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Oh good lordy about the fruit names.  We can't all be like Kanye West and Kim (who named their son North West, in case any of you have been living under a rock, which is where I would have liked to have been).  I have vetoed all fruit, weather, days of the week/month, directions, plants, animals, etc etc etc in terms of names (although, Cananny, August really does suit his name).  And I hear ya'll on crazy parents.  Our own parents aren't crazy (yet), but I'm sure my MIL will have an opinion on names.  My parents are pretty laid back about all these things.  One of the babies I work with all the time at work has a grandparent who is absolutely insane, and I swear the next time she gets going at the baby's mom, and I'm gonna kick her out of the nursery.  The grandparent stresses ME out (and I'm supposed to be the calm, rational one...).  


Thinking of all you preggos in the heat!  Our heat wave up here is not as exciting as say, Death Valley, but it's still been hot for Vancouver (I'm sending cool fuzzy thoughts to my fellow West Coasters!).  


ANDDDD Congrats to all the new babies!!  Omg, so exciting!  So many little ones!!!  I'm a bit sad, because I should've been apart of your group, but there have been many many signs lately that parenting would NOT have been the right decision for us at the moment.  I don't play with fate (I spend too much time in the NICU defying fate.....).  Peace out ya'll!!!

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Am I the only one who read "fruit" as a synonym for gay?
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Amt - good to hear from you! Wow, 17 weeks!


Granite - Woohoo, you're well over half way! Congrats on feeling and seeing so much movement. It's fun, isn't it? I hope your back issue gets worked out. Ouch.


Soto - Yay, good luck on the big ultrasound! I think it is so cool to not find out the sex and have that magic moment at the birth.


Gamitzer - enjoy that first trimester sleep!


esenbee - I hear you on mourning the birth plan you wanted. I just keep telling myself everything will be okay and worth it in the end. And there is something really special and exciting about this twin experience, despite all the scary pregnancy and birth stuff.


Sphinxy - that sounds hard to be separated during the move/renovation. Hopefully the two weeks will fly by and you will have this transition behind you before you know it.


Seraf - I think she meant fruit as in "you aren't going to name them something like Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple, are you?" since just about everyone we know keeps asking us that. And because she would be in big trouble with us both if she meant the other kind of "fruit!" It is funny since DS has a very classic, top 200 name - Levi. However, we are going to go a little less common and I happen to think Apple is pretty cute even if I have vetoed Huckleberry. Names have been a hot topic this week since we are still very much not settled on two names and I'm a little nervous about coming home with no-name babies.


AFU - going strong at 31 weeks. When I think about the twin average being 4 weeks away I get a little terrified, although I fully expect us to make it to 38 weeks. I have accomplished a lot around the house, even if I feel like a have a ton of stuff left to do. A friend came over yesterday and we cooked up a storm for our new chest freezer. I plan on adding things to that every week now. We had two fun baby showers and really only have a short list of stuff left to get. I hope to make some progress on the nursery this weekend. We spent last night in urgent care where I dragged DW since we can't seem to get rid of what we currently think is asthmatic bronchitis. I feel really lucky that we haven't had any major complications, but I am constantly worried about the three of them when I listen to her cough and crappy breathing. I feel bummed that we keep having to give her different medications to try when in a perfect world we wouldn't be exposing the babies to any of this crap. The babies are very active and keep growing like weeds. The bump consistently measures 7 weeks ahead, and I can definitely tell it has had a major growth spurt since our last appointment. 

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Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble keeping up with this thread, but I'm enjoying reading along!

Sotohana: Thanks for the new thread! It sounds like your trip was great. I'm glad that you're getting some help with the anxiety.

Amt: It's great to hear from you!

Mrs: I'm sorry that the third trimester is rough. I hope that things shift and you feel a little better soon.

Carmen: I'm glad you're feeling good overall. You're getting close!

Hi to everyone else!

20 weeks tomorrow. How can we be (almost, sort of, if you use the funny pregnancy counting) halfway through this pregnancy? It feels so fast. Lots of kicking these days, so that's fun. We have our anatomy scan on Monday.
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Am I the only one who read "fruit" as a synonym for gay?

No, that's how I read it. That's why I was so horrified.

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Oooh fun, Escher! We have our anatomy scan Monday too. Good luck with yours- I'll be thinking of y'all :)

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Hi Everyone. I was gone for about six months when our first adoption did not work out and it was very hard. Several months ago, my partner and I started to put out the intention for another baby to come along. As soon as I bought a changing table I had been looking at for a long time we got a call from a birth mother and two weeks later our son was born.
His name is Aiden and he was born June 18, 2013. We took him home from the hospital on June 20th. I'm taking some time off work to be with him and it's making me re-evaluate everything; I really don't want to go back to work right now.
Also, back in January I was trying to lactate and breast feed. I am no longer trying to do that and have a lot of supplies if any one else is currently in that boat, let me know.
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Congratulations, Max!!
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Max! I'm so happy to hear that your son was born! Congratulations!
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Congratulations Max!  That is wonderful news!  I had a feeling things would work out after your terrible disappointment.  I love the name Aiden. Enjoy your time at home with him.

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Congratulations, Max! I'm so happy for you all! (And another June baby to add to the list, wow... Such a baby-wave!) How much time off can you take? I hope you can get as much as you need, especially after waiting so long for your son.

escher & Soto, how were your scans?

Hi everyone else! Hope you're enjoying summer... I've been drinking shandies made from non-alcoholic beer & lemonade, and swimming in the tidal waterway near my house almost every day. I couldn't find a maternity swimsuit at the local mall, then lucked into a new XL bikini at a thrift store! I look *so* pregnant in it, it's great.
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Congrats Max!!!
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That is so awesome, Max! Congratulations on your new parenthood! I'll add you to the list above when I'm on my laptop (on my phone now).
Yay for the opportunity to swim every day, Granite. That sounds divine. Also I bet you look totally adorable in that swimsuit!
AFU- the anatomy scan went so well! DW was completely set on not finding out the sex, but at the 11th hour she changed her mind. We were literally 5 minutes into the scan already when she said "okay! I changed my mind. I want to know everything!" I laughed so hard. Anyway, the tech continued checking stuff out and when she came to the legs I was sure i saw a penis, so I asked if it was a boy, but she told me that was the umbilical cord. So she keeps checking and then she says these magical words: "Actually, I think it's a GIRL!!!!!" Holy crap. I cried so frickin' hard! DW got teary too, but man I was a wreck. What amazing happy news. I've always wanted a girl so that was just the coolest thing to hear. Everything else looked great too. She has a perfect four chamber heart and she's measuring at 20 wks, 3 days. We saw her yawn and flip around a bunch and she showed us her cute little hands. Wow...it was so amazing smile.gif we cannot wait to meet her- our daughter, Olivia Grace Soto.
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MAX!  That's such WONDERFUL news!  I am thrilled for you!

In fact, I'm in tears.  

I'm so happy for you and your partner and your new baby!



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Max, such wonderful news! Congratulations!

Soto, yay for a healthy scan! And, girls rock!
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Oh, Max, what great news! Congratulations on your sweet little boy!

And yay, Soto, for a good scan--and a little girl! smile.gif
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Ooh never mind, MaxK. I was able to figure it out on my phone, so your sweet boy is up on the list on the first page. Yay!
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Max!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

I am so, so happy for you. Welcome to the world, Aiden!!

Hooray!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Come back and tell us more when you have time! And come join us on the Queer Parents thread!

What wonderful news! joy.gif
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jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gifmax! congratulations!!!!jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif



granite, i was just having a shandy craving the other day. you're an inspiration. 



soto - congrats ! glad everything is going well!

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Congratulations, max! I was so happy to read this news this morning!! joy.gifHow are you enjoying the babymoon phase?!


soto, congrats on a healthy baby girl love.gif



Afm: Ugh, tough few days for me emotionally. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow but found out today I'm measuring 40 weeks. I have an "emergency" ultrasound on Thursday to check on size. I feel so discouraged that I've had my blood sugar under control for so long now but baby is still growing super fast. We also met with our doula this morning which was nice. She attended DD's birth too and I hope she's the one on call when this baby arrives. The heat has been brutal for my poor swollen feet and ankles. I'm off work tomorrow then back for 2 days before I'm off for 18 months! Hooray!

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