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Esenbee - sorry you're going through this stressful discordance crap, too. I hope things level out so you can keep them in a little longer. 


We are feeling a lot better this week. Our baby A keeps looking fine on ultrasounds/umbilical doppler/biophysical profiles. The MFM and OB both say everything is going to be fine and we can keep them inside a little longer. C-section is scheduled for 8/21 when we are 37w5d. We tried everything you can imagine to flip that baby (ice packs, acupuncture, chiro, etc.) and he only flipped from transverse to full on breech (which is actually safer as there is less concern for things like prolapsed cord). He has his little butt settled into DW's pelvis with his brother's head trying to squeeze down in there, too. If DW goes into labor, we will go directly to the hospital for surgery. She has been having 4-6 contractions a day along with 1-2 Braxton Hicks per hour, but she is not dilated at all so we might just make it to our end date. 12 days to go!

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I can't believe all these babies are set to arrive soon!  Good luck to keeping them in as long as possible and everyone staying nice and healthy.  From the pics I've seen here and on FB, all you expectant mamas look amazing! :)

AFM, I'm 13 weeks and feeling great!  I read so much about the second trimester being easier than the first, but it was hard to believe while alternating from nauseous to ravenous and yawning through the days.  But it's true.  My energy is back and my appetite is normal again.  Yay!  I keep joking with DP that I will keep getting pregnant if she'll let me because my skin is clearer than ever, my hair is shiny, long, and thick, and I crave healthy food instead of desserts.  I'm sure I'll change my mind about that toward the end.  LOL

Now that we're farther along, we've told some more people about the baby, and everyone has been very positive.  DS is still hoping for a little brother, but says he will be ok with a sister.  The other day I heard him whispering "I hope it's a brother" over and over while DP and I talked about the 20-week u/s next month.  He will be back in school by the time we do the u/s, so maybe I will suggest he ask the other kids what's it's like to have a sister if it turns out to be a girl.  I'm pretty sure if she is willing to wear costumes and likes legos, he will be happy no matter what.

Stay well, everyone!

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The twin boys are here!

Birth Story
After a day of laundry and cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, hallway wall and baseboards, my water breaks at around 8. I was sittig coloring with DD and I went to get up and it gushed. Called DSp to come home, called my doula, called my Dr. My contractions start about an hour and a half later. I took a shower, ate a little, waited for my mom to pick up DD, got food for DSp on the way, stopped amd got batteries for the camera. We got all monitored up around 11. Contractions were easy and I able to just breathe to get through them. My doula arrived and contractions picked up. I wasn't able to have remote monitoring because it didn't have the capability to do 2 babies. I wasn't able to have intermittent monitoring because they were 34 weeks. The belts weren't working properly and the nurse had to adjust them all the time. I was highly frustrated. I was denied my request to not have an OR delivery. I was very pissed. I hate doing this in a hospital that dictates everything. My doula ended up needing to leave to go to an ER because of being in a lot of pain, having fever and chills and shakes. She had a breast infection (can't spell that m word....) and needed an antibiotic. She did send in her backup doula, who was nice enough and really was very knowledgeable. She has the most experience in my area. We didn't really connect with her, but she still helped a lot. As contractions came on stronger and closer, it was sooooo hard to not give up. I yelled a lot more than I wanted to! I really didn't think I could do it. I felt like I needed to push, they checked me and I was 8. They were having me breathe through the pushing contractions until the Dr. arrived and the OR got set up. Pushing felt good so I pushed without telling them. I was hoping to pop out the babies in labor and delivery..... I got wheeled to the OR where they kept talking stirrups. I was VERY firm that it was not going to happen and I would birth sitting up. My Dr. got there amd checked me and I was clear to push whenever. Baby A came out in 2 contractions, so small and pale and needed to be wisked away across the room greensad.gif but I did get to hold him for a brief second all naked and bloody smile.gif It took a few contractions for Baby B to come to crowning and pushing. They checked to make sure it was Baby B and not the placenta or cord. Baby B took more pushes and it was a lot harder (he was bigger). He came out in his sac and with their placenta! They had to hurry and cut the cord. I got hold him naked and bloody too before he was taken across the room. I got to hold them again all bundled before they left for the nicu. Baby A got an oxygen tube right away, Baby B was fine, but taken because he was premature. I didn't tear a bit, I got cleaned up and sent to a multi curtain "anesthia recovery' room. 3 hours later I got to go to the nicu to see them...

They are doing just fine. Baby A already doesn't need as much oxygen as when he first went in. I'm pumping for them and they will eat in the morning.

Baby A, 3 lb. 9 oz.
Baby B, 4 lb. 1 oz.
13 minutes apart.

The ultrasound had Baby A as 1 oz lighter and Baby B as 7 oz. heavier. So, not as discordant as they thought...

Not entirely the birth or mother-baby experience I had imagined, but they did come on their own, I did deliver vaginally, I did deliver squatting, my pushing in actual delivery was left up to me, and it was okay for Baby B to come on his own after Baby A. All in all, it was a pretty great experience, minus the crazy pain. I don't feel all womanly or powerful after birthing twins naturally like I had thought that it would feel like, but I am pretty happy with it and should count myself blessed smile.gif
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Way to go SNB! Way to grow similar sized babies and go into labor on your own and advocate for yourself and push out two humans. That's pretty awesome.
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Congratulations!  All things considered, it sounds like your birth went really well.  I'm glad they are doing well.  I hope you are all healthy and home soon.

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Congrats snb! What a great birth story! I am so glad to hear your boys are doing so well! Hope they eat well and grow and get out of the nicu as soon as possible.
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Gamitzer- Hurray second trimester magic!
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Esenbee--Congrats on your boys! That sounds like an amazing birth story to me! I hope you're all enjoying loving each other up, and getting to know the two newest family members!
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Esebeen - Congrats! What a beautiful story and thanks for sharing!
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Oh and a question - how do you ladies make your cool signature on yor posts? smile.gif
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Congratulations, Esenbee! What an amazing birth story. Hoping the nicu stay is short! Take care.
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Yay Esenbee! I love that your boys are here now and doing well! Your birth story is really inspiring too. Thank you for sharing it with us. In fact, thank you to everyone who has shared their birth stories. I can't get enough of positive birth stories and I think they are a large part of why I am feeling pretty confident about labor. 


Welcome, Jam51212! Are you pregnant or parenting? If you are pregnant, I'd love to add you to our due date roster above. Of course we'd love to know more about you too!


Gamitzer- sounds like things are going really well for you! That's awesome! As for your DS, I bet you are right that he will find that he loves either a brother or sister. When my littlest sibling was coming and we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl yet, I definitely wanted another little sister. Up until the very last moment I was betting against my older brother that it was going to be a girl because I wanted that so bad. At the last moment, though, I changed my mind and it turned out he was a boy- both my older brother and I guessed right and we both won a $1 from my Grandma for guessing correctly. I digress...ultimately I adore my little brother and it turns out that I was much happier to have a little brother than another little sister. And wouldn't you know, that little stinker just turned 25...damn I feel old. lol :)


AFU- things are smooth sailing here at 25 weeks, 1 day! Tonight is our first hypnobirthing class. I can't wait to see what it's like and I'll definitely recap here.




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Sotohana – Thanks for the warm welcome! I am newly 5 weeks pregnant! My due date is April 11, 2014 so please add me to the roster! I am so excited to get to know everyone and reading along with your stories. A little background on us... I am 25 and carrying and my DP is 27. We got married (well civil union) last May and both knew we didn’t want to wait too long to start our family. After a few months of planning, OPKs, temping and getting to know my cycle we decided to try our first IUI in July. We ordered 1 vial of an anonymous donor and had an IUI in the doctor’s office with no previous testing or monitoring. We are so completely lucky that it worked the first time! I still have a hard time believing it. One week after insemination we found out I had low progesterone so I am now taking a supplement until the 2nd trimester. We had our first ultrasound this past Monday and so far so good! Now we are just trying to pick an OB to go to and plan how these next few months are going to be!
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esenbee2- Congratulations! 2twins.gifbroc1.gif2twins.gifbroc1.gif2twins.gifbroc1.gif
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Just a quick post to report that our boys have also arrived! We had lots of plans and appointments on Tuesday, so of course we woke up around 7 to leaking amniotic fluid. Contractions started on the way to the hospital, and by the time we were checked in they declared her "grossly ruptured." We asked for an ultrasound just to confirm A was still breech, which he very much was. They were delivered just before 2pm, 1 minute apart. Baby A weighed 4lbs 7ozs, which was less than our scary ultrasound showed two weeks prior. He is otherwise perfect, so no NICU!! Baby B weighed 6lbs 1oz and is also the picture of health. Even without their size, they are very easy to tell apart! We have a blonde and a brunette. They are just wonderful! We should be going home tomorrow.

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joy.gifThat is so exciting bigfoot!  I'm really glad all went well and they are so big and healthy!!  And it's great that they are easy to tell apart...believe me, sometimes I wonder if my parents ever switched my sister and I one groggy night.  Haha

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Bigfoot--Congrats! They are so sweet--and I'm glad you got out with no NICU stay! smile.gif
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Bigfoot- Amazing! Thanks for the picture, they look so cute!!!
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Congratulations, essenbee!joy.gif


And congratulations, mrs and bigfootjoy.gif


So happy that all four little ones arrived healthy and happily! 

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Oh and a question - how do you ladies make your cool signature on yor posts? smile.gif


Go into your profile (click on your username, top right corner...and edit your signature :)

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