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Lol, ok, I nannied for a family where the older boys' dad remarried and gave his second set of sons the same names as the first set, so it could happen, but that's not my first guess when I meet two guys named Michael.

I have no idea what they talk about at the comic book store. Probably zombies and crap.
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I can't believe you're already 30 weeks, Nicole! Crazy!


We have officially named our new baby girl! Zephyr Haven Verity!


Zephyr: West Wind; in the Bible the western wind always brought blessings
Haven: Safe Place
Verity: Truth
I go in next week for another sonogram; praying the amniotic fluid and the kidney issue has resolved!
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Beautiful names Kali!  


We are going to start TTC soon.  I had put end of July as a deadline - it is totally me that just hasn't felt ready.  I am still not feeling ready - mostly my body is driving me nuts.  Even calorie counting isn't helping me much - despite the fact that I exercise and put good food in my body.  


I am totally stressed out about the trip - so much to do, so little time... I have been running around gathering stuff we need.  Ugh, and I have such a bad tooth ache, discovered a new cavity ... I have such bad teeth *sigh* I have so many that need fixing but I don't have enough saved up to get more than one fixed.  I guess time will tell, will have to go see someone when we get back... 


Eli is a terror - cutting teeth (don't blame him for being grouchy but it sure sucks).  Also, do you guys ever going to splash pads etc?  We have this huge watering can in the park I go to, and Eli is petrified of the water?  It is strange ... maybe it is just overwhelming.  I was hoping to get him a little used to it, because my MIL has made a plan to go to the splashpad with all the grankids on one of the days we are there... 

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Beautiful name Kali!

My oldest is at his bio-dads right now, and tonight he calls me and says, "Dad found out today he isn't going to have to go to jail". And...I almost died and exploded at the same exact time. I had NO idea what he was talking about. My poor son lives such a boring suburban middle class life for 48 weeks of the year, and in that moment I had to pretend to him that it wasn't a big deal and I wasn't surprised. I feel like he spends 6 weeks in slummy stress filled chaos.

I know it's not baby stuff, but I can't vent to anyone else about it IRL right now and I'm totally freaking out on the inside...
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Oh no, Ash! Have you found out any more details about what your son's dad is in trouble for? I'm sure your son is level-headed enough from living with you all of the time to not soak in all of the bad stuff around him. He'll recover quickly after 6 weeks of it. :) Maybe it'll even make him appreciate his positive drama-free home situation more so when he returns? I sure feel like that when I leave my parents' house. LOL
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Sonja, I'm sure your trip will go smoothly once you get started traveling! I always hate the pre-vacation anxiety/packing/planning, but once I get moving on a trip, it all fades away and I wonder why the heck I stress myself out so much beforehand every.single.time. Haha. Keep us posted on your TTC! Very exciting.
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I'm posting separate posts for separate thoughts because I'm on my work computer and still can't figure out why it won't put spaces between paragraphs... In random news, I was feeding Sora breakfast this morning when DH suddenly got annoyed enough with the feeling of walking on crumbs on the living room floor and decided to hardcore vacuum and clean the couch to boot. I was like --- okay so I guess the trick to getting him to clean voluntarily is to let it go long enough without.... ;) mwahahahaha.... I was pretty giddy.
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Ash, you don’t need to apologize for posting about older kids! I do it all the time… Sometimes you need someone to talk to.


I completely understand what you are going through. Well, maybe completely is too strong… we have the same situation with dsd, but it’s not a since birth thing for me so that part is different. She goes 1-2 times a year for a week or two to visit her mom’s side of the family in meth land. Obviously, the people she actually stays with aren’t on drugs, but the entire rest of the county is I swear. Everyone has a record. Everyone is an addict or recovered addict. Dsd comes home talking about this like it is normal. She’ll discuss with us how her mom is trying to get custody of another kid even though she doesn’t have a job and is living with a random boyfriend etc etc. Sometimes we end up in arguments because dh and I are like *you are old enough to know that this isn’t normal!!*  Which isn’t fair to her… It’s like you definitely don’t want to turn the kid against their other family members, but you want them to know that the lifestyle is not what you want for them. It’s a fine line.


I’m sorry you are going through this. I’d imagine it’s harder with a younger kid. L Dsd didn’t even start seeing this part of her family until she was 13, so I can’t imagine her being 9. Though I’m hoping/thinking that your ds’s father isn’t as bad as dsd’s family. 

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Joanie- now you just have to learn to relax and let things go until it irritates your husband enough to do it thumb.gif  I have perfected that art- because laundry on the couch wont fold itself!

Yeah its not quite the same Amanda, but it is mind boggling in a different way.  DS's aunt runs a prostitution ring, that his ex-step-mom (my ex's second ex wife) works for 
huh.gif  And while they dont associate with those people directly, this crazy lady is constantly causing problems when my son is there that result in the cops being called.  I do know why my ex was in legal trouble (I dont want to post the article here because its so public but will share through PM if anybody is intrigued enough to want to read lol.gif) but I had been under the impression it was done and over with.  Because he led me to believe that.  And never mentioned he was going to court and possibly JAIL, because he knew I would never send my child there under those circumstances. Im like, HELLO, what exactly were you planning on doing with MY CHILD when you went to JAIL??!!!! 


I have full custody.  He doesnt even have visitation.  I kindly allow my son to visit him because I realize how important my sons relationship is to him.  He used to live locally and have him every other weekend, they are close.  But, I honestly think this is the last out of state visit.

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I'm so nosy... I'm intrigued! redface.gif  



Dsd's family doesn't have rights to see her either. We could refuse to let her go. But same thing- it's important to her. That's really her dad's thing, though. If it were completely up to me, it might be different. 

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Wowza. I'm intrigued too. ;)
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Whahahahahahaha ... I am intrigued too ... wink1.gif

Wow, my life sure seems dull in comparison orngbiggrin.gif
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Well...now you guys know  lol.gif

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If my emoticons would work, I'd have a whole ton to post right now. *insert eye roll and face palm here*
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Work has been slow so far this week. Need more MDC conversation, PRONTO! Where is everyoneeeeeee?
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Psh I should have just added some entertainment to your day!  lol.gif


Seriously I am having major anxiety this week, people need to get posting and enteratain me...like monkeys...

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I am here ... very nervous ... not sure what is making me so nervous about flying.  Maybe I am nervous about flying with Eli?  Not sure, my tummy is in knots ... took some rescue drops a few minutes ago, hopefully that will help.  So much to do ... but I am taking a break, I have been up since the crack of dawn - laundry etc.


Yeah Ash, we had our entertainment lol ...     jaw.gif   duh.gif uhoh3.gif  ROTFLMAO.gif



Well, supper isn't going to cook itself, dishes aren't going to wash themselves (we have no dishwasher, well we do ... ME Sheepish.gif) and the rest of the packing isn't going to happen by a magical packing fairy ... *sigh*  I better get back to it.

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Oh ... and Eli was helping to pack ... :D  He was playing in and around the suitcase, and this is what I found :)  He had stashed his own toys in the suitcase :):)  



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I'm here. I keep having labor dreams and now I'm freaking out. Conner was induced so I'm afraid of not knowing when to go to the hospital when the time arrives. Oy.
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Eli knows what is important to pack!


What are rescue drops?  I might need some.  Who makes them?

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