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Hi:) new here!

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Hi all! My name is Shanna and I am new to the board. I have two beautiful babies, Shaela and Trenton! My husband had a vasectomy after my youngest was born. We regret the decision and have wanted to save the money to have a reversal done, but haven't been able to do it quite yet. Anyways, we bought one of the Micra At Home Sperm Tests (microscope) to check DH's sperm count to see if it had accidentally reversed. When we checked it back in September or so, he had absolutely no sperm. We were down and out about it, but decided we would keep saving money and hope for the best. Well about a month ago he started having really bad pains that he described as "it feels like somebody is pulling on the vas defernes)." So we decided to do the test again! THERE WERE SPERM! They aren't moving, but we decided to start trying again and hope for the best until we can get in with his doctor. There is a 6 month waiting list because their is only one doctor here that deals with all that and we are a pretty big town! So here we are, trying and praying, hoping for the best!

So thanks for reading my book:). Can't wait to get to know everybody here!!!


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Hi. Congratulations on your decision of TTC and welcome to Mothering! I hope everything work our for you. Browse the forums and maybe you'll find one, or a few, that will be able to support you and give you advice on your "journey". :-) 

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