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picking your brains

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so i am pregnant with baby #7. i have had two children in a birth center, 2 homebirths with midwives and 2 Uc. i have been toying with maybe a midwife this time around because it is baby #7 and i am now over 40, but i really loved my UCs. i am not sure i want to have someone telling me what to do. dh and i spoke a lot about this and he would really like me to have a midwife. but like i said i am not sure i want one this time. since i am over 40 and on child #7 i am now a high risk, and will need to have a dr consult (state rules) and i will have to do all these tests and possibly have an ultasound. i don't know... what would you do?

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Hey Mamaofthree, I am not planning a UC but I have some experienecs dealing with docs, especially high risk docs. I am 36, carrying twins, and have some autoimmune issues. I have had to do some doc consults, and might have to be sectioned due to my girls' positions (oblique and breech). My midwife has dumped me and I had no ob. I have found only 1 here who has agreed to take me as I am nearly 37 weeks. Even if you have to do a consult, as far as I know, you can refuse ANY tests you do not want. One doc here tried to bully me into an induction, and my husband and I said no. She never called CPS, and even if she had, I would have defended my decision. I called another doc who told me NOT to induce. I got a second opinion and you always have the right for that, too. You can also opt out of testing due to religious or personal beliefs. I guess what I am saying is that YOU are the one who ultimately chooses what to do. And if you don't like the first doc you see, see another one (or more!) until you find the right person for you. I told one doc I was declining genetic testing as I would not terminate a pregnancy due to genetic problems, and her response was, "It is strictly up to you, and I respect that. It sounds as if you and your husband have already decided about this issue." I had also told her that I was very pro-life for myself, not others, so she knew that I would not be swayed by her telling me I had a choice or pushing me.

It has been very stressful for me and my husband to have to find a doc this late in our pregnancy. I was planning a homebirth with a midwife, but things being the way they are, that is just not going to happen. It might be good for you to have a doc lined up just in case you need one later. A lot of them will not take you after a certain point, due to liability. Also, there are varying degrees of "high risk" and you may only need to see the high risk doc once. I am in pretty good shape, so I am not seeing the high risk doc that much.

Good luck, no matter what you do. I hope that I have maybe been helpful for you. Some midwives (usually CNMs, in my experiences) work with obs and can refer you.
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there are new rules going into affect here in AZ, you do have the right to refuse tests and consults.... BUT if you do the midwife must drop you as a client. it is so stressful. i don't know what to do. at least at this point i am only 10 weeks along, i have some time.


good luck to you dear. ((hug))

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I see. That does complicate things. I can totally understand your being stressed. I got dropped by my midwife at 35 weeks. I would have much rather had that happen much earlier. I am 37 weeks tomorrow starting with totally new people. At least you are early enough to look around and find someone you might want to go with. Thank you for your concern for me, I appreciate it, and I will keep you in my thoughts.
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Just for a bit of perspective I am 39 and expecting our 12th baby. I don't plan on any outside prenatal care. I sure that is of little help though. Interestingly my first HB was in AZ in 1995, a lovely VBAC w/ a wonderfully hands off CNM present.

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