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Sarah, ill vote for you!

You just click the thumbs up button on the posts you like. Easy! smile.gif
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I'm trying to help a friend come up with a slogan for her company, Modest Mama nursing covers. Ideas??
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Kali and kittymama, I voted for you guys!  There are some great photos submitted.  I put up a few, at the end of page 6 and the first on page 7 : )

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yay on lovely ultrasounds, boo on weight troubles. I've been feeling down about weight, too. I haven't stepped on the scale, but I just feel gross. I honestly feel like I have lost perspective on this pregnancy- 18 weeks, what does that mean?! I cant fathom just getting bigger and more sleepless for 6 more months!!! And, I *thought* I could already see stretch marks coming on my belly, which made me depressed for days. I know I should be more Zen and Healthy Baby about it all, and less concerned about myself, but its hard to let go. On the other hand, it gets more exciting every day to think about having siblings, and being able to know that they have more of what is best in the world- family. So, I'll try to focus on that. And maybe join the pregnancy mood study at the research hospital in town- that way if I am getting depressive I'll be already hooked in to help....

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OK, I voted. Kali, your photos are SO GOOD! You need to come to Houston to take photos of me. :P
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Originally Posted by michelleepotter View Post

OK, I voted. Kali, your photos are SO GOOD! You need to come to Houston to take photos of me. :P

Thanks! If you are ever in the Tyler area, let me know! :)

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Today was the first time I fell victim to the reach out and touch my belly phenomenon - totally weird how women I know at church just walk up to me, touch my belly, then ask me how I am feeling. I know people are excited since there haven't been many babies born lately.

I have begun second trimester vomiting brought on by coughing up post nasal drip - not cool. It is freaking dh out and I am waking him up with the coughing - vomiting sucks. Any ideas to get rid of post nasal drip that work during pregnancy?

SLogan for Modest Mama nursing covers - to cover and protect from prying eyes.

Roisin have you been getting any regular exercise. I have found my prenatal swim class to be the best.

I will have to see if I can vote from my cell phone on the baby wearing contest.
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Lilac, is it allergy related? For me, I take 10,000IU of vitamin D and a nettle/eyebright tincture daily for my allergies. When that's not enough, the netti pot can help and if all that fails, there's always claritin and/or benedryl.

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Earlier in my pregnancy I think it was allergy related.  Now I just think it is weepy pregnant nose because the allergy pills don't even touch it. Last night before I went to bed, I gargled with salt water and then again this morning and that seemed to have helped.  We will see now as I am eating breakfast because yesterday's vomiting episode happened 2 hours after I had my mid morning snack of yogurt and just before I was going to eat lunch.  I just coughed so hard I gagged and boom, vomiting began.

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Have you tried a netti pot? Maybe it could help wash some of it away at least so it doesn't go down your throat. :/ *hugs*

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I haven't tried a netti pot.  I am going  to keep trying just gargling salt water and see if that helps.


Kali and mataji, I voted for my favorite baby wearing shots you posted.  I think my favorite was mataji's photo where her DH was watering the garden.

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DH got in a "must clean everything really well before the babies come".  I think he is nesting more than I am.  He totally cleaned the garage, put some shelves in order there, and took all the stuff I had brought home from my teaching job that I won't be using for a couple years and put it out on the shelves with the help of my brother.  It was crazy hot but I agree the garage looks amazing and having the basement empty to make room for putting my brother's bed down there (he is currently in our spare room that will be the babies room and we only have 2 rooms).  My brother is really relaxed about it, "Oh, yeah, I knew I would have to give up the spare bedroom soon so you could get prepared for the babies."  Next up on DH's list is cleaning out the attic.  I need to be more involved in that though because DH tried to put to the curb some stuff that holds sentimental value for me and isn't just "junk".


How are preparations coming for the rest of you?

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It's a good idea to get all that sort of cleaning out of the way. Before having babies, IMO, Lilac. Believe me, it's going to be a loong time before you ever get the chance to do that kind of uninterrupted cleaning smile.gif

I've also been on a total nesting/organizing spree pretty much since I hit 14 weeks. Now with my IPS results and waiting for my appointment with the genetic counsellor/amino appointment which are taking FOREVER, although they assure me it's being done in a timely manner for this kind of result (grrr!), I've spent the weekend putting tons of furniture together trying not to go crazy with worry. So I threw neck out from lifting and have had a headache for 2 days. What is getting to me is that even if the amino shows no Down Syndrome, having elevated AFP is not a good sign. It's been correlated to IUGR, pre-eclampsia, GD when there's nothing else wrong with mom or baby, and, if there is nothing wrong with baby it can mean mom has diabetes, thyroid issues, cancer, and a whole host of other crazy stuff....I feel like its a no-win situation....and I get the feeling that this is going to be a highly medical delivery, possibly premature. So, with all that going on, my goal is to be completely ready for baby by 25 weeks. Sorry to be such a downer...I'm not in a great place right now. Luckily I have my two beautiful girls to keep me focused and grounded smile.gif
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Oh my gosh, I'm a nesting/cleaning freak!  We are planning to do some work to our old kitchen for the month of August- husband is taking out all the old cabinets and flooring and replacing with new!  SO excited, and nervous as projects are always more complicated and expensive than planned.  And we won't have a kitchen for weeks.  We'll set up an outdoor kitchen like we're camping and can use a friends' house for showers or cooking if we need to as they'll be out of town, which is awesome.  


So please do vote for any of the pictures I posted in the babywearing contest...remember I gave all my baby stuff away, so I'd very much like to win a wrap and take it off my "need for baby" list! There are pictures of my husband and I wearing babies at the bottom of this page and top of the next- 



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Lida, that really sucks. Don't they understand that people want answer immediately when they're given those kinds of results?! The not knowing and waiting (and googling!) would drive me crazy with worry too. I do much better dealing with something if I know what it is, not having a whole host of possibilities. Keeping my fingers crossed you get answers soon and everything is ok.


AFM, my biggest preparations so far has been sewing lots of diapers and baby clothes. Although I probably need to stop and take inventory of what I have because I'm just making stuff with no plan what-so-ever. My u/s is tomorrow and I'm really hoping they say "Boy" because everything I've made is definitely "boyish" prints. I have "girly" fabrics too but can't seem to bring myself to cutting into them. That's it so far. I really want to start buying stuff as we have nothing for a baby (our girls are 10 & 7 so the baby stuff is long gone) but we're moving within the next month and I don't want to have to move a bunch of extra stuff. So instead I'm brainstorming nursery ideas. Trying to figure out how to coordinate all the good nerd stuff: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Super Heros...yes, we plan on making our baby a geek, lol! I already bought these little Super Man socks/booties. They were too cute to resist!

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I know, Trish, the little wool pants I made for baby are a little "girly"...I will still put them on our boy though, but had I known I probably would've done them a little differently.


Some people have said "I have a couple of things for you" but I don't know what they are or when they're going to get them to me, so it's a little frustrating because I have no idea what I need to buy/find.  I would like to take inventory but am at people's mercy.  I know, we have five months, I'm a little neurotic.  I just know once the school year starts time is going to FLY.

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Originally Posted by mataji4 View Post

I know, we have five months, I'm a little neurotic.  I just know once the school year starts time is going to FLY.

That's what I've been thinking too. I want to have pretty much everything ready by the end of summer because once school starts again it's back to all the after school activities and homework and what-not (and our school district gets out at 12:20 on Wednesdays-what's that all about?!) I really need to make a list of what I want/need so I can start checking things off and feeling like more prepared.

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Trish, that sounds like an awesome nursery. We've been planning for some time to do a sort of cityscape in our boys' room, with various superheroes hanging around and lots of subtle little details from The Tick. wink1.gif We've got the blue background done, but we haven't had a chance to start the rest of it.

I bought my first item for this baby a few days ago -- a water ring sling for taking the baby into the shower, and later the pool. I also need to get in touch with my BFF's mother, because she has my other ring sling. BFF brought it with her when she came down to visit from Alaska, but she forgot to bring it when we got together for dinner. So her mom has it now. :P
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Hello beautiful women!  :)


Let's see --- I GOT A JOB TODAY!!!  Sooo OVER being unemployed!  This was God sent!  Wonderful Substance Abuse Counselor position with a very large org, working in a long-term residential with women.  HAPPY!!


After shitty quad screen (NEVER AGAIN!) -- Level II u/s TOMORROW!  My 15 year old daughter is joining me.  Cannot wait!



DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13 

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Good news Rachael!  Congratulations...hope there's more good news tomorrow!

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