get the runs again greensad.gif

I can feel baby moving around like normal so I'm not too worried about him.

Sorry for the massive story! Please tell me I'm not alone in my crazy reactions and that bub will be fine if this happens again! ( fingers crossed it doesn't though)
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Any number of things can trigger a reaction like this. It can be hard to pinpoint and sometimes you never figure out what caused it!


My husband had a similar experience that we ended up deciding caused by eating something (it was immediately after him drinking a fresh juice I juiced) reacting with a medication he was taking. We called the paramedics and everything.


If it happens again (often subsequent reactions become worse) please don't hesitate to call 911. Anaphlaxis type symptoms like you were experiencing can become life threatening and even fatal.

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Thank you for your advice SilaMarlia! I'm glad it wasn't something to do with baby and was just a reaction! It can be terrifying in the moment!

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Sounds like food poison except for the breathing part. If you have breathing problems again with food, call 911.
We have food allergies and I've been super watchful this pregnancy. I didn't know about all of them prior. It's sort of crappy because normally if I get cross contaminated I do a cleanse but it's not safe being pregnant-not the teas I use. There are some foods and meds where I can't breathe well though and being pregnant would not hesitate to call 911 because I feel like my body would go hyper sensitive and it may turn into anaphlaxys. I've already noticed more reaction to things being pregnant than I normally would.

Stay away from lamb smile.gif
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Thanks Hippy Mum! In hindsight I definatly should have gone to hospital, just to be on the safe side! At the time I could barely say 2 words or think coherently but I think I'll tell the hubby if anything happens like that again to take me to hospital straight away (the hospital is just down the road)!!
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