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We were wanting to see the 1st of July fireworks here for Canada Day, but my DH worked till after 9pm, the fireworks were at 10:30pm, Eli was already asleep by 10pm, so it was a no-go here too.  Maybe next year ;) 


People sure spout their mouths off sometimes... I went to the convenience store this morning, at 7am.  The kid working behind the counter knows me, he is 17 at most, maybe even 16 (we have lived here for 4 years and always go to the same convenience store) - he asked me how I was, I said I was tired... I have been up since 6am.  He says, "OH just because you have a baby that doesn't mean you HAVE to be tired.  I have a baby and I am NEVER tired!"  Wow, okay ... well ... he then said: "Well, maybe it is because my aunt and uncle are pretty much raising her"  Ya think?!!!!  Yikes ... and last week when I was on the bus with Eli, he had some organic crackers and an organic fig neuton, this old lady that always takes the bus and bakes cookies for the drivers, offered me some shortbread for Eli, but she also spouted her mouth off!  She said: "Here give him these, they are way more healthy than that crap (her words!) that he is eating!"  (She has a thick European accent) Wow ... seriously?  A bunch of butter and sugar is healthier than an organic fig bar?  Sometimes I just can't understand how people have no filters on their mouths...


Been a quiet week over here, we had some unexpected expenses and money was super tight for these last few days.  Thankfully dh just got paid last night... now we can actually breathe again.  Hate it when bills pop up that you hadn't budgeted for.   We are in the throws of getting ready to fly out to Ontario next week.  The new stroller finally got here, and Eli's new sandals arrived at my inlaws already (I shipped them there instead of here because I was nervous that they wouldn't arrive in time).  Weighed Eli with the luggage scale, he is about 28lbs. :)  He is working on so many teeth and has been super miserable.  One of the canines at the bottom has popped.  I hope some more will come out before we fly - I can just imagine flying with a super cranky baby :(

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We had rain and a sick baby, so we mostly laid around. I cut his mullet off so its even all over. It dried up at bedtime and the firecrackers were too loud to lay down, so the boys and I went to the park to enjoy the booms. Sara came down with the ick last night and she gets those things way worse than I, so it's not pretty.

Kali, are you finding the money for the pregnancy?

Sonja, sorry you look like someone who wants everyone's opinion. I'm a smile and nod kind of gal unless I feel like its something my kid needs to hear a good response to.

Our roof is leaking like crazy and I heard a squirrel in the ceiling. I think one pulled up part of the rubber roof and I need to get up there nail it back down, but I don't want a squirrel trapped in the ceiling. Lol, I don't know the best way to fix this situation.
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We tried to go to festivities. Conner did good until the big fireworks started. We ended up leaving. He fell asleep on the way home and slept through the rest of the night. The booms all night didn't phase him.
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Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

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I totally didn't even know someone did this.  Hahaha!  I'm an extremely attentive parent!

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I'm excited for tomorrow. My brother is watching Sora while DH and I go to Summerfest to see 311 and Neon Trees. I kind of wish we had gotten John Mayer tickets, but that's okay, we're more than happy to see some of our fave bands on the free stages. :) As far as home repairs go, I'm sooo over them... I swear our house is going to be brand new by the time we're done with it. Built in the '50s, but basically in 3-year's-time we've already done all new electrical, plumbing, foundation reinforcement, basement renovation, and now we're on to HVAC crap. Ugh. As if the pipe leak in our main floor bathroom wasn't enough for us to deal with this week, DH had to call an HVAC guy over today to look at our A/C because of a leak that was totally reaching the new basement walls! FML. lol. Everyone he called said that they'd charge no less than $70-$90 just to freakin' come out and diagnose! I was mad. Mad I tell ya. At least we finally caught a break and *hopefully* it's fixed now with some kind of easy pipe insulation that he thinks was causing condensation buildup. Oh, and our dehumidifier was shot. I love how I was telling DH forever that the basement felt more humid than it should be, but nooo he didn't believe it til an HVAC guy actually told him the humidity he measured down there. Oy. Whatev, all fixed for $99! Hooray!
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In case you were wondering, hand, foot, and mouth disease sucks. Jasper has sores in his mouth that make it extremely painful to eat or drink. Hooray for daycare!!

Be back later to actually post about other people's lives like a normal person! Lol
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So if any of you have gate checked a stroller, was your stroller returned to you in good condition? I am just wondering if I Need to maybe get one of those gate check bags to protect it, but I don't really want to spend $20 if I don't have to....
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Sorry, haven't flown anywhere with a kid yet. The idea is too overwhelming still. Lol

I think I may look into getting an IUD after all and force myself to put off having more children for now. Anyone know of any significant risks of having an IUD? I've heard they can cause scarring or trap infections, and I don't know if that's very rare or not even true in the first place, etc... :-P I'll have to Google it.
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So...yuck for barfing, yuck for HFM.  Sorry guys!   And Sara, just punch the squirrel.  Right in the face.   Did anyone actually see fireworks?  lol.gif  We didnt!


We just had a glorious unconnected 3 days at a vacation home (cabin my @ss this thing was bigger than my house).  We hung out at the lake, went out on the boat, had a generally relaxing time. 

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Ash, it's a family of raccoons, as it turns out. I went up there after work but only the (adorable) babies were home. I turned on a radio and all the lights because supposedly they like it dark and quiet (and they've kept to the far end of the house since I did it) and the mom may move them all when she comes home to find it like that. I read that she will tear through walls and roof to get her babies if I just close off the opening (that I can't find, sigh). Otherwise I will call a pro Monday. The babies would be easy to catch, they're curious and friendly. I had to push them away with a broom.

And I hear you on cabins. The one we stayed in was great. 10 people no problem.
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 Harlan did great at his 1st speech appt last week.  I'm getting someone to watch the two big kids this time though.  I thought i had a faint + on the 4th but every test after that was --- so i'm chalking it up to a nasty pink evap line.irked.gif

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Are you TTC? I'm glad the appointment went well.

Conner and I partied until 430 this morning then he slept until 11. Going out of town really screwed him up. I'm pretty mad about it. I'm trying hard to get it back to normal before he has to go back to the sitter...
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 We are ttc, hoping to catch the first pp egg. I haven't gotten af back yet since having Harlan.

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Aww yay, another DDC member TTC again! I hope it happens for you soon, Kami! I so so so love hearing about everyone's adventures through pregnancy again, even if I'm not part of the preggers group myself yet. I can't wait to hear birth stories again from some of you, too. Eeeeee


As for my earlier post about the IUD, I'm totally re-thinking it after looking up how it's inserted... I *really* cannot imagine going through that unless it's immediately post-childbirth. The descriptions from people who have gone through it really turned me off, even though they kept trying to emphasize it wasn't *painful* per se. Gah. Back to square one.

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Joanie~ Yeah it's exciting. I love reading other peoples birth stories.  Eek looking at pictures of a IUD makes it look pretty scary. Hope your able to figure out a different  method of birth control.

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Buying the crib today. Almost done. smile.gif
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I have some pretty big feeling about IUD's.  That is something that is absolutely NOT for me.


Layla's room looks so cute!

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I need more time to post!! Wanted to jump in to say that I love my iud. I think Mal loves hers too. We both have the Mirena. I seriously didn't even notice the insertion. Zero side effects. I no longer have cramps and my periods are light. Most of my mom friends that haven't done anything permanent have one. Statistically, they are safe and effective. I think most iud fear stems from the dalkon shield of the 70s. They are very different now. I love love love my Mirena.

I had the paraguard before. Not as big of a fan. I bled a lot more. Had it taken out after my divorce cause, you know, I stopped encountering sperm.
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Cute room, Nicole!

Glad you had a nice getaway, Ash!

Who else is ttc? Good luck, Kami!

Fireworks were rained out here. We went to visit my parents, but then Jasper came down with the plague and we had to take our little public health threat home. I was so sure he wasn't going to get it! Turns out, you can spread it without having it. Prob what happened at his daycare with one of the kids who was there last week. Or even the teacher. Should have kept him home, I guess, but couldn't know. Also, dh wouldn't go for it. So now dh has to have J home anyway! He's feeling better but looks pretty rough.
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Nicole - yay for getting the nursery set up!


Glad the speech therepy went well, Kami!


The IUD may be safe for some women but not for all and it is not safe for any new babies that might happen to be conceived- it's a known abortificient...

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