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Ooh exciting delightedbutterfly!

Still no period but I didn't test today...will test again tomorrow if no bleeding. CD 31 now.
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I'm having somewhat of a crazy day. This 2ww is no joke. It's really getting to me! Good news is that I should get an answer soon. AF is due today. No sign of her yet. Some mild cramping today, but it's different than the usual AF cramping. Who knows- its probably in my head! I've been so calm until today. I haven't tested at all! Crazy, huh?

I'll test in the morning if no signs of AF. I'm so nervous! I even kept dreaming that AF showed her ugly face! I can't even relax in my dreams! lol

Tell me I'm not the only one who is losing it!!
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Good luck to everyone! I'm still mostly lurking . . . but I am firmly in the middle of waiting to know at 7 DPO. whistling.gif


runonmama, I think we're cycle buddies. How're you holding up over there? 

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delightedbutterfly- I have been testing about every other day since last weeks faint positives. I've been using multiple brands of tests and some come up negative some are faint but positive. Such a roller coaster! I don't expect AF till the weekend so it is still early yet. I really hope this is a sticky one and won't be another early loss. We've been trying for a year this month so we are sooo excited and hopeful that this will be the one. I'm so bummed that I'm out of wondfos cause I just *know* I'd be getting a good line on them by now with the kind of line I got last week on the last one from my stash :-/ these grocery store tests just aren't as sensitive and it is a pain to see them waffle back and forth. I have taken an FRER just about everyday and they go back and forth, one day positive the next negative and then the next day positive again. Ugh!
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Ohhh Renaissance31 my fingers are crossed that you get a definite response soon!


DH made it home after only an hour of work!


So fingers are crossed that I have a temp spike tomorrow and this was O day! And also fingers crossed that my LP will extend itself another couple days! I've been taking my B complex trying to help that!


I have a lot of "if's"... but if it is in fact O day and if AF hasn't shown up by next Fri then I will be testing both Fri and Sat. My husbands company golf tourney is on the 20th and he signed me up to go with and I would like to know if I'm able to drink or not lol.gif

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I am on cd12 here, temping and using the ovulation tests, very faint line today. I am feeling very anxious and discouraged about this cycle because the timing is so bad! irked.gif  dp is now going to be away for a long weekend from friday-sunday which is cd 14-17 and I usually O between cd 16-19.


So now I'm panicking as the day dp is home which is cd 17 it could be too late if I O before cd 17! I can only hope I O at the later end of my usual cycle or I won't even be able to try this month!


Then again I wonder because last month we tried on the exact day before O perfect timing and I didn't get pregnant. 


Good luck to everyone else stressing out with timing issues!

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Tested again this morning. Negative. No sign of AF. I'm maybe 3, maybe 4 days late. This happened in Feb too and AF came 4 days late. Trying to just stay calm and healthy, but it's not easy!
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Winter - fingers crossed for a late O!!!! Sorry it's stressing you out... On the bright side stress can delay O no?

Newgirlintown - I can't remember if you are charting or not? If you are how do things look? I'm crossing my fingers that you just implanted late wink1.gif I've been late before and nothing would show up on tests and it was frustrating greensad.gif It could be a delayed O which means a delayed AF or it could just be that you don't have enough HCG yet smile.gif

AFM - I am so excited! I got my temp spike this morning! My chart is lookin good! And so much better than many of my cycles this year! A few more temping mornings and as long as it stays high then I can't wait to get cross hairs!

It's looking like O on CD 10 and we BD on CD 1, 5, 7, 8 & 10! Fingers crossed... I've been taking my meds properly and laying there after for around half an hour. So hoping this is it! I'd be due in April and I am hall with that! We may only have one more cycle to try before Dh's work schedule changes and then we could miss proper timing for months and I don't want to try between end of Sept-beginning of Dec as I would like to skip another summer baby... But I may have to change my tune on that...
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You can move me to waiting to o. AF showed up today, after I had a negative early test on Sunday. I'm actually okay with that, that way the baby's birthday isn't smack dab in the middle of our favorite music fest. It was only our first month of trying.

As a consolation prize, DH is going to go out and buy us a bottle of the super fancy brandy that we fell in love with on our honeymoon.

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double post

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Still scratching my head looking at faint lines, willing them to be darker. At least they aren't going away?? Lol
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Edited to add:
This pic was taken at about 6 or 7 min on the pink dye and about 3 on the blue
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Winter:  under the right conditions, sperm can survive for 5 days or more.  Do the deed right before he leaves!  The only way my second son could have been conceived was with some super long-lived sperm.  I wish I could find my chart for that month...it was crazy.  I don't know how it happened!

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Ren:  looks positive to me!!


Also, I can be moved to TWW, even though I'm not very hopeful for this month.  You never know!

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delightedbutterfly and newgirlintown - fingers crossed for you!!


I'm on CD11 and just got some OPKs from a friend who is pregnant.  Test says no surge so I'm hoping we haven't missed.  

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Ren:  I see the faint line!  Hopefully it darkens tomorrow!



We went to see the fertility Doc today.  He seemed to be scratching his head a bit.  He says my cycles look relatively normal so he's really surprised we haven't gotten a pg within the past three years!  We are going to get both our hormones checked.  DH is joining a study to test semen and the effects of folic acid and zinc on it.  I have to do some kind of procedure next week that I can't remember the name of, but he's going to be injecting dye into my uterus and ovaries to make sure I don't have any issues and to count my eggs.  He says since my cycles are shorter now then they used to be, sometimes it's a sign of having fewer eggs left in the 'basket'.  He says we'll make the plan once we can diagnose the problem. Crossing my fingers that #1 he figures out the problem and #2 the solution isn't crazy expensive!!


Have a fertile week everyone!!

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Okay I'm on cd7 and we are gonna start dd every day see what happens lol smile.gif never done it everyday I usually too tired or cranky hehe lol so this month I am gonna really try cuz u wanna April baby!!! Come on this month!!!
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Ren-looks faintly positive to me, too!
Delightedbutterfly - I am not charting - bc I get so stressed and also bc still cosleeping and nightnursing DD so I never get the same wake up times. I agree it would be really nice to know at moments like this! I might've ovulated late but my CM made it seem like it was 6.23 at the latest. Which would make me 18 DPO right now. Found a thread on babycenter that said sometimes boy baby embryos take longer to start producing hormones/hcg? I'm trying to just pretend I'm not pregnant as to not get my hopes up but it's really hard.

So yeah, still no period. I think I'll wait to test until AF's a week late, so in 2 days. Tests are so expensive in Norway and I have to find a place that sells a different brand as maybe that was my problem?
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10 DPO...what do you ladies think????
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Originally Posted by bonadl View Post

10 DPO...what do you ladies think????

I think it's 5 am here, I'm barely awake and on my phone and I can see it clear as day!!!! Woot!
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