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I don't think a bmi of 26 looks overweight because we see so much obesity. It's relative.


I suppose our normal is skewed. If I gain 5 ish more pounds, I am technically overweight. But I could look around me and see that I am thinner than 75% of people… that makes it hard to see an issue.


Joanie, that is so awesome that you are working with a nutritionist!!! I am going to join you in the support thread! thumb.gif


With my dsd, she has definitely gained a lot of weight in the last year. We really noticed it at the beach, comparing the pics from the year before. But I would never mention that to her! And I forbid dh from doing so. So that is tough.


I said it earlier, my main struggle is the body acceptance stuff. My gut instinct is to frame the issue with phrases like “society’s ideal of beauty” and “tool of the patriarchy” and “fat is a feminist issue.” So obviously I can’t mention to dsd anything about her weight because then I am “the man.” Yes, I know… I am rolling my eyes at myself right now. eyesroll.gifeyesroll.gifeyesroll.gif


I think the only thing that will unstick my brain is to take weight out of the equation. I know what a healthy lifestyle looks like. So my family needs to make better food choices, control our portions, and be more active.


I also need someone to slap me and tell me to stop over thinking every darn thing. 

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Awww.... Eli got stung by a wasp :(:(  he was playing in the corner at the sliding door - he was really quiet... he suddenly yelped and when I looked over I saw the wasp crawling up the window and Eli's finger was bright red.  He cried so pitifully, he motioned for me to kiss it better but he couldn't seem to understand why his boo-boo isn't hurting less.  Poor guy ... was crossing my fingers that he wasn't allergic to wasps/bees because it runs in my side of the family.  He seems fine though, his finger didn't swell too much ...


As for weight loss, I so need to loose more weight but I get so frustrated.  When I eat right and exercise I just can't seem to loose any weight ... it is driving me nuts.  I even cut out carbs for a while ... and still eat very little of them.  *shrug*  I don't know ... I am also a very emotional eater, which is probably a contributing factor.  I do try to be mindful of that ... and when I get bored and find myself in the kitchen, I ask myself if I am really hungry or just bored lol... if bored then I get something to drink (tea or water).  I am trying to be mindful of eating when bored or upset...

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Sonja, ouch! 


Amanda, I don't believe in violence. And there's a difference between dieting to please others and taking some responsibility for our own health. 

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I'll slap you. =)
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Sara, I'm not sure how much help you'll be in prison, then... I guess I'll have to be the tough one.

Thank you, Nicole. orngtongue.gif
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I'll keep my half of the cell clean.
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....I've been watching too much Orange is the New Black...
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Ash, do you like it? Her cellmate's lecture about cleanliness is what Amanda brought to mind.
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Yes I love it! I remember you guys talking about it when I was high on painkillers and at that time I had no idea what it was. But I saw it in Netflix a few days later and checked it out, and THEN the conversation made sense! And all the subsequent jokes...
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

I'll keep my half of the cell clean.

Sara, you had me at "clean."

Jasper is sick again. He has a bad cold and a low fever. Which means there is a good chance he will have an ear infection soon. The ear with the blocked tube can still get infected, as it was last week. Poor kid!!

Oh I forgot, Sonja sorry about Eli's sting! Ouch, those things hurt!
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Ash, it took me a couple of episodes to really get into it, but 13 episodes went way too quickly.

Amanda, the tubes were supposed to fix that. Poor kid.
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Okay guys, I am at my wit's end trying to work as a team on this patio project with DH. He is not a team player! I swear this is going to result in the dissolution of our marriage....... argue.gif

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We can all just run away together with our kids and be a big community of women plus kids. Who needs husbands anyways, right? Unless you need to be away, too, Sara. Then we can change the rule to spouses, not just husbands.
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I'm down. When do we leave? No, really, I think I might end up in the cell next to Amanda and Sara if something doesn't give.

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Poor Jasper - it just never ends!  I hope he feels better soon.hug2.gif


Had a super lovely evening last night with Eli, and dh came home from work after 9pm and we had some nice family time.  The night was less than pleasant though.  Eli went to bed at 10pm like usual, we went to bed at 11:30.  I didn't fall asleep till 1:30am.  I was just wide awake even though I was tired.  I was finally asleep when Eli started frantically crying (Iike something terrible had happened) at 2am.  He was inconsolable.... and his little body was shaking.  So weird.  His eyes were wide and he look frightened.  There was nothing in his bed etc.  I sat with him for 45 mins in the rocking chair until he was sound asleep, that was until I tried to put him back in his bed.  More crying ... he didn't go to sleep until 4:30 this morning and got up at 8am. headscratch.gif So I am going to be dragging myself through this day on very little sleep.

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Conner peed on the toilet!!!
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So I never ever post because I have weird hangups, but I do read every day and I feel like I at least know all of you! But I'm coming out of my shell to ask for some advice/diagnosis from all you wise women. Cause I sure can't figure out my own body!


Background: My little Theodore is my fifth baby. Yeah, fifth. There's a lot of them. And I love it, don't get me wrong, but I was/am sure we're done. But my husband's best friend had a terrible reaction to a vasectomy, so he hasn't been all that thrilled about getting one.


Obviously, with five kids, getting pregnant is something I do very easily. My periods are like clockwork, and I've been regular for at least the last year. So my last period was May 15. On June 2, I was lying in bed and noticed that I was ovulating. That night, for the first time EVER, the condom turned inside out. Oops.


Fast forward to 25 negative pregnancy tests (all brands) and two missed periods now. What is going on? With all the others, I throw up constantly. Now, I feel occasionally a bit off, but nothing that I would really notice if I wasn't being hyper-alert to any changes. No sore boobs. I'm tired, but who isn't?


World's most craptastic insurance makes me not want to go in for a blood test or U/S, especially since there's nothing wrong except two missed periods. But what could be going on? The women in my family don't hit menopause until mid-fifties. I'm 36.


So any words of advice?

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Becca, that's a head scratcher. Are you still nursing? I think a blood test would be a quick way to figure out if you're pregnant but if its negative, it would offer no explanation. Do you BBT? If you know your baseline, you could check that in the morning.

Sonja, I hope last night was better.
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Sonja, I hope you were able to get a nap in yesterday and that last night was better for ya!

Nicole, yayyy for Conner on the potty!

Becca, that is a head scratcher for sure. Too bad Jaimee is MIA for the moment. She seems to have good insight into pregnancy stuff! Sara's suggestion is good too. I'd get a blood test. That *should* be fairly inexpensive, no? That would be driving me nuts with wonder too! I know someone who got pregnant on birth control and had normal "periods" for several months with no idea she was pregnant until a 20-wk ultrasound "Surprise, your baby boy is fully formed and halfway here!" LOL so I tend to think anything is possible as far as pregnancy goes...
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Thanks for the concern - Eli didn't nap long yesterday either (less than an hour which is unusual for him) ... I didn't get a nap.  Eli was pretty miserable the whole day. I can tell you I was super tired by 11pm when I could finally go to bed.  Eli slept well, and I did too ... still feel the lack of sleep but I think I can actually function today.


Becca no advice - Jaimee really is the best for these kinds of things ;)I know nothing on the subject so I won't even pretend Sheepish.gif


*sigh*  I should have given Eli his bath after breakfast... what was I thinking! duh.gif  His entire face is covered in yogurt - because you know, it isn't breakfast unless you take your yogurt hands and smear it all over .... Trying to get everyone fed and ready to go.

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