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Ante-Natal Depression

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Does anyone know of any natural remedies for ante-natal depression?  I've been in a horribly deep funk here at 10 weeks.  I would never take anti-depressants either.  While this pregnancy was wanted and planned, I've been finding myself second guessing everything and hating my husband.  Some old girlfriend from my husband's past decided to try to 'catch up' with him, out of the blue, right before I turned 10 weeks.  Sure, he did not solicit it, or respond, but amidst these hormones, it's been getting to me and I can't let it go.  I'm resentful of the intrusion at such a critical time as well since I miscarried in the pregnancy immediately preceeding this one.  I am pissed to be frank.  Anyone who has read this or has suggestions, thank you for letting me vent.  I haven't told anyone in my family about this pregnancy yet and I've had no desire to socialize with anyone.  I have no desire to share my feelings either as my family is a gossip mill.  I'm feeling pretty anti-social.  I turned down a family gathering recently because everyone works In nursing and hospitals and comes into contact with multitudes of infections and I'm trying my best to have a healthy and successful pg. this time around.  I don't want their pregnancy threatening bugs.  And, while everything was going fine in the first few months, this creep from the past decided to search for my husband.

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Starflower3! Ughh! I am so sorry you are going through this.  I imagine there is a whole host of emotions going on and its hard to find that steady happy zen place that (seemingly to me) so many others seem to find during this time let alone some joy! 


My thoughts are that due to your recent loss maybe you are subconsciously afraid to get excited this time around for fear you will have to relive that awful experience? Nobody would blame you if so. Your husband is your closest target at this point so unfortunately he's going to feel the heat or blues (ex-creeper or not). Is there any trace of desire to go out walking in nature (not sure if you live anywhere near the ocean but that salty clean air has a way of healing as do the woods or even a nice park trail) with him? Just walking and breathing in that fresh air and being with the man that you love (somewhere deep down in there) and made this beautiful new life with might rekindle the closeness factor that I bet you both could use right now.  From there I bet you at a minimum can feel a wee bit better. 


Also I don't know about you but because I've popped so early I'm not feeling very erm...sexy at this juncture. I always dreamed of staying in shape and small everywhere else except that cute developing basket ball. Ummm nope. I'm the heaviest I've ever been and feel, at a mere 2 months, GINORMOUS. That dominoes into other unhappiness' like "and nothing fits, and I don't want to be social because I can't tell people yet and yet my body is getting bigger by the minute" add to that I'm a human bum horn section, and I'd rather be watching my silly girl soap opera (insert my guilty pleasure Gossip Girl) than doing all those things I've fallen so behind in, which by the way bum me out even more.  Yeah so to a small extent I feel some blues about it but yesterday we went and walked some trails by the ocean and I had a whole new attitude and even a little twinkle in my eye by day's end.  


Lastly, I know that certain citrus scents have a way of uplifting.  I would research first with your midwife/doctor which ones are safe but I've been starting each day for the last few years with a copper pot on the stove, with hot water simmering and I add a few drops of geranium essential oil and sweet orange essential oil and the whole house just brightens right up. Add to that some good booty shaking music or a song that just makes you feel so good and maybe the combo of all above could lift you our of the funk? 


If not, know you are appreciated and liked by a perfect stranger (ME!) just the way you are!


Keep  your chin up!

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I am bi-polar with out medication and I do well except during pregnancy. The best thing you can do is take a GOOD quality fish oil, extra vitamin B's(b50complex), daily walks with fresh air, no junk food, and meditate on things that make you smile or watch funny youtube videos  or the like that make you laugh. Laughter releases feel-good brain chemicals. Seriously this is advice from my psychologist. Confirm this with you doctor. Also I use orange essential oil, and jasmine. Both lift my mood tremendously.


The nerve of some people. I just can't believe the audacity. In saying this I am assuming she knew your husband was married? I second what cricketschirpin said.

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Seattlemomma, she most certainly knew!  I know, the nerve.  Thank you for the very nice suggestions, Cricket!  xx

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I was going to suggest exercise, too.  Esp. outdoors, whether it's walking or something more strenuous.  I live in a big city so it's not really "nature," but just spending time outside and getting my blood flowing helps me significantly with both physical symptoms and emotional ones.  So I try to walk at least 30 minutes each day, and I really notice how crappy I feel when I miss it.

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I don't have any suggestions but I empathize with you. I'm going thru the same thing (minus the ex girlfriend thing). I have two boys and am coming off of 3 back to back losses. I'm beginning to think I should have taken the prior losses as a sign I should no longer reproduce. I can't seem to manage the two I have anymore. The house is a disaster and I have zero motivation to do anything. I'm completely antisocial right now. I am not excited about my pregnancy and don't want to tell anyone about it. I felt pretty sick and fatigued, but that is lifting but I still have no desire to get off the couch. I feel like a crappy mother and wife.
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It sounds like the old girlfriend being intrusive is the main source of the funk. If i were you i would write to her and tell her off. She has no right to butt in where she doesnt belong and she deserves to have reality rubbed in her face. I loathe girls who like to play emotionally manipulative games, and contacting an ex who is now married is definitely a nasty little game. I know it would make me feel better to chew her out, i don't know about you, just thought i'd put the idea out there. I hope you feel better soon!
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dejagerw:  I hope you feel better.  I totally understand how you're feeling.  I've told only a very few people and was happy at the beginning but relate to the anti-social part.  Miscarriages are traumatic.  I think conceiving after can work as a reminder of loss and change. 

promiorialmind: I blocked her from access to us and pretty much in a few short words let her know not to contact us and not to contact my husband. I'd probably have gotten over it faster had I not been pregnant, but I deeply resented being 10 weeks at the time and feeling emotional enough and then having this woman come at my husband from out of the blue.  It's been a few weeks and I'm feeling a little better.  My husband did nothing to welcome it and had zero interest in being in contact with her. 

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