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My kids are still going to sleep super early (I know, I'm that mom, but they are horrors if they go to sleep late!), so at 7:30, you wouldn't see my kids out.  Earlier than that, yes!  In general, most kids are not playing outside unattended that I have seen, one family around here being the exception.  It is sad.  I remember going inside only for meals.  My kids mostly spend their time in the back, but are in front riding bikes and the like a lot. 


NRR: I'm having geocaching frustration.  I was informed that my cache is now too close to another cache.  It has to be .1 of a mile as the crow flies.  Never mind, that it is actually over a quarter mile of separation as the fricking human geocacher walks!  I'm begging my case, but I don't know how much traction I'll have as the reviewer I have landed seems to be a hard ass when it comes to the rules.

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JG - I hear you, but there are so many reasons for the change. One is two-working-parent households, where kids are farmed out to camps every day all day and by 7:30 they are eating dinner, or just hanging out indoors with the family they haven't seen all day. I know when my kids go to camps, they are kind of done running around outside and want to be indoors playing legos or reading, or we go to the pool. And then there's the pervasiveness of technology; my kids interact with screens far less than their peers and even what they do feels like a LOT, and yet, at the end of a day where Ive taken them to the trampoline park, and out to lunch, and gone for a bike ride and played legos for HOURS, and its only 4:30, heck yeah they are watching a movie right now lol.gif I'M tired. But absolutely, I remember running loose with the neighborhood kids all day every day. I dont even remember an "activity" or where or what my mom was doing lol.gif But I am full of stories about the neighborhood. It's strange. We have one family with kids on the block that are my kid's age, and when they are home (not on vacation, not at camp), that group is running in and out of the two houses all. day. long. Sadly, they are in a camp this week (their mom really needs to coordinate her camp schedule with mine - hello!)

RR: skipped it today, not sure why. My mom makes me feel steam-rolled...

NRR: yeah, on that; I dont know. She is a vacuum of dependence, in such subtle and pervasive ways that I feel it leeching my life force out of me. Eww, yuck! Here's an example: she comes with me to pick DD1 up from climbing practice last night. We are standing next to each other in the gym waiting for DD. I turn around to watch some other climbers: she turns around. I turn back around, she turns back around. Its like she doesnt know what to do unless I do it for her. Every meal, every moment, she just kind of ... lingers around until I elicit her needs. She takes NO initiative to help herself to anything, or to play with the kids. She barely talks to me. I swear I dont know WHY she wants to visit. Its like this every time, and then I forget. She's just so. Helpless. And I DONT DO helpless. I'm kind of a B-word when it comes to needy and helpless (and Im NOT talking about helpless in Somalia obviously). 2 1/2 more days, 2 1/2 more days ....
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Another perfect Duluth day.

And in the spirit of running related: forgot my freaking inhaler before heading out for a bike ride. Oh and the temp went up 20 degrees in 2 hours the afternoon. But otherwise. Darn good day.
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kerc--we use the spray sun screen. I used to read the EWG list but eventually stopped because they hate a lot of things. For a long time we used the Kiss My Face spray sunscreen. This year I've just been buying whatever's on sale, which is mostly Target's generic brand. FWIW, we put it on outside and I make sure to face them into the wind and spray with my back to the wind. We use a stick or lotion on faces for obvious reasons. In Colorado, with fair-skinned, blond children, going without sunscreen isn't an option, not even in winter. We also wear hats. Yay for a good bike ride, though sorry about the inhaler. I tend to do that when on the bike too.

JayGee--that's not our experience here. There are lots of people out, especially in the evening when it cools off (less so if it's still unreasonably hot). My children are supposed to be inside by 7:30 because it's time to get them ready for bed, and I think that's probably the case for most of the kids around here (not that there are many; we are an aging neighborhood), but they're out before that. There are also lots of people out on the trail on bikes, kids in strollers, kids at the playgrounds. The situation might be different in some of the nicer more typical suburban neighborhoods where everyone has SUVs, but I'm pretty sure that those families also go to the mountains and explore plenty of nature on a regular basis. For that matter, even when I was a kid and my family had a pool, we usually didn't swim after dinner. We were in it from pretty much 2-5 every single day, so I'm not sure that seeing an empty pool at 7:30 pm means anything. Also, from a quick check of license plates at Rocky Mountain National Park, I'd guess more than a few Midwestern folks are on vacation between mid-July and mid-August. winky.gif Anyhow, I think because there are so many parks and trails and open space and decent weather, there are a lot of Colorado folks out and about. But the big neighborhood kid stuff? I didn't have that growing up because there weren't any kids my age nearby and only a few in the neighborhood overall. That's a completely separate thing from being in nature. My sister and I were in our yard a lot, between playing and helping with the very large garden we had.

bec--glad you seem to be on the mend.

sparkle--hang in there for the next 2-1/2 days!

tjsmama--GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!! And don't worry, I will be wearing a wetsuit. I hate cold water and there's no way I would brave cold open water without a wetsuit. It seems like Cherry Creek is one of the few places where it would be warm enough to go without anyhow. goodvibes.gif on the nanny front (ugh!!!) and I hope you're able to get some sleep in between all the biking this weekend.

RR: maybe 6 miles on the bike and a half-hour of swimming. I rode yesterday, fell over twice and managed to mess with my gearshift enough to make a few gears unusable because I couldn't get the stupid pedal to unclip. After yesterday's second fall, I decided I needed different pedals. I'm 95% sure that this set of pedals are slightly defective because when they were brand-new I couldn't clip in my left foot until I'd released the tension all the way. The right foot was ok, but it's not the foot I lean on when stopping. The online reviews I read suggested the same--most people loved them, a handful had a lot of trouble unclipping no matter what they did (but exchanged them for the same pedal and didn't have anymore trouble). Anyhow, I headed to the bike store to get the gearshift readjusted and to get new pedals. Same brand, one step up (they didn't have these) and now I can unclip!

In good news involving a different bike: the trail-a-bike is functional! Our first attempt at shimming it failed miserably--as in we'd be riding and then it would fall off the shim and onto my wheel. :eyeroll I'd brought my tools but nothing I did would keep it up longer. For attempt number two, we cut some PVC pipe and stuck my seat post into that so it would hold up the connector. Success! Tomorrow/today we will caravan along the Clear Creek trail and have a picnic lunch.
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Morning mamas,


Sparkle - Ugh, Mom visits here are very similar and very difficult. 


JG - I think the Dingos have some good points.  My kids have been FRIED when they get home from camp at 5ish and it's all they can do to stay awake until I get them fed.  And we don't live in a neighborhood that is particularly conducive to playing with neighbor's kids.  The houses that have kids are all a little bit far for the little ones to commute between without adults so it becomes a playdate thing, not just a go out and play thing kwim?


Bec - Sheesh!  I would never have guessed geocaches were so regulated!  And irked.gif to the Girl Scouts.  I recently discovered that Ali G's Daisy troop leader has a rap sheet you wouldn't believe, I assumed there was some sort of screening but I guess not!


Gaye - Happy riding!


Real - Yay for functional bike accessories.  I hope the trail-a-bike is a hit.


RR: I've done 50 pushups and 50 squats in the last 24 hours but not enough.  


NRR: We've adopted an 18 year old for the summer.  She's a great kid, I may have mentioned her before.  She used to babysit for the girls when they were littler and a few days ago I saw she'd posted on FB that she was homeless and needed a place to crash so we invited her to move in with us.  I don't know the full details of why she had to leave her family's home but it sounds like a typical strong daughter clashing with strong mother with possibly some abuse thrown in.  I'm just glad she had the sense to reach out to people who can help her and the girls are thrilled to have her here, as am I.


This week I've been shadowing children's theatre professionals from Seattle Children's Theatre while they do day camps.  It's been really interesting to see how they work and what kinds of techniques they use to manage their classes.  Some things I'll adopt and some I won't but I've been happy to see that my approach wasn't totally amateurish and the best part is that most (maybe all) of the known annoying behavior problem kids took their classes and my class for next week is almost all kids that I know to be reasonably able to focus.  Yay!

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real, I hope the shim sticks for good! Trail-a-bikes are life-improving, for sure.


sparkle, hang in! I can just see in my mind's eye how those interactions go. I would be poking my own eye by now. 


bec, any luck with the geocache?


The muscles are feeling better today, and I am looking forward to a break in the weather. We have a late-night kid birthday party (for our sake), and I am looking forward to socializing with my sisters. Also looking forward to thunderstorms and the cooler weather they will bring.


ETA: I just put David Rakoff's final book on my Kindle. Feeling super excited to read it. I feel like I need to do something to earn it now.

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Can I just sneak back in here and say hi?


I am so behind on reading what you all have been up to, but I know if I wait until I am caught up on reading, it will take me until next week to post.


Our vacation was kind of nutty - with nice parts and kind of awful parts - but altogether not bad. Still, I am glad to be home. A highlight was definitely Switzerland and some of the good weather and relaxing days in Germany. The down side was that both of my in-laws ended up in the hospital, thankfully both are improving now. It all led to some soul-searching by me, maybe the understanding that this dream of hiking in Italy is not going to happen with my in-laws, I'll just have to make it happen for us some day. That's ok, it's just taken me a while to accept that their health is declining, and we can't plan anything big with them any more. In fact, visiting them might also not happen so much in the future. That's kind of sad for me, because it was my link to Germany. I need to figure out a way to stay connected and not make it depend on them or that town.


But - glad to be home!! I am busy with work again, motivated to get my office organized (I even moved some boxes - yay, progress!) and feeling energized and confident from attending that conference.


My older DD is back to work, younger DD is attending camp for a week (Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, summer discovery camp, if anyone is interested - it is an incredibly beautiful place!). DS is home, pottering around with legos and enjoying having a yard again.


RR: sulkoff.gif

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Just lost a long post. We safely made it to our destination for the weekend and 100th birthday party, despite some missing keys for the apartment where we're staying which delayed settling in this evening. This was complicated by it being 90 degrees out, and generally overdressed for the weather (me purposely in extra clothes to deal with my MIL's love of air conditioning). This is a long way of saying we arrived sweaty, tired and without a hoped for swim, but are ready for the big party and definitely some swimming tomorrow!
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where is summer going?

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

where is summer going?

No kidding, kerc. School starts here in just 3 1/2 weeks! Off to the swimming conference meet! Which should last until evening.
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nod.gif I took the big kids out for school shoes last night. Yet, I am up before dawn for a paddling regatta and a swim meet.
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Packed and going to be leaving for door county in about 10 minutes!
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GO BEC! clap.gifjoy.gifrun.gif

I, for one, am glad summer is winding down! I can feel that we've all hit the wall. The kids are all bickering and "bored", and I am kind of done negotiating and cajoling and coaching the right outlook on life, and being general cruise director.

We have 3 weeks to go, next week we leave for our big 2 week trip to backpack and then to "camp" lol.gif I realized this summer that waiting so long for our trip is not the right way to go, b/c by now I'm just tired and ready for the end. At least the end will be an adventure, not more of the same. Problem is, we meet my brother and his family at "camp" and they have several more weeks of summer after that. Le sigh. I Le Sigh a lot lol.gif

Gaye - your schedule would do me in!

RR: 85 minutes yesterday of bike/run intervals. I was not. motivated. So the work-out was commensurate; a slog that still felt good b/c I actually did it joy.gif I'm gearing up to head to the gym now for weights...

NRR: one more day. Ive been trying to fill the days with activities, which also makes things harder (see summer, above) b/c I think the kids are also just done. They really want to watch movies all day, which lucky for them they sort of get to do on the car ride (2 per day). Yesterday we drove to a pool in SF, north an hour, just to go to a different pool! (granted, its one of those with a slide and whirlpool and lazy river...) And in my head, to kill extra hours with a nice drive bag.gif Too bad they bickered the whole way and I had to give them my "ashamed" "disappointed" "you're so fortunate and instead of being grateful you act like this" speech disappointed.gif Calgon ....
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Woot! Go bec! You should be passing through here right about...now! Well, not here, but over there on I-43. I'm waving! Pretend you see me! Have a great race!


Summer. Sigh. Ramadan is occupying much of ours. Not ready to go yet. Thankfully, I have 2 months left. If our online school dashboard gave us access, I would SO get started now to take more time off after Ramadan, but alas, that is not an option.


Had a nice time at a birthday party last night, but I ate cake and potato chips. Yes, I did. And I feel junky. And it will pass.


RR: Yeah, maybe. So nice and cool, I will probably head out for a walk if nothing else.

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Happily, we have 4 weeks until school starts. We're having a pretty decent summer so I'm not in a hurry for school to start. I'll probably be ready when it does, mostly.

bec--have fun.

sparkle--hope the gym is good.

mommajb--your schedule would wear me out.

MelW--hope you have a great day of party and swimming.

Mel38--glad to have you back and glad your trip had some positives. How are your in-laws doing now?

Plady--the shadowing sounds great, especially in realizing they have many of the high-maintenance kids. I'm also impressed by your taking in an 18 yo. I don't think I could do that, even when my own kids were teens.

RR: none yet, but we biked 13 miles with the trail-a-bike/trailer combo yesterday (10 on bike paths; 3 to the library). And then I ran 6 on the hamster wheel. Hoping to ride to REI today.
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Six weeks, four days left here. Well for the kids. Subtract two weeks from that for me since i still have that lovely 2 week window between my end of summer and theirs.

Bickering, speaking of which....
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Conference Meet is done! And the O'Fallon Breakers are champions again!!! DS swam great with 1st in his Medley relay and breaking PRs in breaststroke, IM and butterfly. DD2 also cut seconds off her freestyle and got 2nd in the free relay. Sad that summer swim is done though.

More tomorrow when I'm not exhausted, sunburned and have 2 beers in me smile.gif.
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GO BEC!!!!!

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Go, Bec, Go!!!!! Have a great race today!
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Checking in to see if there are any Bec updates.


Had a fun night last night.  The theatre has some fancy new sound equipment and a new hi def projector so my boss and I tested it out with a Harry Potter Blue Ray.  It was pretty sweet and a fun place for movie night.


This morning I met up with my neighbors to explore a huge salt flat at low tide.  I've wanted to do it ever since we first moved here but never quite got the whole tide schedule/right shoes/time to do it trifecta before.  It was pretty cool and just the impetus to get me out there again soon.


Now it's back to work and then off to the lake with the kids later.



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