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Rachael, so nice to hear that you got a job.  Always a good thing! Hope the ultrasound shows that all is normal.

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I am doing the Happy dance for you, Rachael! carrot.gifbanana.gif


What is great news about the job! Congratulations!!!  Praying we'll hear more good news from you shortly!



AFM, yesterday I realized I need to get up and move more at work.  In general I have started to move slower when I stand up, due to the tailbone pain....but I know sitting too long is not going to help. Once I am up all is well...it is just the getting up. But now whenever a customer asks for help, forcing me to stand up...I realize that I am starting to feel a bit pissy about it:


"Wha? ME? Stand up and help you?!?"


Not a great attitude at only 20 wks...So as of today I am setting a desktop alarm to make sure I get up and move every 20 mins. Hoping this will help.


(((HUGS))) to all you ladies! 

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Great idea about the alarm, Earthwalker!


And - thanks ALL for the well-wishes!  :)


I wore something yesterday - that would not scream *PREGNANT* as I shook hands with my new potential boss!!  ;)  You could not even tell I am pregnant -- I am a magician!  lol

Anyway -- verrryyyyy interesting experience --- to announce during an interview that I'm pregnant.  For sure a first!  And I'd prefer to never have to do it again, lol!

It was fairly painless ---- and worked out as I did get the job....  but just something extra anxiety producing during the interview.   

I told him toward the end, after he had time to get to know me.   I think it was harder than I expected, because I could tell he would be making me an offer. Plus I REALLY wanted this job,


Leaving shortly for the Level II u/s!!!!!!

CRAZY too!!  As I have a pretty ~EMPTY~ calendar for the month ----- been looking forward to the u/s for over a month ---- and now.....   I have the u/s today at 12:30 AND start work TODAY at 4pm!  (And the hospital and where I work are NOT CLOSE!! Like- little more than an hour apart!)    Will be interesting as far as timing goes, that's for sure!  (I already called hospital, and they said to get there bit early and they'll squeeze me in. ;) 


I am praying we see that all is well with the baby.  I am not sure if the stupid quad screening has me more concerned/anxious than I normally would be today.  Hmmm?  Maybe just by a tiny bit.  The u/s is what I put a lot of stock in anyway -- so I'd be concerned/anxious this morning no matter what anyway.  I just want to get there -- have the tech or doc take that quick first peek and tell me "all looks perfectly fine!"... so I can ENJOY the rest of the experience with my daughter.


Oh!  Just remembered!  Need to grab an envelope!  Want the tech to jot down gender and seal it in there!!  :)   OMG - I cannot believe that I FORGOT I can probably know my child's sex today!!!  LOL!!  Guess I DO have a lot going on!!  ;)    Anyway -- doing it this way as my husband is still away... and my sons will not be with my daughter and I today.  If we chose to learn the gender early - want everyone to be there! 


I'll post update as soon as I can!  ;)



DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13

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Racheal, look forward to the update!


I had my 18 week sonogram last night. My amniotic fluid level was up a bit from last scan to 12 (which is in the range of normal, yay) and the technician said baby's kidneys looked fine, just a tad dilated but he said it too was nothing to worry about. Hooray! everything else looked fine and she's still a girl. ;)

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Hooray for the job, Rachael! Thats awesome, and that they hired you pregnant. Its so stressful to try and be professional and pregnant! I still haven't told my dissertation committee (dang, need to do that this week)...And happy about the good looking u/s KaliShanti. Lida- sorry you are worrying about everything. it might not end up being as bad as you are imagining. Could it be that being more aggressively on the look out for health issues on your end could work to prevent them? 


As to organizing- ha! I still haven't put my winter clothes away or summer clothes out! I'm trying to get some work projects done now while I still have the brain-power, before the third trimester slowdown and then new baby zombie phase. Maybe my mother will help me clean and organize when it gets a little closer. And I was so wrong about what I thought I would need for a baby last time (she refused everything- swings, pacifiers, bottles, crib, co-sleeper, swaddling, wraps of all stripes...you name it, it sat around collecting dust after a few weeks' battles!) that this time I have no clue what I will need/want. A housekeeper and nighttime wetnurse...hardeehar

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Well, add me to list of wrong guessers! My baby is a GIRL!! And yes, I was disappointed and I can tell my boyfriend is disappointed. Mainly because I was 99.9% sure this baby was a boy and he was convinced since I was. We've been calling"him" Ryan for the last 2 months. I had created this person in my mind. Now it feels like that person is gone and someone else has taken his place. It's silly because I know it's still the same baby but now I have to readjust my thinking. 

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Trish - I've found looking at/buying teeny girl clothes is helping. And time... The first few days after my ultrasound were rough.
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Ha!  How funny that so many of us were so wrong, and then disappointed.  I was only disappointed for 1/2 a day, though, and got over it pretty quickly...now I'm into falling in love and trying to name him!  Getting rid of the little stash of girls things I'd collected over the last few months at garage sales and such, just in case it was girl, has helped the letting go of that little girl I thought I would have.  Now it seems absolutely ridiculous to have thought anything!  For goodness sakes, why would we talk ourselves into even guessing?!  Sometimes people guess right, and sometimes wrong...there's only two choices ; )  We are silly humans!

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Yay, Kali for good news about those lingering questions.  I'll bet you feel at ease now.

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Hi ladies,


Rachel - Congrats on the job! Hope the ultrasound went well and you had a great day!


So yesterday was the 20 week scan. It's a boy! love.gif So that adds me to all the wrong guesses. I was also diagnosed though with single umbilical artery. I never heard of that until the doctor mentioned it: usually there are two arteries and one vein in the umbilical cord, but in a small percentage of pregnancies (around 0.2 to 1%) there is only one artery. It's associated with a higher risk of certain defects, low birth weight and preterm labor - that's the bad news.


The good news, and the doctor was trying to be so positive, is that most SUA babies are born normal. Baby boy's organs looked all normal, he was quite active in there and he's measuring a week ahead so no growth problems. Still she'd like me to go to a more detailed ultrasound "just to be sure".


I guess I shouldn't be too worried but it really is weighing really heavy on me. I've been feeling very down since the appointment. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling quite upset about this and couldn't fall back asleep. Hopefully the second ultrasound will help.

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My gosh, have we all been wrong?!  Does this prove that we guess what we're hoping for?   

We haven't heard from owlhowl yet, have we?  

LilyKay, how fun to see your boy!  I was at a homebirth once and the baby had a single umbilical artery...he was just perfect...just something the midwives noticed after he was born.  It's easy to worry, I know, but try and envision the blood flowing in from your strong placenta right to his amazing little growing body.  Hugs.

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Trish, I hope your disappointment will turn to joy. I am getting afraid that my thinking I have a girl and a boy for twins may be dashed on July 26 when I have my ultrasound. If it is two girls, DH will be sad and if it is two boys, I will be sad.

Lily, congrats on your little boy.  I have never heard of single umbilical artery. Hope the second ultrasound shows that all is well and that your little boy continues to grow big.

AFM, DH and dear brother basically emptied out the spare room yesterday.  Just a dresser and a massage bed (that I need to sell so we can have space :( ) are left in the room. It is exciting and like some of you said now is the time to purge the house because once I have babies I won't have time to deal with getting rid of stuff.  My aunt gave me a crib so we are going to set that up to contain all the baby stuff people are giving me - new and hand me down stuff. Right now we have a pile in the living room another pile in the dining room, and some stuff in the basement (waiting to get washed once I know the gender). I am okay with piles. It makes DH uneasy so getting one spot out of his sight will make him a happier camper.

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Hugs, Lily. It's so hard to get good news with bad news. Hopefully the next u/s will provide more answers. I know for me this whole experience has really shaken my trust in the natural process of a human being forming...previous to getting my results I never doubted that of course I'd have a normal, healthy baby...now, I feel overtaken by fear and doubt.

Hurray for getting baby stuff organized! I lent a bunch of girls stuff to a friend, so I will have to replace it if this baby is a girl. And I think I've decided to find out the sex since I'm having an amino done anyway. It just seems like the only "reward" I can give myself and my family for going through this process. Fx'd for another teeny perfect lady joy.gif
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Rachael, congrats on the new job! That must be exciting, and a relief to have settled. :-)

Kali, yay, for good ultrasound results!

Lily, sorry to hear about the umbilical cord. I can't remember who exactly, but I feel certain that I know someone who had that, or had a baby with it, and all turned out just fine. It's one of those things that *could* be a problem, or could be nothing. Here's hoping for nothing!

Congrats to everyone finding out the sex! (Rachael, did you find out yesterday? I know you were busy with work, but we're excited to hear!) AFM, can you believe that after months of hoping for a girl, I'm starting to think I'd prefer a boy? Four and four would be cool, but my youngest has made it clear that he really wants a baby brother, and it would make future room sharing arrangements easier. So I guess either way it goes, I'll be a little disappointed and a lot happy! LOL. Seven days to go!
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I feel that way too, Michelle- I'll be happy with either, and I keep switching what I think she/he is! I can't believe we have all been wrong so far, though, that funny! Its insane how little *true* intuition there is about a new baby's sex- maybe its one of those things that made to be out of our control. But on that note, Lida and Lily, I'm seconding Jenny here in encouraging really positive thoughts, feelings, energy, prayer, and images to your beautiful perfect babies and strong capable bodies. Its totally normal to be scared and worried, but let your doctors and midwives bear the worry- for them it will turn into productive vigilance, for you, its just cortisol and stress. Believe that your body will know how to provide, and that your baby is strong and safe! hugs

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Lily, I hope the umbilical cord isn't an issue. One of my nephews had a single artery and it wasn't discovered until after he was born~at home, all 8lbs 6oz of him at 40+weeks. It was more of a comment the midwife made after the fact like, "oh, look at that" kind of thing.


Lida, I hope the amnio is as painless as possible and you get nothing but good results. It'd be hard to resist not finding out the sex when getting that done since you can be 100% sure. (I'll admit, I still have a teeny tiny hope my u/s was wrong and it's just too early or something.)


It is silly that we put so much into what we want/think we're having. I realized that I was causing my own angst by assuming she was a boy. This whole pregnancy I've been tense, you could say, and almost certain something was wrong or going to go wrong. Today that feeling is gone completely (and we just did the gender check, not the full anatomy scan so technically there could be something "wrong" that wasn't blatantly obvious like a missing limb would be.) I think that my intuition that she's a girl was warring with my stubborn brain wanting her to be a boy and causing me to feel unsettled. Now, I'm calm and content even if I'm still a little surprised. We decided on a first name last night so that's helping and later today DD and I are going to make some girl baby clothes. Luckily I work with a lady who had a girl last December and she was hanging on to all the stuff her daughter has outgrown until we found out so now we'll get a bunch of free baby clothes! I like free smile.gif I can't bring myself to get rid of the boy stuff I have though. DP has already said we'll have one more to try for a boy so I'm holding out hope. It's kind of old fashioned and even egotistical but he's the last male in his family so he wants a boy to pass the name. I'm perfectly fine another one or two after this if he wants to keep trying for a boy...what ever it takes, lol!

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It's probably too late to get enough votes, because a lot of people have already voted, but I JUST realized that I actually do have a babywearing photo! This is my oldest daughter babywearing her dolly when she was 9.
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Michelle, that is a cute picture of your daughter and her baby.

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Ahh! So at my appointment with the genetics counsellor today, I just realized that I have 2 things to worry about! I'm apparently a screen positive for Down's AND a neural tube defect! Seriously?! Although, the genetics counsellor did not seem too worried about my risk for either, I seem to be on the low end of the "thismight indicate a problem" scale, which is the only reason I haven't gone off the deep end, but I'm supposed to get a level II u/s and an amino done. The worst part was seeing the "recommended time frame for amino" portion of the report with the words ASAP written down. So tomorrow I'm supposed to call for the amino appointment, and since they only do them Mon-Thurs here, I guess I will be having it early next week. Not sure when the level II ultrasound will be yet. Upside is I get to see baby lots + find out the sex 100%...there has got to be an upside, right? Thanks for all the well wishes, ladies!! I really appreciate them.
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Oh Lida, I'm sorry for all of your stress.  Did the counsellor say how common it is to go through all of this and then come to find there's no problems after all?  I would want to see those statistics.

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