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rant: mom of friend who moved away this summer, without letting the girls say goodbye, claiming they were coming for camp in 2 weeks (which we signed up specifically for the August camp because this family wanted august), has now canceled her daughter's spot in the camp. dad took a job in MSP and it is a legit move, they sold their house faster than they dreamed of and it's all above board, EXCEPT dang it, no closure on relationship between our girls.  This is the one neighborhood friend that Leah had that I liked. mecry.gif Leah Lu is of course all bent out of shape and I'm trying hard to put a brave face on it. But dang. And mom emailed instead of calling to let me know.



rain again today.


I liked cider before cider became a thing. But cider is not happy with my tummy. I'm considering not drinking alcohol, period, until my Perkins loan is paid off. I'm sad to say that probably if both of us give up buying beer out with friends (and get a soda instead) and buying a 12 pack of beer a week, well then I think we might be able to pay it off before the end of 12 months. I'm tired of living in my grad school house, paying my grad school loans and seeing money go out the door that I spent in 2005, plus some.


Gaye, can't wait to hear how your date goes. Also Gaye and Lisa: I'm coming to Denver in September. I totally hate national meetings because, well I'm insecure and feel like my research is never where I want it to be, and blahblah.gif. So hey, I think I'm available for dinner/lunch. I'll report back when I know more.


I slept in running clothes last night.

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kerc, there needs to be a visit to the cities, I think. greensad.gif


I am laughing about you bunch o' drunks, too. And there are moments when nothing sounds better than a hard cider. Oh well.


Gaye, that's more than I have ever paid at once for dental work on a human. Not counting orthodontics. But braces on a dog would be ridiculous for sure. Right?


Fasting day off (period time). Going to suit up and hit the bike, then ECEs. Poor ds is the only one fasting in the house and he is pissed. I'm not really going to dive into meals anyway, and neither does dd when not fasting, but he is mad just knowing we are not and he doesn't have the same option as a dude. See? God loves women.


Someone help me try to plan a short trip to Paris. Geo? Please? I am thinking we might have 4-5 days. I want to find a small, cheap and central hotel (shared bath OK). Still waffling on whether to do it at all since dh won't be along. But it sure might be a nice little launch compared to just diving into the misery of the ILs and their drama.

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jo, I have a family guide to Paris on my bedside table right now. We take out endless France and Paris travel books in anticipation of a one day trip. I can peek at suggestions there and get back to you this evening. And Geo of course has all of the playgrounds mapped out :)


kerc, so sad for your daughter to lose her friend without notice. Your no-booze until post-loan plan sounds not horribly painful, especially if there is an exemption clause for special occasions.


I have three days off work that I'm trying to seize and throttle. Library trip this morning and new bikini top purchase at the vintage store, fiddle and french with the kids, and now a river trip this afternoon. This evening my youngest tries corn on the cob for the first time ever (fingers crossed for no major allergic reactions), and tonight has pickling beans tentatively on the agenda providing we're not doing asthma/allergy stuff. Tomorrow will be a similar beach day, and we're forecast for rain on Thursday. It's been the lowest precipitation July in recorded history (one day of very light rain), so a bit of rain will be a nice break.

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My parents and DD were happy here:  http://www.hotel-marignan.com/  It was rather central, and it looks like it might not be too expensive for Paris.


Highlights according to DD (once you take out chocolate croissants)

playground at Luxembourg Garden was the best, though close second was Le Jardin des Enfants

boat ride on Seine

elegant African hot chocolate at elegant Cafe Angelina on the elegant Rue de Rivoli

Arc de Triomph

Louvre, did the bare minimum

Catacombs (DD has a somewhat macabre affect at times.  She loved it).

Any place with a fancy ceiling (Versailles and Louvre)

Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle


The unicorn tapestry is out of town, in tour, so they didn't get to see it.  :(

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

I'm coming to Denver in September.
joy.gif Now, watch...I'll probably be stuck working the whole time you're here. So sorry about your DD's friend. greensad.gif

Ah, Paris. I love Paris. The Louvre was not my favorite, I much prefer Musee d'Orsay. I like the artwork better and the building. Best chocolat (IMO) is at Les Deux Magots...it's a bit touristy (after all, you're hanging out where Hemingway and all those guys did), but it really was the best chocolat. And I've tried many a chocolat. yummy.gif Other than that, I've never done Paris with kids, but Sainte Chappelle is amazing and I really love Sacre Coeur, too. And sometimes, there's just nothing better than wandering around window shopping and stopping for pastries or baguettes...

The dog dental work boggles my mind. I mean, I kind of understand why the cleaning is so expensive, what with the anesthesia and all, but $250 to pull one tooth? Yes, it's a big one, but sheesh! And then, they got in there, and he needed three others pulled, too. And right now he's sad because he's not allowed any chew toys. But, he's getting canned food (which he loves), so I guess there is an upside for him!

I survived the six shifts in seven nights. It was not pretty by the end of the night. I had the most lovely patient and her twins for the last four nights, though, which eased the pain a bit. I love those little guys...I just wanted to stick one in each pocket and take them home with me. I was truly sad to say goodbye this morning.

In the meantime, on the dating scene, Wednesday dinner that became Friday lunch may now be Thursday something, and/or Monday breakfast? I'm very confused, but his emails make me laugh every single time, so I guess I'll cut him a little slack. smile.gif And yes, I'm still freaking out about Tuesday drinks. Which, speaking of, I should really go get ready for since it's in less than two hours and I'm still sitting on the couch in my scrubs from last night! bag.gif Back in a few hours with a DR...
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Me too
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Me three.
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I love you ladies, I really do.

Tuesday drinks was fine. Nothing special. Nice guy, not at all what I expected based on his profile/emails. A little goofy. We had nice conversation for about an hour, and then it kind of slowed down so I bailed with the excuse that I have to get up super early in the morning (true story) before it got awkward. I liked him, but not really attracted to him. We'll see, I guess. I would probably do something with him again.

Now that the first one is out of the way, I feel a little better about this whole thing. orngtongue.gif And looking forward to meeting Wed/Thurs/Fri. Who really wants to talk on the phone, but I HATE talking on the phone, especially with someone I don't know. Is that weird of me? It just seems like a recipe for awkwardness...I'm pretending I didn't see that email until the morning. bag.gif

Good night, lovely dingos. blowkiss.gif
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tjsmama-checked in to see how things went, and relieved he wasn't a dud, at least. Good luck with the Wed/Thurs/Fri one!
Also Gaye and Lisa: I'm coming to Denver in September. I totally hate national meetings because, well I'm insecure and feel like my research is never where I want it to be, and blahblah.gif . So hey, I think I'm available for dinner/lunch. I'll report back when I know more.
Yay!! Also, you've described my life, though I have yet to attend a national conference due to lack of institutional and personal funding. When will you be here? I want to mark off those dates before DH fills them up.
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Wait, when's GSA, kerc? I have 3rd week of Oct in my calendar. I'm going to Denver then. I'm trying to keep the trip super short, though.
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October. Not sept. sorry.
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Gaye - glad to hear the date was okay and not horrible! Looking forward to Mr. Wed/Thurs/Fri report!!!

jooj - no advice on Paris, but it sounds lovely. I do know of a wonderful, relatively inexpensive hotel/rooming house in Zurich if you ever go there though!

kerc - that is such a bummer about Mom-friend leaving on such short notice without a chance for the girls to say goodbye.

RR - nothing yesterday greensad.gif. Plan for today is a swim followed by weights with DH at the Y.

NRR - so we went to the library, and when we were done, DS offered to put our books in the car so the girls could climb the excellent climbing trees there. And he decided to start the car for me while he was at it, then shut the doors, which were locked. So we spent an hour waiting for the police to come break into my running car in the library parking lot. I was NOT a happy Mama, and DS is now banned from starting the car for me.
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OK, that sounds not too bad, Gaye. And fwiw, I dislike talking on the phone no matter who it is.


RR: 18mi on the bike yesterday plus my ECEs. Working through a sore shoulder. Not from ECEs, it's been around forever, but still kind of a bummer.


On Paris, dh is requesting a shorter stopover than I would like. Probably just being cautious since it is co.-paid travel and he doesn't want any untoward appearance (not that it makes any difference). Anyway my best hope is 2 nights in Paris, which would still hopefully be enough for the kids to see the Arc, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, boat ride on the Seine, visit bakeries, cafes, chocolate shops, maybe Sacre-Coeur, and move on. And if it goes well, maybe next spring we do something similar in the other direction.


Oh well. I'd probably be exhausted doing a longer trip on my own anyway. And we do follow it with three weeks in Morocco.


Considering driving to a Sufi mosque with a friend next week for the holiday. Rent a van and take all our kids. Waiting and seeing.


ETA: 12 miles on the bike this morning.

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I try to avoid the phone at all costs.


My motivation -- right out the door. So I'm drinking a beer and waiting for dinner. today was busy, although not as busy as I might have liked:  trip to giant home depot like store. pick up stain for a small project. dh texts me with a list of lumber. I call him: uh, honey, I have the car, not the van. try to get it all in anyhow. do. on way home receive text that our dog has eaten (possibly) a piece of the glass youngest broke. dh is asking me to call my friend (our vet) AT WORK to ask her about it. Uh, I think we need an appointment for that. (although if Naughty Dingo had been online I might have asked her).  He's ok. Spend afternoon redecking tree fort. Also staining previously mentioned project. Only I can only do it piecemeal because I'm waiting for the paint to dry. Literally.


Yesterday was devoted to deep cleaning my bedroom. I dumped out drawers, emptied baskets of old magazines, etc. Two days ago I ended up dumping a bunch of my sewing stuff on the floor of the study in an effort to empty a bookcase for kids' usage. Kids decided they didn't want the bookcase eyesroll.gif but I've been sorting through the fabric/books/etc. I'm getting rid of most of it. I should have long ago. It's taking up space in my life (and my study/guest room). In the meantime I've got a little big mess going on.


So I'm on the computer, kicking back, drinking a beer and waiting for the room to clean itself, the wind to die down and dinner to be ready.  I'm going to eat dinner, then walk the dog (who is getting extra food in an effort to force out any glass he might have in there), and then go for a bike ride.

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oh and meaning to add:


the deal with the friend moving away:  they learned in mid may they were moving. Put house on market a week or so later. Last day of school was the first week of june. We left third week in June for 2 week vacation and they moved during that time period.

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Hey mamas,


Tiredly checking in for a peep at Gaye's date.  Glad it wasn't painful and a good ice-breaker for more hopeful ones to come.  I wouldn't want to talk on the phone much either.


Kerc - You sound uber productive.  I've been gradually working my way through my closet.  I'm thinking I've been smaller enough long enough now that I can get rid of the 2 size up stuff I never wear.  


Jo - What's the opposite of francophile?  I think I might be that.  The idea of two nights with kids in Paris alone with my kids sounds like a nightmare.  On the other hand I am grateful that my parents took me there for two different two night stays as a kid.  I still clearly remember all the famous sights.


JayGee - Oh mama.  That car situation would be really difficult to navigate pleasantly.


Halfway through the week of theatre camp for the other-island kids.  It's been interesting.  I saw that most of the kids were 10 or 11 and the rest 8 and 9 so I thought that this week would be a breeze and we'd get so much done!  But it turns out that 5 of the kids are boys who for the first two days could/would not keep their hands to themselves and could/would not pay attention etc.  Exhausting.  Today I was prepared to lay down some pay-attention-or-don't-come-back smack but they held it together just enough.  dizzy.gif  Still.  I'm surprised and sad at how wrong my preconceptions were about these other-islanders.

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kerc~Seriously productive. clap.gif Wanna come work on my house? I have family coming next week, a new nanny starting who I don't want to scare off before she even gets going, and a training cave to make room for in the garage...

jaygee~sorry about the car cluster. Boo!

Wow, I am tired. Very, very tired. I want to sleep for like 3 days straight, but that will not help me get things done. I hiked a 14er (for those of you not from around here, a 14er is a 14,000+ foot mountain, CO has 53 of them) this morning with a coworker and her DH and her DH's coworkers, and I am wiped. One of the guys was quite cute, so coworker is supposed to be finding out if he's single. orngtongue.gif I have not heard anything yet from last night's date. Eh. It would certainly be flattering if he asked me out again, but I'm not too worried about it if he doesn't...looking forward to lunch on Friday!

rr~See previously mentioned 14er hike. It wasn't super long distance, but it was definitely not easy. We started around 12,000 feet and ascended the 2000+ feet in under 3 miles, so it was a pretty decent climb. There was quite a bit of bouldering, too. Which was kind of fun, since we were going up, but I would not have wanted to go down that way! The views were gorgeous, company was good, weather was just about perfect. It took us a good long time, since my coworker's DH is recovering from pneumonia about 6 weeks ago, and had to go verrrrry sloooooow. We could have easily shaved an hour or more off the hike, but that's ok. It was low pressure, just fun. Once we got to the top, we took the shortcut down. Yikes. The shortcut involved pretty much just going straight down the mountain on a social trail. Make that social "trail" because really, it was pretty sketchy as trails go. And did I mention straight down the mountain?? All told, just under 5 miles, and my quads may be shot for tomorrow's run.
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Plady, I had a similar experience with preconceptions with the guerilla gardening workshop I did for the school this spring. I offered it for the whole school (K-9), and had mostly K-3 as expected. What I hadn't anticipated was that every kid with an ADD-type diagnosis would come, and the huge contrast with my oldest who has a freakishly long attention span/focus. She is the kid who often disappears for a couple of hours to work on a project, and I forget that most kids can't be independent in that way. (Also "take that, suckers!" to all of the folks who told me that she would be totally messed up by nursing every 45-90 minutes for as much of the first two years of her life as she could. High-needs babyhood indulged seems to have paid off well in this case). 


Jo, the Louvre has a great interactive website if your kids want to explore and prioritize what to see before they go. Mine are fascinated by the Egypt exhibit. 


kerc, wishing you a fresh start with your reorganized space. Beer and purging sounds appealing.


JayGee, so sorry for the car/keys fiasco. One day it will be an entertaining story, but how frustrating to need to live through!


Gaye, congrats on the successful date. I am also a phone avoider- perhaps there is a theme emerging with us online types... I attribute much of my phone phobia to a summer spent working as a dispatcher for a small trucking company, where I spent all day on the phone and radio and wanted nothing to do with it in my free time. There are a couple of people who I enjoy actually talking to, but mostly I prefer email and paper trail. And talking to a stranger is totally unappealing, though I should maybe be more adventurous.


RR- Swim at a big swimming hole today, plus partial ECE. Morning hip yoga, too. 


NRR- No reaction to the corn so far broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif

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MelW - Yes, I recognize the flood of high-energy kids dumped on  registered for extra-curriculars.  My two are still traumatized by the spring break camp I put them in this year in which every total PITA kid in the district was also enrolled.  I finally made the obvious connection though to those kids and why some theatre programs are 'by audition only'.  I'm sure now that those auditions are about attention span and following directions more than innate talent.  And a great reminder to myself as I begin to prepare for another large cast show this fall.

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