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I agree it feels like December is so so far away. Thank you for all the well wishes everyone, we dont plan to abort, just get the facts so we can prepare mentally and physically for a child who may have special needs. My husband cant stand the unknown and I regret getting the screen now. Fingers crossed everything is perfect and I just get to find out the sex a week early.
Taryn- I cried when I found out DD was a girl. When you are so certain you have one thkng and are told another it is so hard. In no time itll be excitement. I hope DS gets excited for a sister! Hugs..
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It's been quiet so I thought I'd say pop in and say hi. We are in NH visiting DH's Aunt and uncle who have a huge house on a lake. It's been fun. today has been the best day so far because all the other family has left and it's just the 5 of us and Aunt and uncle. Dh's sister and her hubby and their two kids were here for the first few days and it was just stressful. They are kind of high maintenance and can just be overwhelming to me. At one point she was swimming with her daughter while the hubby fished and the baby was fussing in a stroller. She kept looking at me like "are you going to pick up the baby?" And I didn't because I was trying to relax and her husband should've put down the darn fishing pole and taken care of his kid. Grr. Ok, vent over. Thanks. Lol.
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Ugh to high maintenance relatives...but lucky you to be hanging out on a lake smile.gif

Not much going on here...DD2 has been sick since Friday, fever, some vaginal soreness, dark urine...I think it might be a UTI...so we're off to the doctor tomorrow. And I think I might have one too...sigh...also back to work tomorrow after a week off greensad.gif it's gonna be a crazy day!!!!

Been nesting like crazy too, trying to take advantage of not being huge and not quite so tired and get lots of projects done...went to Ikea Friday, bought a bunch of stuff for DD2's new room, painted her room, re-wired all the plugs to tamper-resistant outlets, changed her light fixture, sorted all the toys in the house (!), still need to go back to Ikea to buy something I forgot, and I still have a bunch of stuff to put together. Tonight my back and feet are killing me eyesroll.gif

I did the math, and, if I get to go on sick leave at 35 weeks, then I only have 19 weeks of work left!!! Hopefully my midwife will agree to giving me sick note...I mean it's my 3rd kid in 4 years, I'm bound to be exhausted and barely moving ;p

Hope all's well with you ladies!!!

Oh, and I wanted to share:

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I was just at a lake on vacation with family too!  It was relaxing, but when I got home I unleashed all the family drama onto my husband, and was like "WOAH."  I didn't really notice so much when I was there, but I was definitely dealing with a lot!


Wow, Lida, you sound like me when I get on a roll in my house projects : )  August will be putting in new flooring and Ikea cabinets and a sink...I'm excited but terrified to not have a kitchen for weeks!!  Hope dh works fast!

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Wow thanks for the video Lidamama. It made me almost choke up and really sad (and perhaps a bit angry & preachy) when I hear some women are shamed for breastfeeding in public.  Awesome that she's speaking out. This also makes me very grateful that this is not an issue here.  I've spent now the last half hour reading the comments and God I hate those "put a blanket on the baby" suggestions. I love the men speaking up in support though.

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I used to totally not care what anyone thought about my breastfeeding (I didn't expose myself on purpose or too much, but I also was more interested in getting my squirmy baby fed than in adjusting a cover constantly...I'd try to find more private places in if we were eating or something). I couldn't believe that even my own family members told me to cover up all the time because the men might be uncomfortable. Anyway, now, though, I do feel uncomfortable breastfeeding my toddler, because I get WAY more judging glaring than supportive smiles (like I used too when she was small). Did any of you nurse past 1.5 or two? How did you deal with looks? I feel like that mom on the Time cover! 

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I'm lucky to live in a very supportive, crunchy community where it's not uncommon to see toddlers nursing.  I nursed all mine until around their 2nd birthdays, my last until he was 2 1/2.  I never felt uncomfortable.  I can't imagine people staring at me with judgement when I was nursing- that would feel just awful.  I hate those nursing blankets; I've seen mothers get so frustrated trying to get young babies to latch when they can't even see them!  

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Thanks for posting the link. I love good spoken word. I started to get teary-eyed. With DS I tried covering up first, but it was too hard. I needed to see to get a good latch, and DS never like having his face covered. DH said the nursing covers just called more attention to us anyway. If I was out at a restaurant or cafe, the main thing I would try to remember is to position so I was not the first thing people see when they walked in the door. The funny thing is just last night I was telling DH that I was thinking about nursing the new babe and how I need new nursing camisoles, and I started to get nervous at the thought of nursing in public. He eased my worries by reminding me that it will all make sense when I have a little baby who needs mama's milk.


I nursed DS to 2yrs3mos. However, we had been reducing the feedings quite a bit. He was really only allowed to nurse on demand for the first 6-9 mos. After that he had relatively fixed feedings times. By the time he was 1.5 yrs, we were nursing only 3 or 4 times a day.  I didn't find myself in public quite so often at that point.


The funny thing is that I felt most uncomfortable nursing around male family members. I would usually go to another room to nurse. I hope I feel differently this time around.

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I've nursed mine til 18 months, 21 months, and still going on my 3rd baby at 19 months. But by 1.5 years they are down to pretty much morning, nap, night, unless they are sick, then it's whenever.


We have officially named our baby girl! Zephyr Haven Verity!


Zephyr: West Wind; in the Bible the western wind always brought blessings
Haven: Safe Place
Verity: Truth
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I've nursed until around 26 months but the second year it was only morning, before nap and before bedtime so it was almost always at home in private. I had pieces of cloths that I used for various things (clean up, cover up, bib) and I'd use it to cover up my breast/cleavage, not DD. It worked very well and I felt for me it was necessary (they grew to a cup E and they were literally bigger than her head). But I've never went to another room, unless she was having difficulty latching but then I'd come back once she's nice in and settled.


The only comment I ever heard was from my brother (after we spent 3 weeks vacationing together): "sister, I think I've seen your boobs enough for a lifetime". Perhaps I was too careless and relaxed around him Sheepish.gif

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The latest I nursed was 15 months with my youngest. When he was about a year old, I was nursing him at the beach, and I totally psyched myself up to respond in case someone said something to me, but no one so much as gave us a second glance. :P The only person who ever said anything negative to me was my grandmother, who was shocked -- SHOCKED, I tell you! -- that I would nurse my first baby in front of my grandfather. He didn't care. My grandma isn't very supportive of breastfeeding. She went behind my mother's back to give my brother formula when my mom was sick. greensad.gif

I once asked my FIL if it bothered him at all to see me nursing, and said that back in West Texas (where he's from), he'd see the women in the fields just sit down in the middle of a field to nurse their baby. IOW, why should it bother him? Some of my friends have joked that they are all well acquainted with my breasts, but that's good natured joking from people who support breastfeeding. wink1.gif

Not to change the subject, but wow, so many of us have found out the gender already! KaliShanti, mousemom, Isabellababy, Taryn237, and Stephaniqua -- and LilyKay thinks she saw a boy. Anybody else?
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I'll find out the gender next Friday! Woo-hoo!

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Mine nursed until 26, 18, & 24 months. I do use a nursing cover when in mixed company because we value modesty (I wouldn't wear bikinis even if I looked good in them, don't wear anything low cut, short, etc). I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and could care less if other women don't cover up but it makes me more comfortable. And once my babies are past 9 months or so we generally only nurse at home for nap, bed, morning, etc.

On another note my in laws are driving me crazy. We're trying to fund a vacation house for next year and no one can agree or decide on anything. We have a Facebook private message going and it just keeps going and going and going and I'm getting impatient and snippy.
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Gender scan on July 26 for us. I can't wait!

Could blueberries be a vomiting trigger? I threw up a week ago Monday and then again today. They only common food was blueberries and I hadn't threwn up food this pregnancy except for two time. And it seems odd to start throwing up at 15 weeks.
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I find out Thursday!


Kali, yay on the naming.  Nice work!


I got nauseous yesterday, Lilac.  I was surprised, but I think it was the heat.

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We find out next Tuesday!! Taryn, I totally understand the disappointment. All four of us (me, my BF, and both of our girls) want a boy and I am 99.9% convinced it is a boy. I'm not gonna lie; it will be a huge disappointment if they tell us girl. In fact, I'll probably go back for another u/s later on (this one will be at 16w1d) just to verify it's still a girl, lol! Plus, I've been making a ton of boy baby clothes. I have "girl" fabric but just can't bring myself to cut into them.


I'm at the point where I'm just bored with this pregnancy. I found out super early (10 DPO or 3w2d), I've heard the hb, and I'm past all the icky 1st trimester stuff but still too early to feel any real movement or really look even pregnant without purposely wearing clothes that show off my little bump. So, I'm just bored with this stage and want to jump ahead another month.

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Damn. For some reason I kept thinking our ultrasound was a week from today, but it's two weeks from today.

Trish, I am so right there with you. I was wondering why I'm already so impatient, and I realized that last time - because of my irregular cycle - I didn't find out I was pregnant until 8 weeks. This time I was keeping careful track, and found out at 4 weeks! So I've "been pregnant" (ie, known I was pregnant) for a MONTH longer than I had been at this point last time.
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I nursed my first until she was 4 (gasp!) which was totally through one pregnancy and right up until I got pregnant with this one and that was it for me. I cut her off then. My second is still nursing at 20 months and I'll probably tandem nurse again. I pretty much stop nursing in public around 1.5 years, so it's not too big a deal for us.

I set up my u/s for the 29th! I've known with both of my girls by the end of 15 weeks (which is this week) so it's killing me that I have to wait this time.

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I am so bummed- my husband is acting super grumpy and I'm not sure why; and of course he won't admit to acting grumpy and literally laughs when I suggest he's acting all bent out of shape.  Not his best form.  And our ultrasound is tomorrow!  I'm tempted to leave him at home.  Why is it when you need them to be doting and wonderful to you, they are the opposite?  ugh. 


He's a teacher but is working doing landscaping this week, and it's hot, so maybe that's it.  But he's working to pay off this giant baritone saxophone that he put on our credit card for $800, so it's not like he's working so I can get massages or something, geez.  He's been at odds with our oldest since last week, when we noticed our son is officially taller than my husband.  Now it's like a testosterone war between the two of them trying to get the last word.  They are both really reactive and it's just obnoxious!  Hasn't been effective to point that all out to him either, he just gets more agitated.  I'm pregnant here, I shouldn't have to bend over backwards to be nice to this grumpy man right now, I don't think.  So I'm pretty much ignoring him.  Not so fun.  

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Mataji, sorry your dh is grumpy. Testosterone can be funny.

AFM, I went to talk to a dietitian today and my 3 meals with 3 snacks is right on with what she was recommending. She is going talk to another dietitian who deals with high risk mothers about the fact That my ob said to only gain 20 pounds with twins. Felt good that her recommendations matched what I have been doing.
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