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Baby boy! 8lb 5oz. We're both doing well....more details later
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Hurrah, Carmen! Your DP and DD must be so thrilled... I'm so happy for you all! Yay!




Hugs to you and mrsandmrs, bigfoot... I'm sorry that things are suddenly turning pear-shaped. FX that the u/s measurement is somehow just very inaccurate! hug2.gif

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Congrats Carmen!! That's my 10 yr olds birth weight. Hope all is well!
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Congrats Carmen!! Excited to hear more details!
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Yay Carmen, congratulations!
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Wonderful, Carmen! So delighted that he's here! We're going camping this week so we'll bring over a couple of meals when we get back.
Much love to you all. And congrats to S on becoming a big sister.
What a long journey for you all ...
And now he's HERE!
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carmen! How exciting! Congrats!

mrs^2 - our were 15% two weeks ago after being right with each other the whole time. They have evened out though. Hopefully it was just bad measurements. I think that is what it was for us too because A's belly was very hard to get a good scana last time. This time his head was so hard to get a good scan of since he's so low, but the US tech kept trying and the OB is really confident in this scan and not the last one we had. Hope you can go off bedrest soon!

afm -the OB found recommendations to take mono/di twins to 38 weeks if they are concordant size/weight, so suprer excited about that! I love that my OB is trying so hard on my case! The boys just need ti keep growing with each other!
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Congrats Carmen!!!

Essenbee, good news!
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Congratulations, Carmen! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

I look forward to hearing the whole story sometime!
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Quick drive-by post:  I now have a doula!  She agreed to a lower fee.  We met yesterday and went over labor/birth preferences.  She seems like such a great match for us!  She just had a homebirth herself, 4 weeks ago.  Things have just been going so smoothly lately and have taken turns for the better, it has me worried a bit that it's all going to come crashing down....

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Congrats!!!! Carmen
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Thought I'd share some details around London's birth. I shared a short version in my DDC already but forgot to share here!


As you all know, I went in to be induced due to having GD and fears of a  HUGE baby. I had decided to birth in the hospital - mostly out of fear which I wasn't happy about but my gut was telling me I would feel most comfortable there. I got a call around 8pm on July 25th from the hospital asking me to come in right away for the induction...not much notice! I went on my own as I didn't want DP and DD to have to spend hours in the hospital late at night for no good reason. I had been told it was unlikely I would be induced and go into labour right away so we figured I could always call DP to come in asap. I had had two cervix check previous to the induction by my midwives. One couldn't reach it at all and the other one could barely reach it but said it was soft. Neither were able to see if I was dilated or were able to do a "stretch and sweep" to get things going. I finally got into an induction bed around 10pm and after a quick check I was told they would start with cervidil inserted vaginally to try and get my cervix "more favourable" as it was super high still and closed. Baby and I were monitored for 1/2 hour before the cervidil went in and I we were supposed to be monitored for an hour after but my little mover and shaker wouldn't sit still so I was there until after 3am before they had a baseline and said everything looked fine.  I had had a couple of very, very mild cramps but that's all. I was sent home (they offered for me to stay as it was in the middle of the night but I wanted to be home) and told to come back at noon the next day (July 26th) for likely another round of cervidil. 


I got home around 4am, had a snack and went to bed. Around 7:30 I woke up to cramps that were very rhythmic but pretty mild. I timed them for about 20 minutes before waking my DP up to tell her what I was feeling. I wasn't sure if it was labour though. I paged my midwife to tell her and she agreed that it was probably just cramping due to the cervidil and to just head back to the hospital for noon as planned and she would meet me there but to give her a call if things picked up before then. I called her back at 10 and told her I was pretty sure they were contractions and were stronger...but still not painful, just very regular. She again said it could be very early labour and to head to the hospital as planned. At 11am I called her again as I was having to think about breathing through the contractions now. We left a bit early to the hospital...the bumps on the way over were causing me to vocalize a bit...ouch. I got checked in around noonish at the the same place I had had the induction the night before which was also the L&D/assessment area. I got a temp. bed in the assessment area around 12:30 and my midwife came to check my cervix...which I HATED. I hated it even more when she told me I was still long, closed but mid and soft. We still thought more cervidil would be the next course of action...and maybe sent home again. By now the contractions had me really working vocally and breathing through them. I could talk completely normally between them though...which was completely different than my labour with my DD. I sat up around 1 or 1:30 and my water broke. Things REALLY ramped up then. I was literally screaming through the contractions....SO much more intense than with DD...and that was a quick labour too! I was second in line for a delivery suite until they heard me screaming and bumped me to the top of the list lol My doula had showed up by now and I was trying gas for the pain but it wasn't helping and I didn't like it. I told my DP, doula and midwife that I wanted an epidural...my DP was quite distressed about this as I had been adamant that NO drugs were to be used. I was adamant that this was different and I was having trouble coping...it didn't help that I had had 3 hours sleep the night before and was remembering it took me 3 hours to push my DD out. Anyway, I got into a delivery suite about 2:30 or so and screamed through contractions for about 1/2 hour and kept asking everyone why they weren't helping me lol I did finally get an epidural...about 5 minutes before I started feeling the urge to push. My midwife checked me and I was indeed 10 cm and she could feel the baby's head already (hard to believe that just a couple hours earlier my cervix had been closed). I had about 5 minutes of "rest" from pain and then the pushing urge took over....about 35 minutes later DS came out and was plopped onto my chest. Best feeling EVER. Apgars of 9 and 9. I had a second degree tear..same as my first delivery. He seemed so small to DP and I and we guessed him around 7 1/2 lbs (DD was 9 1/2 lbs so we had a comparison to go by). After a really good long cuddle and latching on and chat they examined him and weighed him. He was 8lbs 5oz and 21.25 inches long. I was surprised and super excited to see he was a boy even though everyone except two people had guessed it was a boy. We're super excited to have the experience of raising both a boy and a girl. Speaking of raising a girl, we had wanted DD at the birth but as things were progressing so quickly and intensely we asked Skylar's support person, our friend, who was at the hospital with Skylar to take her for a walk around the hospital instead. They came in immediately after the delivery though :)


Things that stuck out for me...I was so much more coherent during the entire labour and delivery than I was for DD's....and she was born at home with only 2 1/2 hours of active labour but 3 hours of pushing. Other than DD's heading "popping" out I have no recollection of the feeling of pushing her out. With DS I felt it all...it was amazing. I was able to talk a lot more (even before the epi)...I was much more inwardly focussed during my labour with DD. I was amazed at how I could feel the contractions with the epi - my DP had been afraid I wouldn't be able to.


So, there you go. All my anxiety about birthing a massive giant "GD baby" in a hospital and ending up with a c-section is a distant memory. I couldn't have asked for a better alternative to a home birth. I'm very happy with my experience! 


And an update...my milk came in last night, DS is nursing fine and I'm so tired I can't see straight. Things are as they should be :)

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Carmen: What an amazing experience! Congratulations!
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Carmen- What an inspiring birth story! I think it's so cool to read how you were screaming through contractions, but when you look back on it you are grateful that you could feel all of that. It's hearing stories like yours that remind me that even with pain the experience of birth is so amazing that there is really nothing to fear. Congratulations to you, DP & DD on the birth of your newest family member <3


Esenbee- A doula! That's great news! It really does sound like things have taken a turn for the better for you.

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Congrats, Carmen!!! So happy for you. Great story. You sound so STRONG to endure that super-fast dilation!

Checking in to say Hi! Hanging in there at 30 weeks. July has been the month of moving - so intense and exhausting but I am relieved and thrilled to be back in our true home and settling in for baby's arrival. I couldn't be happier with our new practitioners and the hospital we have chosen for the birth - just four blocks from our house and very supportive of midwives, limited interventions, etc. Last night we had our first childbirth class, a little daunting but also empowering.

QOTD - what items would you recommend packing in the "overnight" bag? I'm drawing a blank besides comfy clothes and a toothbrush! They've told me I can bring whatever I want for my room (except candles, fire hazard).
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Carmen, LOL, why didn't they check you before the epi? Congratulations again.


Sphinxy, we forgot to pack, but snacks and slings were things I used as an NGP. If she hadn't gotten an epidural, I wouldn't have eaten for 24 hours.

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Carmen, what a lovely story-- I'm so happy that you had a good (if intense) experience. smile.gif

Sphynxy, I brought so much stuff! And we used all of it! The best things were a change of clothes for DP, some slippers and a bathrobe to walk the halls in, nice pjs for me (to take our newborn photos in. I knew if those didn't happen in the hospital, they never would), snacks (our hospital had crappy food), and most important of all was our iPod and speaker dock. It made such a difference to me to be able to put on a playlist and focus on the music, and even the nurses commented on how nice it was to come into our labor room because of it. Different outfits for the baby, computers for us to use while we were there, my own shampoo and deodorant. It depends how long you are stuck there. DD was born LAte at night, so they wouldn't release her until two days later, for reasons that made sense at the time, but which I can't remember now. Oh, and copies of your birth plan. Some people think its stupid, but all but one nurse followed ours (she was off shift after an hour, thank god).
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carmen -so happy that you are happy with your birth experience!  It's a wonderful story!


sphinxy -I have my labor dress packed (hate the design of the hospital gown!), several chapsticks, my doula has honey sticks packed, I plan on sneaking in snacks "for DSp", camera batteries, I have a spa music CD and CD player, nursing pillow, my doula has long fabric for rebozzo soothing techniques or I would have packed my woven wrap, my tablet computer, clothes to go home in (w/ DD I was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans the next day), though this time I will probably get a pair of comfortable stretch pants.  Also, I found that I was most comfortable wearing Kroger brand (our region's main grocery store) incontinence underwear to use for postpartum bleeding (less messy than changing a pad and a lot less sweaty than using a pad or name brand incontinence underwear), so I will be bringing a few of those along with me to the hospital, though the hospital does provide things to use.

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Carmen, LOL, why didn't they check you before the epi? Congratulations again.



Ha I wouldn't let them. I HATED being checked....it was only when I said I wanted to push that I let her.

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Lol, Carmen, when I said I wanted drugs, Sara said, " You're in transition, that means the baby will be here soon." I gave her some four letter words, so I surely would have gotten the drugs had they been available in my kitchen.
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