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Plady - if she has an iPod touch, you can put the C25K app on it and the beeps to switch from walking to running come on over your music. Pretty cool. I also agree with geo and bec that shorter intervals might be the key to helping her stick with it.

sparkle - have fun in Georgia and good luck to your DD!

geo - yay, blocks! We love blocks here, still, and DS is 11.

MelW - I envy your swim in the sea smile.gif.

My sister and nephew left this morning to go back to NH. We had a lot of fun together and she and I actually got along really well. Her son is a little spoiled, but my kids played really well with him in spite of his not wanting to share anything! It's pouring today, so I am just waiting for them to call off tonight's swim meet. Tomorrow, it's back to camp to pick up DD1! I miss her.
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Helen would be totally distracted by the technology. It could be good and distract her from the pain but I imagine it being bad. At Girls on the Run we used markers to tally the runs. For example, the girls would know they had 6 runs to do. When one was completed they got a silly band, or a clothespin, plain rubber bands, or some token item. The idea was the visual/tactile feedback of progress. The result was they had so much fun collecting them clipping them where they didn't belong. It presented a positive without being an actual reward - we would even collect the items after practice so it wasn't something they usually kept. Good luck to you both. Alice was so impressed with herself when she ran a 5k at that age, Helen did a 10K this spring but did a run/walk/skip/hop/jog. She is proud that her brother, a "real runner", wears the shirt she earned.

I am not in a very good mental spot right now and am quite the dongo. greensad.gif Sometimes I do this to myself but this time I do truly feel my triggers are out of my control. The stupid part is I had really cleaned up my diet and figured out some triggers and now... I am ignoring the wisdom I have. No fun.
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mommajb - I fall into that all the time with eating.  I know the right way to do it, I know I feel better when I eat well, and I know what my triggers are.  But, sometimes that knowledge just isn't enough.  hug2.gif


RR: 2.3 miles with DD2 for her 30 minute run.  I will do another few miles with my C25k buddy in a little bit.  Hoping for 5 for the day.

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Subbing. RR: none today. Busy day but thankful for a rest day.
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Thanks for the great ideas!  I love the idea of a trinket for each leg.  I'm not sure if I'm organized enough to figure that out but I'll definitely think about how to incorporate some reward chotchki.  I like the spotting landmarks too although I was thinking that it would feel safer to start at the track (which happens to be conveniently located across the street from work).  But she doesn't like the track so maybe tomorrow we'll hit the neighborhood instead.  And Geo, I seriously laughed at the question about hills.  The track is the only flat surface on which to run more than a 1/4 mile.  In fact, 1/4 mile might be a little farther than anything else you can find on the island and be flat.  I'll also adjust the time. And try to remember how hard running is when it's totally new and the reason you're starting in the first place is because you're out of shape and kind of pudgy.  I think that the ipod might be good but maybe not yet.  But I'm usually wrong to start with so maybe I should suggest it and see how it goes.


Today I went to Zumba.  It was kind of lame but I do like the mental exercise of getting the steps right.  I also swam some laps.  Not long, maybe 15 minutes.  But better than not doing it right?  And day 2 of Primal seems to be going well (except for the whipped cream I shot into my mouth because it was in the fridge at work and it's leftover from a party so nobody cares.  Who said something about knowledge not being enough?)


JayGee - Glad the visit went well, I know that's never a given with families.


Sparkle - Have a great time in ATL.


MelW - I'll stash the info for Hotel Mel. :)  Will you show us where you swim in the sea?  I'm just dying to test the temperature.  I went in for a dip on this side of the sea on Saturday and it was so cold my arms immediately began to tingle and then ache as all the blood went off to rescue my core temperature.


Geo - You are just so wise and intuitive with these kid questions!  If you ever get bored with your current line of work I think you really could do well with Dr. P's Parenting Panacea radio call in show.   


Mommajb - hug2.gif Maybe you need some sushi buffet.


 Off to watch a movie with dh.  After 3 months of dreading having to admit that I might have lost a netflix dvd I finally found out that they don't seem to care and sent us our next movie pronto.

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RR: between dd and my other friend, I got almost 6 miles in today. So, I'm feeling good about that. Tomorrow morning is a crazy early ride, and, maybe a swim in the evening. I am having more houseguests, so that might not happen. Fingers crossed.
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Plady--sorry about the running dramafest. My oldest does that too, often with a sidedish of panic for good measure.

MelW--yay for a great swim.

sparkle--have a great trip!

mommajb-- goodvibes.gif. It's much easier to ignore wisdom than follow it.

bec--have a nice ride!

tjsmama--hope you got it all done and are having a relatively peaceful nightshift. Good luck tomorrow and I hope you have a blast there!

RR: swimming at the hot springs this morning with the girls, short run after lunch, back to the hot springs, walked into town and back for dinner, and then biked 12 miles. Ideally, it would have been a trail run after lunch and at least 20-25 after dinner, but best-laid plans and all that. It was a nice, fun ride along the Yampa River Trail at least.

Saturday's half-mary went reasonably well. It was more challenging than in its previous incarnation (higher altitude, steeper and longer climbs...Winter Park, go figure!), but with about 2400 feet of elevation gain, I managed a 2:06:48 finish. That put me fourth in my age group (30-39) in pure numbers, but third because our AG winner was also the first female finisher which somehow pulls her out of the AG rankings (don't ask; I've never understood but it's how I ended up with a 2nd place AG award two years ago even though I was the fourth finisher in our AG--and yes, that time two of the top three finishers were also the top females overall). I've been fourth in our AG all three years I've run it, so this year's slower finish speaks to the terrain more than my fitness. (Next year I'll double the amount of hill training and trail runs. Also, I'll be in a new AG, which may help. Though one of the top three females was 40-something so maybe not.) I may write up a RR for the blog, but we'll see.

NRR: in-laws arrived bright and early on Monday, as per usual. We headed out to Steamboat Springs (yay!) which means a hotel for two nights (double yay!) and no listening to them talk about how much longer they're staying up until they go to bed. Tomorrow we head back to the trailer. Did I mention that raccoons moved in under the trailer? And that they're LOUD? We heard that tennis balls soaked in ammonia might chase them out. There are now 6 located strategically under the trailer and we're hoping the raccoons will have found more promising living quarters, like say, the abandoned trailer across the street. I really hope they're gone because they were under our bedroom before we left, sounding like they were going to claw through the floor. We suspect they've also torn holes in the heating ducts (grrr) and we know they've torn down a bunch of insulation under the floor. As best we can tell, their only entry is under the porch step, but we're going to have to tear that apart to get at it.
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Real - What an awesome time!  And congrats on the age group medal!  I can only dream and live vicariously through my dingos!


Gaye - Have a fabulous time!


Plady -  There might be a reason whipped cream in a can is not allowed here!bigeyes.gif


RR: 26.5 miles on the bike.  It was very chilly this morning!  Barely 60 degrees.  On July 3.  There has to be a middle ground between last summer and this! 


Also, Map My Whatever sent me a mid-year report.  I don't do most of my runs with the ap, but have been good about getting most of my biking in there.  According to the report, I've gone over 2100 miles this year so far!  I had no idea it was that far!  And while my runs will slow down after the half ironman, I will still be biking towards a century ride!  So, I'm guessing at least another 1000 miles!  I'm pretty proud of that! 

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Well, I guess I can thank Obama and his delay of the health care implementation for getting my RP back.  She'd already billed more in the first 6 months of the year than she did in all of last year.  (She's a benefits plan lawyer, which is evidently a rare breed, so she was doing all the school districts and several large companies in the state)

Ran a "fast" 4 last night.  It felt good. 


Plady, I know you are surrounded by hills, but I wasn't sure if you had any short loops where you could orchestrate a downhill run and uphill walk.

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Will someone please tell me why I allow myself to get sucked into debated on meaningful issues with stupid people on FB? shake.gif  I was specifically asked to comment on something, so I did, despite my better judgement because it is a controversial topic. What I don't understand is how dumb people are...not because a person disagrees with me, but rather because a person resorts to name calling and the equivalent of a toddler THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT style tantrum because s/he is unable to discuss the issue on its points of merit.




Anyway. On the up side, yesterday at the farmer's market where I pick up my CSA share, the vegan/gluten free baker lady was back. She's not there every week (which is probably a good thing for my wallet) but when she is...hoo boy. I got a coconut creme filled chocolate covered whoopie pie type thing, and a mocha crunch cakelet. yummy.gif


I think I'm going to have to cave and see a doc and maybe a physical therapist about the pain in my butt. Which is an actual pain this time, not the aggravating antics of my dh. lol.gif It's been going on a really long time and I keep ignoring it, but the other day during my long drive my whole leg was aching. I think it's a form of sciatica or something...gah. Still, I'm planning to train for a Sep. 29th marathon which is very small and close by and I can probably get away with not registering until the end of summer, so I won't waste $$ if it isn't going well. Other good thing about it is it's 1.5 hrs away in Keene, NH, and they don't make you come get your packet the day before, so I can keep costs down and just go that morning with a friend from here who also wants to run it.


RR: 7 yesterday with my running group, 6 this morning on my own. The bugs are driving me bananas. They go up my nose, in my eyes, blech. The humidity, man....yucky.

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Plady, we cross-posted yesterday, but good advice all around on the runs with DD. I hope some of it or all of it works. And of course I'll take you swimming!


bec, that's some impressive mileage!


real, congrats on the half and the medal. My FIL does a similar thing with bedtime, and paces around restlessly until it's his official 8pm bedtime. He also wakes up at 4 and though he's getting better he doesn't always stay quiet. For a long time he either brought his trailer or stayed in a rental when he came to visit us for this very reason. Since he was widowed last year he's been staying with us again, including in February when he came to build shelves in the garage and "patiently" waited until 6 am to start the table saw.


Nic, good luck with the butt pain lol.gif I'm glad (?) that it's only the physical kind.


Have a great trip, Gaye!


RR- Swim planned for this afternoon. It's not as hot today, so we'll time for high tide when the water warms up over the rocks and sand. 


NRR- After today I have three 12 hour days in a row, one off, then two 12 hour nights. I'm enjoying the last of my days off while I can, by weed eating and vacuuming and working on a funding application and finally after lunch some fun beach time. 

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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

tjsmama--hope you got it all done and are having a relatively peaceful nightshift. Good luck tomorrow and I hope you have a blast there!


Peaceful it was not. 8 babies, no lunch. dizzy.gif. And now we are delayed in ATL, thanks to ground holds. Awesome. I slept less than an hour on the plane from DEN, and not because I'm not tired. irked.gif. Oh well...it'll be awesome when we get there, right?
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Still at my inlaws. I could use the day totally off tomorrow. Would love to drive to see geofizz, but err, I don't see it happening.

I'm not a huge food issue person but I'm craving veggies. Like green beans, kale, etc. Sunday we finally head home again. Looking forward to it.
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Subbing. Back later. Happy 4th!
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6 miles in. Happy 4th!

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Happy Fourth Dingos!  


Dd and I had a much more successful run yesterday.  We didn't get out until after 9pm(!) but it was still light and the perfect temperature.  We ran on a pretty dirt road nearby with rolling hills and it was really nice.  I cut back the run time to 40 seconds which I think was just right.  By the last interval she was feeling it but not dying, even when an interval to run coincided with heading uphill.  I think she was proud of herself too, she cracked me up with a line modified from Macbeth, "Come you spirits! Fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst awesomeness! Oh wait, I already am!" lol.gif


Today we're off for a full day of festivities, and hopefully a nap.

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Hi again mamas,

Hope everyone's day was happy and safe.  We had an eventful day, dd1 was marching in the parade for the library, holding the banner with another little girl ahead of the rest of the float/vintage car.  Suddenly they heard, "the brakes don't work! The brakes don't work!" and the other little girl was hit by the car, got thrown up onto the windshield and then fell down and underneath it.  They managed to stop the car and about 20 men rushed in and lifted the car off the girl who was then rushed off to the hospital by the local EMS which had been just ahead of them in the parade all wearing MASH costumes.  Dd was/is pretty traumatized.  She said that she could feel the impact reverberate through the pole they were both holding and that it was all screaming and blood everywhere. greensad.gif  She recovered a bit during the post-parade picnic that everyone always goes to with lawn games (egg toss, gunny sack races) but said that when we came home and all took a nap together she just dreamed about the scene over and over again.  We did stop by the hospital and she got to see the little girl as she was being released.  She has a broken ankle and lots of scrapes but she smiled when she saw dd and seemed pleased to get the big bag of parade candy the girls had collected for her.  I'm sure her dreams will be pretty scary too though.

Now it's almost time to head out to see the fireworks.  We've only stayed up late enough to see them once or twice since we've been here.  We were so burned out on fireworks from being in Mexico where they do them all. the. time. but tonight we're all looking forward to a quick (distracting) show.

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Plady, how terrifying for your DD and the other girl and your whole family! I'm glad she's doing okay. Congrats on the more successful run, too!


I hope everyone else in the US had a good holiday!


I worked a 12 hour day today, that started out a bit crazily. One of the doctors brought me a bottle of organic prosecco less than two hours in the shift to apologize for his patient leaving the hospital against medical advice and for himself having multiple rants over the telephone about it (none ever felt directed at me, so I was quite surprised by the apology gift!). Everything ended up going well in the end- she came back, he calmed down, they resolved their conflict over the plan of care, and I got wine!! The funniest part is that he brought it in and handed it to me in a McDonald's bag because he was self-conscious about carrying booze through the hospital.


Today was also the first day of summer daycare/day camp for my kids. They're going two days a week through July and we had to apply for special approval through childcare licensing to send my 4 year old since it's a camp for 5-12. Her usual daycare/preschool provider is having surgery tomorrow and is closed for the month. She came home today covered in hives/rash from ankles to thighs and on both hands from playing in the grass with bare legs and no gloves, and not re-applying sunscreen at all today. I know it's a lot to ask of a 4 year old to remember how to protect her skin, and also a lot to ask of a daycare provider to deal with a younger kid and her medical issues. I had a good phone call with the provider this evening and she's motivated to give it another try tomorrow. She's only attending two days a week, so fingers crossed that we can make it work. Big sister is on the job of nagging about sunscreen and sunclothes for tomorrow, too.

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Oh Mel! Poor dd!  That has got to be just awful for her to deal with.  I hope that that's the last time anyone forgets to help her stay safe.

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Oh my goodness, Plady! That is terrifying. I hope your dd is feeling more peaceful. Do you think some guided meditation/yoga work might help her breathe and find her center again? I am reading about calming anxiety in kids through meditation (oldest dd takes after me in the anxiety department, poor thing redface.gif). My dd reports it does help a bit. good for you both on the running, too! 


Mel, that is frustrating and upsetting about your dd. I don't have a whole lot of suggestions; I make a point of connecting with my ds' counselors at camp every day and reminding them that he has sunscreen in his bag and they can feel free to reapply to everyone, not just ds (I do it in a friendly, upbeat way not as if I don't think they'll remember). Same with bug spray. He has sensitive skin as do my dds; for them I have to trust they will remember to reapply while they're away at camp.  I think caregivers aren't as aware perhaps of those kinds of things as opposed to dietary needs (which can still be a struggle also but which is getting more traction in the public consciousness).


Mamas, please send good vibes and prayers...dh has a local interview in a couple weeks. praying.gif


Yesterday was pretty low key. I went to the local small town parade, and dh took ds to a lake to swim. I would have gone with them but did not know they were going (no one wanted to come with me to the parade). I was a bit miffed they went off without me then I realized I had a whole morning to myself so...yeah. All good.


RR: None yesterday. Have to go late today (after 8:30) when I drop ds off...going to be a hot one.

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