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Ah the GD test. I am not looking forward to that either.

Crazykitty congratulations on your little girl.

I bought several shirts at a consignment store today that actually make me look pregnant. $10 to $15 is so much better than $65.
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Yeah, I'm a big fan of consignment clothes...baby and maternity...and nursing tops. It's absolutely criminal the prices they charge for a bit of extra fabric!!! I've even had some modest success with our local Value Village (thrift shop), probably because I live in a pretty well-off suburb where other people's trash is my score orngbiggrin.gif

Ah, the blessed GD test...I declined it last time round, but my midwife specifically mentioned she'd recommend me doing it because of all my wacky IPS results...can't remember when that's going to happen...I also have another Rhogam shot to look forward to sometime this trimester...I think they do it at the same time as the GD test... so maybe 25 weeks??

So...DD1 has figured out that we are having a boy...which we will neither confirm nor deny until we get our final amino result and know one way or another what's happening...ah well, a few more days won't kill her...goodness knows we've been dealing with this drama for weeks now greensad.gif

Tonight, I looked down at my belly and couldn't see my feet!! My belly seems to suddenly have exploded...even my maternity jeans were feeling snug today!! I just keep telling myself I'm halfway there...
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Mataji, I didn't really feel any movement until my ultrasound, the day before 20 weeks. Then suddenly it exploded, and now I feel baby all the time.
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Lida my belly has also exploded! All of the sudden its definitely there no mistaking!
And congrats on all this weeks ultrasound results. Im loving seeing how people guessed and what everyone is having!
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Oh, I'm so reassured to hear about the general lack of kicking!  Thanks ya'll.


The GD test...my midwife said that was an artificial test because nobody would be eating that kind of sugar normally.  She did her own test- she'd test you first thing in the morning after not eating since dinner, then I'd eat a big breakfast including some sugar like maple syrup and orange juice, and protein too, and she'd test an hour after and three hours after.  She felt like it gave a realistic picture of how my body was using the sugar/food.  I was always hypoglycemic on that test!


Congrats kittymomma!  I must admit, I'm a wee bit jealous when I hear about someone having a girl!  

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Oh, and I'll add that my house is so crazy because husband is reflooring the laundry room (we had rotting floors due to a gutter leaking problem, ugh) and doing a bunch of other work in there (taking out a 30 year old heat pump/furnace/giant amount of sharp metal), and is scheduled to then move onto the kitchen...where he'll be ripping out the old cupboards, redoing the floor and then putting it all together nicely with new cupboards.  We went to Ikea and now our new kitchen cupboards, sink, etc are riding around with me in my giant van; we figure it's a safe place to store everything but it's kind of silly.  

Today was hard, kids in work area and no electricity (he even cut through the phone line without realizing it because it was plugged into the furnace closet!?) hence no cooking and no movies!!  I was yelling at husband in that irrational and pregnant sort of way...there's just no way around this feeling stressful I guess.  PLUS there are a bazillion fires around here and the smoke is so thick we can't go out!!!  Really big bummer there, and not slated to get better any time soon.  So much for our "we'll just go to the pool or lake every day while dad works" plan!  I just hope when it's over it will all be worth it and the ikea cabinets won't be crappy and we won't regret all this time and money (I mean, credit debt).

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Aw, hugs Mataji! That's pretty sucky. greensad.gif

We're looking at some remodeling soon. We live in this old, falling apart rent house, which I've been complaining about since we moved in. The floors all need to be replaced, and the kitchen needs to be completely redone. So the other day, DH tells me that we need to make a decision. Either get everything fixed up nicely before the baby is born (including all new appliances in the kitchen, and possibly new furniture in the living room), or fix everything up on the cheap and move before the baby is born. It kind of sounds like a pipe dream to me, but my husband has surprised me in the past by getting things done that I wouldn't think possible.
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Hugs, Michelle and Jenny! Renos and moving are sucky but so worth it, IMO. Michelle, I would think about whether once fixed up your house would meet your needs for space, location, etc., or if moving is a better use of your $$, in which case I'd do before having a baby wink1.gif. We should have done that but DH takes forever to make up his mind about stuff, so when DD2 was 3 months old, he said "pack up the house and we'll move!"...and we did...at great cost to my health and sanity and my little ones health and happiness too.
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Yikes, mataji, that kind of renovation sounds super intense.  Hope you continue to make it through and that it is awesome in the end.

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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

Hugs, Michelle and Jenny! Renos and moving are sucky but so worth it, IMO. Michelle, I would think about whether once fixed up your house would meet your needs for space, location, etc., or if moving is a better use of your $$, in which case I'd do before having a baby wink1.gif. We should have done that but DH takes forever to make up his mind about stuff, so when DD2 was 3 months old, he said "pack up the house and we'll move!"...and we did...at great cost to my health and sanity and my little ones health and happiness too.

Well, there are pros and cons. Personally I have wanted to move out of this house almost since we moved in. A friend picked this house for us when we were living temporarily out of state, and had decided that we hated it and wanted to come home NOW. The main advantage was that this house was close to her house, but then she got called to Alaska (she works for the church), and never came back! :P

Pros of moving:
This house has lots of problems, and we'd probably have to keep fixing it up.
This house only has three bedrooms, so if we stay, we need to convert the garage to two more bedrooms.
We have a neighbor we absolutely HATE, and that situation keeps getting worse.
We planned to buy this house from the owner, and had an agreement in place, but then we found out that he doesn't own the house outright, and can't sell to us without going through the bank.
It would be an opportunity for the kids to make new friends.

Cons of moving:
We have a very hands-off landlord, who basically considers this house ours and lets us do anything we want. He's also flexible about when we pay the rent.
The kids love this house. Some of them have never lived anywhere else, and they would miss their neighborhood friends.
It's possible that the new neighborhood would be less free-range friendly than this one, although we'd do whatever we could to find a place where the kids could freely play outside and walk to the park alone.
Finding a five bedroom house that we can afford may be difficult, so we might have to settle for four bedrooms when we could have converted this house into five.

Hmm. Sounds like the cons are a lot of "maybes," and things we could avoid by choosing the right house. If we found a nice, five bedroom house in a nice neighborhood with a hands-off landlord, the only drawback would be the kids having to make new friends. Which I have every confidence they could do.
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In a moment of overwhelmingness the other night, my husband says, "Let's sell this house and just rent a nice concrete box somewhere, something with no wood...it will be cool in the summer.  And we'll have no yard so nothing to water."  This coming from the man who LOVES our old farm house and is an avid gardener, poor thing.  

There are serious pros to renting, that's clear to us now!!


More bedrooms are definitely good.  During our ultrasound, my 9 year old son (who already shares a room with two younger brothers) stomped off to pout in the car upon hearing this baby was a boy, since he knew it would end up in his room too!  He has four more years of sharing before moving into the cupboard under the stairs when his older brother moves out (if he does in fact move out after high school, who knows?!).  Four boys in a room does sound like a bit much when they span a 10 year range, but luckily it's a big enough room for their beds, dressers and still a fair amount of play space.  Meanwhile my daughter has a room of the same size all to herself...at going on 13 I won't ask her to share with a little brother.  

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mataji, poor big brother. I can so understand the "I don't want to keep sharing my room with more people" as it happened in my family too where we had 3 girls after me, then 3 boys after that. When I was 10 and my first brother was born, I was so happy since it meant I didn't have to share with him too!

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I was wrong...it's a boy!! Can't even believe it. My girls and I are officially outnumbered. Everything looks great though and he's healthy, so that is all that really matters. It is going to take a bit to get my mind around since I was sooo sure it was a girl! Now, to pick out names. We don't have anything on the radar at all for a boy.

I'm on my phone so it's hard to reply to everyone's news. I'm excited to see all the ultrasound results coming in.
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wow, ladies, lots of stuff going on! Happy for the good ultrasounds, boo on moving and pregnancy stress! I was just thinking yesterday, though- maybe its this time of pregnancy? Last time I was dealing with a ton of stressors (comprehensive exams, wedding, moving) in the second trimester, so I expected to be a little short on zen (and I was). This time, I have been really surprised by how anxious and mood-swingy I have been. Now I'm thinking it must be the hormones, right?! Every single day I try so hard to get up early and work during the afternoons to get this project done, and every day my focus is so pathetic that I end up with a mere few sentences...when I needed the whole thing to editors over a week ago! Ahhhh!


Big u/s is Thursday, can hardly take the wait! I'm thinking boy all the time now, so its probably a girl, haha

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We've just moved as well! Actually, get our place on the first! We've been staying with my sister in law and her family since last Thursday. We move alot, we get bored...this is the third time I've moved while pregnant, this time to a new province! It's been the smoothest move so far! Or maybe after living in a tent for 5 months, 1.5 months of that deep in the bush totally off grid, I just have a new perspective wink1.gif
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LoveBaby - Congratulations on your little boy!


I have to chime in, moving sucks during pregnancy. We moved during my first trimester and I found it completely exhausting. Now I'm always stressed because the place always feels "unfinished". So many little things to do, so much crap lying around. I want to reign it all in before my maternity leave starts. Here's to hoping!

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Congrats on the move, Owl! Where are you now?? I saw on the Canada tribe that you were considering Quebec, I think?

Roisin, boo on not being able to work....a friend of mine did her PhD over the course of three kids, and defended it when her youngest was about 6 months, I think...she paused her defence halfway through to breastfeed her baby orngbiggrin.gif

Lily, we moved last January and our house STILL has that unfinished feeling...not because we aren't trying, but we moved from a tiny house to a house about double the size, with two little kids and both of us work full time, and it's just not possible to do any amount of painting, organizing, etc. for long periods of time. Not to mention we need to buy a lot of furniture, etc, which gets expensive. My goal was to have everything done before TTC...oops...then before baby...not likely to happen with my current energy levels...my newest deadline is by the time I go back to work after this baby wink1.gif after all, I will only have 2 kids at home, my oldest is in school, so it should be a breeze, right? Ha ha!

Oh, about movement...oh. My. Gosh!! This baby is so squirmy!!! He is constantly kicking or punching me...since about 16 weeks...he's not strong enough to make it felt on the outside, but I know it's just around the corner. DH never even felt DD2 move cause she was so calm and I had an anterior placenta...I'm really excited for him to feel little guy's kicks joy.gif
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We did move to Quebec! Yay! smile.gif It's something we've flirted with for 10 years. It's really exciting that we finally did it!
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I finally got my u/s results! (10 days later). All is well smile.gif

Tomorrow we move into our apartment! I am not sure when we'll get the internet hooked up. Honestly, I haven't missed having the net much. In fact, I am kind of looking forward to being net free for a bit again.

I'll check in when I can smile.gif Happy August!!
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Congrats owl!  Hope you have fun nesting in your new apartment!


Smoke is worse today here, moved us to "hazardous" rating.  Husband is worried about the baby and my mom offered to pay for us leaving town for a couple of nights.  Looking at going to Bend or the coast and letting husband demo the kitchen and prep for flooring.  Would be good all around for us to be out of here!  Hopefully some accommodations will surface as everything is so booked from everyone fleeing the fire and smoke.


I just can't believe I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow!  I feel so good and normal.  I think I feel better and better with these last few pregnancies, like my body's finally figured it out.  It just doesn't feel like a big deal to be pregnant.  I feel great!  And I'm so happy about that!  Starting to call baby by his name and starting to share it with some friends in real life...whenever I go somewhere I say, "Okay, little Robin, let's go..."  Trying to remember not to get too stressed about all the construction, not feeling guilty about letting the kids watch a movie every day.  


Halfway points for us have just happened or soon will!  Isn't that amazing?!  

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