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Mmm. Alcohol. *Wipes away drool* Soon, Nicole. Very soon.
This pregnancy is kind of a blessing. With everything that's happened this pregnancy, I'd probably be an alcoholic if it wasn't for this little girl of mine. Haha.
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It finally let me upload a picture!!! 32w. Up 27lbs.
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My dh loves sake, Joanie. I wish we could go anywhere hip, but we just have dsd as a babysitter and feel like we have to stay 5 min from home. We are lucky for even that, though!

Nicole, alcohol is my best friend. Sort of... Just kidding... No, I'm totally serious.

We have a full house again! Dsd just returned from 2 weeks with her mom's family, and dd1 and dd2 are fully back from spending two weekends with their dad (they've been here on weekdays). Crazy- school starts in two weeks!
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Cross posted. Nicole, you look beautiful! I saw your video on Facebook, too. Very cute.
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Super jealous Amanda! Can't wait to have my full family intact.

Nicole you are looking great! Not too much longer left smile.gif

I'm already going crazy sitting here doing nothing. I am a super control freak, and I just can't run the world from my bed...
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Awww Nicole you look so so cute! :D Wow, Amanda, your schools start earlier than ours do here... I think... It's been a while since I was in grade school but I'm pretty sure ours start at the end of August? Ash, are you allowed to get up and walk around the house a little bit or are you strictly on bedrest to heal? As for me, I'm just sitting here working while jamming to Pandora with my headphones on. When I say jamming, I mean I'm totally enjoying some piano music. I'm probably a nerd for that, but seriously the "Solo Piano Radio" on Pandora is awesome. The song right now is Yellow. As in the Coldplay song but piano original. *LOVE*
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Nicole, great picture!  Also glad that the counselling is helping.


Ash, I love reading along about your recovery!



*sigh*  The jetlag effected Eli way worse than I thought it would.  He is not sleeping well, not napping at all and just so miserable.  He whined and cried all of yesterday.... it was a nightmare.  He usually goes to bed at 10pm and sleeps till 8am.  Now he is waking up at 6am and is so cranky but won't go back to sleep.  I wish we hadn't gone away - he was sleeping so well. 

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Sonja, he will probably adjust in a few days. Sorry!


Joanie, yeah we start early. Kids get out usually the second to last week in May, then go back the second week of August. Dsd and dd1 start Aug 7, and dd2 starts Aug 12. And hooray for 2 of the 3 riding the bus this year! I may end up transferring dd2 to a new school... still debating. Then she would ride the bus, too. (Not my reason for switching, though.) Ahhhhh!!! I have 4 kids in 4 different schools!! 

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No! I will not allow talking about school! It's still summer! My school starts August 19 and DD1 goes back August 21. I go back for meetings and classroom prep on August 12. I think anyway. We are supposed to be getting a new principal but so far I haven't heard anything. I am actually going in for a couple of hours tomorrow. All my new supplies are in and my classroom was switched and painted last week, so I'm anxious to get in and start setting up. A couple girls I went to college with are coming in to be my outside set of eyes and help me plan the new layout. I am pretty excited about that!

Took DD1 to an audiologist yesterday. We have been telling her family doc for the last year that we don't think she is hearing very well. It quickly escalated from just suspecting it based on behaviors to her telling us all the time that she can't hear. She is always saying "speak louder mommy, I can't hear you!" I finally had to insist on the referral and I was right! Neither of her ear drums are moving at all. Lots of fluid built up, swollen tonsils and adenoids. They put her on a strong antibiotic (cefdinir?). We go back in a couple weeks to check her hearing again to see if the antibiotic helped. I am suspecting it won't, ear infections have never been her problem. She has only had two in her whole life. If it doesn't work, we'll be looking at tubes and taking out her adenoids. Of course that will fall right when school starts up again...

Off this weekend for a ladies road trip! DH gets the girls to himself for the whole weekend, haha!
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Sonja I'm sure it will just take a few days to adjust! Sorry about the rough night.

We don't have school for more than a month. I refuse to think about it. We start school pretty late here compared to other places.

I'm just hanging out in bed some more today. Going to try less pain meds and see how it goes.
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Oh and mal- my DS got his adenoids removed and it helped his hearing, allergies, and snoring. He also rarely gets colds anymore and he used to all the time.
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Mal, keep us posted on the ear situation!


Ash, doing better today?  Seems like you're a bit more alert.  How's your pain level?


Sonja, I have to say that just about after every trip we take I curse having gone b/c sleep is so awful.  As they get older this gets better, but with the little ones, well...  I hope your experience is different than mine!  :)


Nicole, lookin' good!  In what ways has this pregnancy been different than your first?

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Mal, where are you going on your trip? I’m jealous… I need to have a girls’ weekend! Good luck with your dd. Goodness… it took long to diagnosis her! I wish there was a better way to test hearing… Jasper’s been tested twice now with inconclusive results both times. It’s annoying.


I’m ready to leave work… sigh… I need to stay a little longer.


It’s my birthday on Sunday. I’m celebrating by…. letting dd1 have three sisters she is friends with spend the night Saturday night. duh.gif Woo! Party time for me! 

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Amanda is officially the board crazy person! That sleep over does not sound fun to me. I hate it when my kids have sleep overs...

I feel different today. Less pain but more nausea and dizziness, and I have just a general discomfort where my uterus was. I'm trying to take less meds today...but there is a trade off.
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Grr. iPad one fingered typed a post and it went poof.

Hope you feel better soon, ash!
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Ash, yuck for feeling yucky.

Amanda, happy birthday! How are a bunch of girls going to help you celebrate your birthday?

Sonja, they say it takes one day for each hour of time difference. So he should be back to normal in a couple of days.
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Ash, yuck for feeling yucky.

Amanda, happy birthday! How are a bunch of girls going to help you celebrate your birthday?

Sonja, they say it takes one day for each hour of time difference. So he should be back to normal in a couple of days.


That is a good framework to have, thanks Sara.  It has not been fun.  Eli is just really cranky and whiny... just didn't seem worth it.  The visit to my inlaws was okay, but I didn't enjoy the less than subtle hints that my MIL was throwing my way about Eli being "too attached" to me.  uhoh3.gif  irked.gif


Happy Birthday Amanda!  Good luck with the sleep over lol.gif

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Pregnancy differences:
I can eat meat this time. That's a huge one.
No carpal tunnel.
No swelling... yet.
Less weight gain.
More morning sickness.
More fatigue.
Her movements are more exasperated. He just punched and kicked me. She like, sticks her butt out and goes across my whole belly real slow.
That's all I have right now. I'm on the verge of falling asleep as I type.
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DH works this weekend, my sister and her family went out of town, AND my boss gave me a Saturday off for the first time... Ever.

There's going to be so much naked couch time. Can't wait.
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Hey all... packing for our trip to WA.  We leave tomorrow and are gone for 10 days so I'll be mostly MIA.  I'll try to catch up when I get home!  Maybe someone can give me a summary of the events?  orngbiggrin.gif

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