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Amanda, keep us updated on the skin situation.  I really feel for your dd... I would be totally self conscious as well and middle school... well, we can all remember how horrid that was.  I remember some kid looking at me and saying that my face looked like a puzzle b/c it was so pale and full of blue veins.  Nice.


Becca, well, at least you can stop wondering now!  Thanks for updating!  I know what you mean about the baby feelings, though.  My luteal phase was one day longer this past cycle and that whole day I kept wondering if the vasectomy had reversed itself.  I know, totally unlikely and crazy.  I got that little surge of "what if?" and then quickly smacked myself and gave myself a firm lecture about how I do NOT want to do this all over again regardless of the impossibility.

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Becca, we cross posted. I'm glad you have your answer at least. My cycle was a month late recently, but because pregnancy isn't a possibility I didn't think about it.

Now that Soren is walking, I'm finally starting to think fondly on the idea of more kids. Lol.

Crap, I just taught S to turn a doorknob.

Amanda, I can see her being self conscious about it. Hopefully it's an easy fix. Hopefully she finds her own way in middle school quickly and it's easier than se expects. Will she be with all the same classmates or do several schools funnel into one? If the latter, she has a good chance of meeting more interesting kids, at least.
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Sara, more kids? Wow!! 5 is the new 3, huh?


She is changing to a new school district, so she won't know many people.  A few girls she met at camp over the summer and a friend from her old school who also transferred. In this district, they have separate all gifted academic classes for every subject. So she is going to end up spending most of her day in class with other nerds. I think that will be good for her. It's also a huge school with tons of activities, so she will be able to do some cool stuff. It's tough being a kid who doesn't do sports or music. Now there will be nerd stuff to sign up for. Woo!


All this is barring me selling her to the circus before school starts. Because she is driving me insane. Her therapist has her dad coming to her sessions now. So it's like family therapy... except not family?? 

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