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Thanks, starling, I appreciate the offer! And thanks for the support esenbee.


We didn't find out with DD or with this baby. We really love the surprise :) I also say do what feels right to you...share if you want to share!

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Been quiet lately. How is everyone feeling? Carmen, Soto, Bigfoot, Mrs2, Escher, and everyone else?!

Had my NT scan Monday. Baby is perfect! Just a lil small they said. Nothing to worry about at this point. And it's another BOY!! I had about 30 min if heart brake but we are super excited now! DW is still beaming from ear to ear.
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Amt1015- Congratulations on your boy! I had wanted a girl initially and I had a friend tell me "boys are sweet" and I totally understand now. Boys are super sweet and I wish you the best.
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Congrats on a healthy boy, amt!



I just found out this morning at my NST that I'm scheduled for induction TOMORROW morning! Holy crap! I still may get "bumped" from the schedule...I will know for sure around 8 tomorrow morning. Looks like baby will be here by the weekend one way or the other. Excited but terrified too.

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Thanks Max! I have 2 boys already so this should be a walk in the park.

Carmen- holy excitedness!! Yay!! ELV headed your way!
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Carmen-I hope you have the best possible induction and birth ever.  I will be thinking of you.

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Wow, Carmen! How exciting! You're going to be holding your little one so soon now! I hope everything goes perfectly smoothly.

Amt: Congratulations on your healthy baby!

Hi to everyone else!

Everything is going along smoothly here. I can't believe we're just four months from the due date. This pregnancy is continuing to go very fast. Hopefully we'll have chosen some names and done some birth prep before the baby arrives!
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Hey y'all! Sending you lots of ELV, Carmen! That is so exciting that you'll be holding your baby by this weekend! Yay!


Congrats on your newest little boy, Amt! Boys are so cute. I have lots of little boys in my life whom I absolutely adore and I've often thought it would be super cool as a lesbian feminist to raise a boy and have that kind of impact on dismantling the patriarchy. *takes my Women's Studies hat off now* Also, thanks for checking in to see how we are. It has indeed been kinda quiet 'round these parts.


AFU- baby is moving quite a bit these days. I don't feel distinct body parts yet (like a foot or whatever), but I do feel lots of movement at night, which is pretty cool :) Thanks for your thoughts on announcing the baby's sex on FB. I ultimately decided to share it via a recap of a conversation that my father and I had when I told him that the ultrasound showed "girl." 

Me: "Dad, Kristie changed her mind, so we found out the baby's sex. It's a girl. Feel free to go buy lots of pink shit."
Dad: "Ha. What if she doesn't want to be constrained by the patriarchal social regime?"
Me: "It's okay. Feminists are allowed to like pink now."

heh :) My Dad is the coolest. 

Anyway, I also recently went to see this midwife who specializes in treating mental health concerns in pregnancy. She affirmed what I'd been feeling all along, which is that my anxiety is not at a "normal" level and that I really should be getting some more help. First, she drew my blood to test my thyroid level and I'll be getting those results back soon. She also gave me several referrals, though, that I am optimistic about. For now I'll be avoiding medication, but that could change if these other things don't work. So, with her guidance, I've chosen the following as my treatment plan: continued counseling (twice per month), chiropractic visits, massages, & acupuncture as often as needed as well as prenatal swim classes twice per week. Here's hoping it works because I'd really like to enjoy at least part of my pregnancy. 






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it is quiet around here.  


AMT - congrats on a(nother) healthy boy! We are going to be at three boys after the twins join us too. We have some family friends who also have three boys, and their oldest said "THEY ARE GOING TO BE THE KING OF BOYS, JUST LIKE US!!!" when he found out we were going to add two more boys to our family. I think about that sentiment all the time and smile to myself. There is something to be said for a kingdom of boys. 


CARMEN! that snuck up, didn't it! holy shit. good luck & lots of love. we're all cheering for you both. 


escher, how are you feeling?? 


soto, i hope all that effort pays off quickly. i know it can feel like a lot of work to manage a non-chemical treatment plan, but at least you know you are doing everything to take care of yourself & baby. 



i feel like i'm in the home stretch. we have <1 month until my OB wants to induce so.... babies soon, any way we go. i'm getting really nostalgic about pregnancy and excited about the babies and kind of sentimental about how much things are going to change for me/us/our family/our marriage. and of course, we're hella busy with 10,000 projects. (sewing custom crib sheets for twins seemed like a good idea a few trimesters ago when i ordered the custom-size cribs...) Bigfoot's filling our deep freeze with delicious food and we're going on all of our "this may be the last time we can do this as a couple" dates. i'm feeling pretty gigantic and holy crap, these babies are kings of disco. they boogie all the time. it's slightly embarrassing when co-workers point out the violent undulations of my belly. i don't help matters by dressing the way i dress instead of wearing more "flowy" "goddessy" clothes that would disguise my guys' dance parties & karate sparring. here's a photo from today. 33 weeks 5 days. my fundal height was measuring 40 weeks at my last midwife visit. 


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carmen -good luck today if you stayed on the schedule!  hope your induction goes smoothly!


mrs^2 -we also have to custom fit a standard size crib sheet to the cribs we chose!  we got the mini crib size that turns into a twin bed later, rather than full size crib that turns into a full bed.  and of course the crib sheets out there that fit a mini crib don't have any patterns at all, so we picked a regular set we liked.  My mom is helping me with the sewing though!  But I put it off for so long that now there is so much pressure!


Update from me -I failed my 1 hour glucose test....  went in for the the 3 hour after 3 days of a special diet, and I passed.  So great news there!  Now I have some pretty nasty bruising on both of my arms from being stuck so many times!  Another growth scan tomorrow.  I've been feeling larger on Baby A's side, so hopefully his discordance has lessened!  Been getting increasingly more uncomfortable...  Lately, we have been a lot more active in getting things ready and my pubic symphysis dysfunction has been acting up TERRIBLY!  Sitting or laying for more than 10 minutes anytime in the next half day after exerting myself, causes me to not be able to move AT ALL without extreme pain and I can't walk standing straight up or without holding on to furniture or the walls....  Yesterday, I clean the car, vacuumed the car, reinstalled DD's belt positioning high back booster, and installed the boys' convertible car seats.....  I am DYING today!  But I am scared to talk to the OB about it because I am worried that she is going to suggest C-section to prevent permanent damage.  My plan is delivering in a position that is not lying down and keeping my knees from being completely open and only as wide as necessary.  I hope the OB is okay with having those restrictions.  I am not really sure how this OB feels about on the floor squatting to begin with and a bed just doesn't seem balancing enough to squat on.

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Just stopping by to say we haven't forgotten about you ladies . I see alot of new ladies :-)
Max k- congrats !!! Awesome news!
Update: we are still very much chasing around 2 one year olds , 5 year old and of course our tween ( 13) . We kinda of lost our connection a a couple for a while but we are back on track :-) we almost forgot to be a couple. We felt like roommates raising kids. So lucky that's all ok now.
I plan to be back soon with more updates and pics.
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I was going to post pics but nap time is over
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Carmen-Here is hoping baby is born today and you both are great!dust.gif

mrsandmrs- exciting and so close!

sotohana- seems like the swimming could be very theraputic. Hope you can feel better.

escher- so exciting!
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Oh wow, Carmen, best wishes and FX for an excellent delivery! So sudden and exciting, my goodness!


Congrats on the healthy boy, Amt! Which of your older kids won the bet?


Soto, I'm soooo glad your mental health concerns are getting the attention they deserve... It sounds like you've got a great treatment plan in the works.


Holy crap, mrsandmrs, you're almost there! You look amazing.


Fantastic news on the glucose test, esenbee! But wow, the rest of the crap you're dealing with sounds awful, I'm so sorry you're in pain... You're almost there, too, though!


Good to hear from you, mami2mami! Glad to hear you and your DP are sorting out relationship stuff... To be honest, that's what scares me most about the impending arrival of our darling kid.


AFM: As I just said, I'm actually kinda terrified about how becoming parents is going to impact DP and I as a couple. I'm back to seeing my therapist for the first time since actively starting TTC, during which time DP saw her, and now we're going to start seeing her together... Not that anything in particular is wrong, just that I'm worried it will be! I know, so much anxiety for so much unknown isn't terribly useful... But that's how I'm feeling. In "The Queer Parents Primer", Brill recommends that couples commit to *not* making any major relationship decisions (ie. seperating!) during the first year post-birth (unless of courses in cases of abuse, etc.), and luckily we both strongly agree with that concept, as well as both being fans of therapy.


In other news, I had a tarot reading yesterday that said the baby is doing great, and is already a very strong-willed individual... LOL.


25 week bump pic!


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Go Carmen, it's your (baby's) birthday!

Mami, come over and play.
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Carmen, I hope things are going well! You have been on my mind all day!
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Thanks, everyone! I'm still pregnant!! I'm next up though so hopefully any time now we'll get started!!

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Carmen-hoping to see a beautiful healthy baby by morning! ELV

Granite- the 10 yr old won. He thinks he is always right and knows more than anyone. I wish the baby was a girl just so he was wrong. Oh well guess it wasn't time to learn that lesson. Glad things are going good for you. I wish DW was as open to therapy as yours. Not that things have changed but they will. She's a wonderful mom to the boys but she's never had a newborn. And she thinks breast feeding is nasty. Guess she will get over that cuz I will NOT feed my kid formula. I expect a few issue that hopefully we can work out together.

Esenbee - glad you passed the 3 hr. I had issues with my blood sugars being too low with my last one. My 1 hr was a 60 which is the very lowest number in the normal range. My dr at the time said I was fine even tho I was having dizzy sells and the shakes. I had to keep oj and pb with me at all times. Not fun. I think I'm fine with this one since I haven't had any issues.
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Just got home from the hospital - it's 4am. They offered for me to stay but I wanted to come home to DP, DD and my own bed! My cervix was still long, not dilated at all but very soft. They put in the cervidil and monitored baby and I for about 3 1/2 hours....the little stinker was so active that they couldn't get a baseline so that's why it took so long. I've had a few cramps but nothing like a contraction. Heading to bed and back to the hospital tomorrow for noon. They'll either do another round of cervidil or start oxytocin if I've started to dilate.

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Good luck, Carmen!!


34 weeks today and we may be up sooner than we had hoped. The OB today was talking about a c-section in 1-2 weeks after a check with the MFM. Baby A is suddenly measuring a lot smaller than B. We suspect he might not actually be that much smaller, as he is in a difficult position for measurements and the ultrasound is sort of at an angle. His abdomen and head are measuring behind, but his femur is measuring ahead (which is why I think he may be just fine). He hasn't budged from his transverse position, so we signed a c-section consent which was a bit of a bummer. We're hoping he hasn't actually dropped in percentiles so far, as both babies measured 80th percentile earlier and that could mean a problem. We did a non-stress test and he didn't have any issues at all. The difference I think is only about 15%, with A estimated at 4.5lbs. and B at 5.3, so we are anxious to see what the MFM thinks.

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